Time in a bottle


It is a rainy, dreary, doldrums kind of day here in the Bogs.  Rather than write about that and show you gray, dreary, dull images, I turned to the The Daily Post for some inspiration.  The Daily Prompt for today is:  Time Capsule.


The question is:

The year is drawing to a close.  What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?


That’s easy.  I’d put memories in my time capsule.  Just in case a time comes that I’ll have forgotten how hot the summer was or how much fun it was to go to the aquarium with my granddaughters or the beauty of a sunrise from a small cabin in the wilderness of Cape Breton.  I might forget the Cleveland Film Festival and the Color Run and all the bike rides and the train rides and the walks around the pond.  Memories of foggy mornings, spider webs twinkling with dew, the fairy lights of frost and sunlight, Snow the white red-tailed hawk, painting the front of the house, growing vegetables in the garden, full moons, and crescent moons might all disappear.  And if they do, I can open my time capsule and watch as they all come drifting out, reminders of days past.

What would you put in your time capsule?

Scene from today's walk

Scene from today’s walk

Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.

~ Oscar Wilde

22 Comments on “Time in a bottle”

  1. djmatticus says:

    Time capsule as a memory vault – fantastic idea! Hmm, where can I get one of those?

    • Robin says:

      I need one, too, DJ. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. My apologies for taking so long to answer. It’s been a busy month.

  2. Kathy says:

    This is the sweetest kind of time in a bottle. Gosh, could almost make one teary-eyed…

  3. I love your memories of 2012! What a great idea, Robin. I think I might have to do this near the end of the year. I love the Oscar Wilde quote. 🙂

  4. seeker says:

    “I can open my time capsule and watch as they all come drifting out, reminders of days past.”
    Love this line and the contents. Beautiful pictures, too!

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  6. aFrankAngle says:

    Good memories for the year. It’s interesting how much we have to remind ourselves of the many gifts we’ve experienced in that span!

  7. swalia says:

    Amazing….loved your idea of cherishing memories!

  8. eof737 says:

    How are you doing? I love the collages you created… they are gorgeous as always… Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a while since we connected. Life took over and the rest is… 🙂 Glad to check in with you again! 🙂

    • Robin says:

      I’m good, Eliz. How are you? I’m so sorry it took me this long to respond. It’s been a busy month. I know what you mean about life taking over. I seem to have lost my subscription to your blog as well (I’ll take care of that in a minute). I lost quite a few a while back and have been slowly gathering them back in. Hope all is well with you. Happy Solstice! 🙂

      • eof737 says:

        It’s been a challenging year and, somehow, I feel the weight of it in the final days of the year. All will be well in 2013 is my prayer for everyone. Glad to connect again. Happy Solstice! 🙂

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  10. dearrosie says:

    Oh gosh I nearly missed this wonderful post… A belated hello Robin.
    I love the idea of putting everything away in a time capsule. I always admire your photos and I really like the way you put your collages together.

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