The wonders of winter

December 2012 019a

You probably don’t have to be a long-time visitor to Life in the Bogs to know winter is my favorite season.  I love it, most especially when there is snow.  Snow is necessary for a proper, enjoyable winter.  I’ve lived in places where they have rainy, dreary winters, and that’s no fun at all.  If gray, wet days are what you experience during the winter months, I can understand not loving the season.

December 2012 007a

The key to truly enjoying winter is to getting outside to play.  Sledding down a big hill.  Ice skating on a pond (but please be sure the ice is thick enough for skating).  Snowshoeing.  Cross-country or downhill skiing.  Hiking in the woods or around the neighborhood.  Admiring the twinkling of the holiday lights or the sparkle of sunlight on the snow.

December 2012 042a

There are quieter pursuits in winter, too, that I enjoy.  Curling up with a good book in a comfy chair near a roaring fire in the fireplace.   Sipping hot cocoa.  Snuggling with my favorite person (or one of the cats, if they deign to join me).  Watching movies that we saved for the winter months.  Knitting.  Playing cards or board games.  Putting together a big jigsaw puzzle.  Cooking up big pots of soups and stews.

December 2012 016a

My hike around the Holden Arboretum was delightful (once I got over my little tantrum regarding the skiing incident).  The air was fresh and crisp.  The clouds cleared up for a little while, right around sunset.  It was hard work at times, trudging through some deep snow, but well worth it (especially when the endorphins from the exercise kicked in).

December 2012 025a

One of my goals this winter is to try snowshoeing.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, and somehow never get around to it.

December 2012 027a

While I do enjoy cross-country skiing, I suspect I will enjoy snowshoeing more.  I love hiking, and snowshoeing, it seems to me, is hiking with extra equipment strapped to your feet.

December 2012 028a

What is your favorite winter activity?

December 2012 030a

I have lots to share with you from the Holden Arboretum and from yesterday’s outings.  I finally got in some quality cross-country skiing time.  I skied for an hour here at Breezy Acres, then M and I went to Quail Hollow State Park and skied.  I skied with M until my legs were too tired, changed into my hiking boots, and went for a walk in the woods.

December 2012 032a

I wish I had the words (and the writing ability) to describe how peaceful it is in the woods after an abundant snowfall.  Other than the occasional birdsong, the only sound is the whoosh of snow as it falls from the branches of the trees.

December 2012 033a

Today I’m off on another adventure, of the indoor variety.  I’m sure I’ll want to share something of that with you too.

December 2012 035a

That should do it from the Bogs for now.  Thank you for visiting.   I hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday, whatever season you’re experiencing.

December 2012 037a

Be good, be kind, be loving, just Be.  🙂

December 2012 038a


39 Comments on “The wonders of winter”

  1. seeker says:

    These pics bring winter in evergreen part of British Columbia where I live.

  2. Lovely! I tried skiing one time and it was enough. However, it was not cross country skiing….I do believe you have just instilled a need for me to try something new. ! 🙂 Thank you. And I am sure my husband will thank you as well! 🙂

    • Robin says:

      I think you might like cross-country skiing, Colleen, although I obviously can’t be positively sure about that. I don’t care much for downhill skiing (did it a few times as a teen, but never as an adult). Cross-country skiing is nice because you find yourself deep in the woods in about half the time it would take to walk there through the snow, and usually there is no one else out there except for other folks skiing (and usually not many of them so it can sometimes be rare to see someone else). It’s incredibly quiet and incredibly beautiful. Well worth the work it takes to get there on skis. 🙂

      • I can’t wait to try it. I am really tempted and plan to try and find a place to give it a try. I know I did not like the downhill skiing AT ALL. But the tranquility you speak of, it seems so possible and tempting. I will let you know if I do.

  3. mobius faith says:

    These are so wonderful. I can feel the crispness of the air, hear the crunch of the snow, smell the clarity and see the beauty. These images touch me.

  4. Gilraen says:

    Winter here just is not getting anywhere. It is simply not cold. Thankfully not dreary or very wet either just simply not there. As you know I love winter too, so thanks for sharing. Your pictures give me a little bit of winter.

  5. Winter is my favorite, too – would be better with snow (all bright, crisp, and clear – and so much fun stuff to do)
    Cool enough for coats today here – have taken out dog to look for the hawk wintering in the neighborhood – he’s usually spotted on certain chimney tops/ roof peaks/ or a brick wall. He’s quite lovely – but have yet to get a good pix of him..Molly must be watching and picks the exact moment to jerk the leash when I’m about to catch him!
    Always love seeing your bogs and places!

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, PhilosopherMouse. 🙂 I had to chuckle at Molly picking the exact moment to jerk the leash. That’s been my experience with Bo the Dog who comes to visit with us occasionally. I had him trained to stay while I take a photo when he was with us for a week, but he fell out of the habit after going back home with his people. And any thing that catches his excitement nulls and voids any training, anyhow.

  6. Val says:

    I love looking at photos of snow and I love looking at the first fall of snow before the birdies get their hooves… er, claws into it… but as for the experience of it, I’m afraid I don’t like snow at all. I can’t tolerate the cold, you see. And all that white for long periods does something numbing to my brain. But I love your photos of it. 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Val. 🙂 I can understand that. I’m the same way with heat. I just can’t tolerate it and it makes me thoroughly miserable.

  7. Robin! You have snow! It looks gorgeous. (And mysteriously familiar…:-))

  8. Marianne says:

    Hi Robin, You mention that you love winter. Did you always love winter? I remember enjoying winter activities when I was a young girl. Tobogganing, skating and shoveling snow were some favorites. I’m not a big fan of winter in recent years. Although, last night was beautiful. There is about a foot of snow on the ground. It was snowing lightly. There was no wind and the temp felt mild. I would have went for a walk, but I don’t have proper winter footwear yet. With nights like that, I may begin to enjoy winter once again. I do love sunny skies in winter. Here in southern Ontario, there are more grey cloudy days than sunny blue sky days which can make it depressing sometimes. Love the sun rays shining on the snow tracks in the first photo, Robin. Happy New Year to you and all the best in 2013! 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Marianne. 🙂

      To answer your question simply, yes. I’ve always loved winter. My mother (or grandmother, if she was the one in charge) used to have to drag me back into the house on snow days. I’d stay outside for hours. I still do. And still get dragged back in. LOL! Not dragged, really, but after I was out walking around for a couple of hours yesterday, my cell phone rang. It was my husband wondering if I was going to stay outside all day.

  9. The bitter wind kept us from enjoying more than a few minutes outside yesterday, but it was enough…Thanks for all your wonderful photos and musings!

  10. Jo Ann says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. I especially liked the one of the dried flowers with the puffs of snow on top – lovely. My husband and I take shorter walks now that the weather is cold and we never fail to enjoy the winter scenery.

  11. Karma says:

    Lovely photos and thoughts, Robin. You can even make someone like me appreciate the “good” parts of winter. I am actually considering bundling up and heading out for a hike in the woods with the dogs today since we received some significant snow over the weekend. If the sun comes out today, I think it would make for some nice pictures.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Karma. 🙂 Sun on snow makes great pictures. We don’t get a lot of sunshine during the winter months here so it’s always a good photo op when we do.

  12. aFrankAngle says:

    The first pic is magical … and good reminders for all about the joys of winter. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  13. ladyfi says:

    Fabulous shots. I love winter too!

  14. Pat Bean says:

    No snow in Tucson, so thanks for sharing yours with me.

  15. Anna Surface says:

    What oh so lovely snow photos, Robin. I love the snow, too, and it is snowing here right now and beautiful to see. I haven’t skied before… maybe something new to do in my later years. 🙂 My favorite snow activities are hiking in the snow and driving in the snow with my 4×4… and I have driven in some dizzy of snowstorms (people gasp… drive in snow?). There is nothing like a good book and hot cocoa on a snowy day.

    Happy New Year!

  16. bearyweather says:

    Finally found some time to start catching up with you … I am glad that you finally got snow. My snow has been extra gorgeous this year .. I probably won’t complain about it for at least another month. 😉 It was 20 below this morning .. it is always okay to complain about the extreme cold because it prevents enjoying the outdoors.
    I have been meaning to get some snowshoes … I am rather a klutz on skis and falling down is not something these bones (or muscles) recover from very quickly these days. Let me know how you like yours.
    (the bluebird in your header is precious)

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Bearyweather. I hope your holidays gave you some time to relax and enjoy your snow. I complain about extreme cold, too (and 20 below is most definitely extreme cold!).

  17. I love how the trees look with snow on their branches. Alas, here winter is cold, wet and snow-less, which is why I much prefer any of the other three seasons. But I can definitely see why it’s your favorite one :).

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