Bye, bye, bunny


Winter Morning

The geese arrived early this morning, as they have every morning for the past few days.  It’s the same group, or at least I think it is because the banded goose was with them.  They hung out in the only remaining open patch of water on the pond.  It’s gone now, the open patch of water.  The geese are gone, too.  They took off as soon as they saw me slowly meandering their way.  We have an understanding now.  I let them stay for a little while, and they leave when it’s time.

A crow comes to caw

A crow comes to caw

I had a macabre start to my walk this morning.  I opened the door to step outside and there, just to the right of the door, in the corner by our bright orange snow shovel, was a dead rabbit.  Like the female cardinal I found last week, he had been decapitated, and the head set off to the side.

Snow streaks

Snow streaks

I was up during the night and noticed the motion detector lights were on.  There have been muddy animal tracks on the front porch some mornings.  They’re usually too messy to make out what type of animal, and those that were recognizable were little kitty paw prints.  I don’t think a cat brought down this rabbit, although it’s possible.  The rabbit was big and fairly heavy.  I think a coyote caught it, leaving it behind when the lights came on and frightened the coyote away.

It's snowing

It’s snowing

After making a collage of photos of the rabbit, I realized I’m gathering a collection of dead animals.  It’s my way of honoring the spirit of the animals, but I suppose it might seem bizarre to someone looking through my photos.

Snowfall in the meadow

Snowfall near the alcove

The rabbit has been moved away from the house.  Hopefully one of the carrion feeders around here will come upon it so that the bunny’s death is not a complete loss.  Perhaps the bunny will help another being survive the winter.

Watching the sky

Watching the sky

That’s all from the Bogs for today.  Thank you for visiting, and honoring the spirit of the rabbit with me.  Winter is hard on wildlife.  I could ignore that aspect of the season, but it seems to me that would mean ignoring the reality of it.

Be good, be kind, be loving, just Be.


“Come, my child,” I said, trying to lead her away.  “Wish good-bye to the poor hare, and come and look for blackberries.”

“Good-bye, poor hare!” Sylvie obediently repeated, looking over her shoulder at it as we turned away.  And then, all in a moment, her self-command gave way.  Pulling her hand out of mine, she ran back to where the dead hare was lying, and flung herself down at its side in such an agony of grief as I could hardly have believed possible in so young a child.

“Oh, my darling, my darling!” she moaned, over and over again.  “And God meant for your life to be so beautiful!”

~ Lewis Carroll, Sylvie and Bruno


19 Comments on “Bye, bye, bunny”

  1. I have never read that before, and it was achingly beautiful.

  2. artsifrtsy says:

    Such a gorgeous set – living in the woods I encounter dead animals from time to time and feel the same way – I hope some other creature benefits. It’s part of the cycle of things.

  3. dogear6 says:

    Life and death are part of the cycle. I think you did a good job of recording it without sentimentalizing it. It happens regularly all the time.


  4. Joanne says:

    Thank you for the privilege of joining you in honouring the spirit of one of your wild friends Robin. So sad, but that is the cirle of life, isn’t it…

  5. aFrankAngle says:

    A sense of sadness in this wintry post … but it ended with a smile as the last pic was my favorite.

  6. Jo Ann says:

    How on Earth do you come up with such appropriate and meaningful quotes?! I’m sure some vultures or crows will come by and make a meal of the rabbit’s carcass.

  7. Kathy says:

    Perhaps there are parts of you that are ready to be released (thoughts? the head?) Gosh, anyone reading this comment might think it was nuts. But you know what I mean, right, Robin?

  8. Kind and loving tribute to a small soul. It does matter.

  9. FeyGirl says:

    Really beautiful and poignant, finished with such a wonderful quote….. As heartbreaking as it is to witness, we know it’s all part of the cycle. I always send prayers though…. Thanks for this lovely tribute.

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