Thursday Travels: Ferries and boats and lighthouses, oh my

Wood Island, Prince Edward Island

Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island

Last week when we left off, M and I were getting ready to leave Prince Edward Island.  After a quick visit to say goodbye to the beach, we made our way to  Wood Islands, PEI to take the ferry to Caribou, Nova Scotia.  (Side note:  This must seem like it was the longest trip in the world, especially when you consider that this is only the half way point.  We really did pack in a lot of activities each day.)

CaMe 2012 057a

We arrived early so that gave me (too much) time to walk around and take photos of the area around the ferry dock.

CaMe 2012 058a

Not to worry, though.  I won’t be posting all of them.

CaMe 2012 060a

There are three lighthouses on Wood Islands.  I noticed that I usually managed to capture at least one of them in the background of most of the photos I took (when it wasn’t the main focus, that is).

CaMe 2012 062a

The weather, as you can see, remained pretty bleak.  Cloudy, windy, chilly.

CaMe 2012 063a

Fortunately for me, it was not raining while we were on the ferry.  I don’t usually experience motion or sea sickness, but the water was a bit choppy and I ended up having to stay outside for most of the ride.  If I remember correctly, the trip took about an hour and twenty minutes.

CaMe 2012 064a

Caribou, Nova Scotia is located on the Northumberland Shore.  It’s known as the gateway to Pictou, “the Birthplace of New Scotland.”  I would love to have stopped in Pictou, but we had a long drive to Cape Breton ahead of us and we wanted to arrive at the cabin we rented before dark since it seemed to be in a relatively remote location.  Plus we wanted to be able to see the scenery along the Cabot Trail, the last part of our trip that day.

CaMe 2012 066a

Other than my occasional nausea, the ferry trip was pretty uneventful.  There were a lot of other people traveling on the ferry and, like a lot of them, we brought lunch with us to eat along the way.  The food was somewhat settling, but I still ended up outside in the fresh air at the front of the boat.  The trip was much less unsettling that way.

CaMe 2012 067a

In current news…

A few weeks ago, M and I took a trip to a local bowling alley not to bowl, but to shoot some pool.  (Similar to billiards although a pool table has pockets and billiards balls are smaller, and I’m sure there are some other differences but that’s all I can come up with at the moment.  Often “pool” and “billiards” are used interchangeably although it’s not correct.)

CaMe 2012 070a

When M and I were first married, M was still in college with one semester to go until graduation.  We did the sensible thing and spent our first four months of marriage living in a big old house with his two housemates.  I was already used to living with guys since I have three (younger) brothers so the only real difference (aside from the fact that none of us were related) is that these guys were all a bit older than me.  Anyhow.  In this big old house was a pool table, and during those first four months of marriage, I learned to shoot pool.

CaMe 2012 071a

My skill at pool is about the same as my skill at bowling.  I’m lousy at it, mostly because I’m inconsistent.  Sometimes I play like a pro, and then the next thing you know, I look as though I’ve never held a cue stick in my life.  I enjoy it, though, and that is the important part.  I enjoy bowling, too, and bowling is where I’m headed with this ramble.

CaMe 2012 076a

While M and I were at the bowling alley shooting pool, we saw a flyer for a Lousy Bowlers League.  I’m not usually one for joining teams, and I tend to be on the shy side out here in the so-called real world, but the idea of a Lousy Bowlers League sounded too good to pass up.  The bonus is that it gives me another way to step outside of my comfort zone and meet new people.  M and I signed up.

Are you tired of these lighthouses yet?

Are you tired of these lighthouses yet?

The season started last night, and will last for 20 weeks.  At the end, we will be the proud of owners of our own bowling balls.  And since we decided to buy our own shoes lat night, it looks like we’ll be bowling regularly.  Unlike the cross-country skiing we took up a couple of years ago, this won’t be weather dependent.

Yeah, me too, so let's get on the ferry.

Yeah, me too, so let’s get on the ferry.

The Lousy Bowlers league consists of teams of two, and there were five other teams there last night.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I had a blast.  We played three games against one other team, and I’m not even sure who won.  That’s how much fun I had.  My game improved over the course of the evening, too.  I started with a 72, moved on to an 84, and finished with 134.  Now THAT’S lousy bowling.  lol!

CaMe 2012 112a

Nearing Nova Scotia

That’s about it for this week’s edition of Thursday Travels.  Next week’s chapter will have us traveling through Nova Scotia, making our way to the Cape Breton Highlands.

Lighthouse in Caribou

Lighthouse in Caribou

Thanks for traveling through time and distance with me, back to June and the Canadian Maritimes.  Here in the Bogs it’s been sunny and warming up into the mid 40’s.  Rain is on its way for the weekend.

One of our first views of Nova Scotia.  Don't worry.  It gets MUCH better.

One of our first views of Nova Scotia. Don’t worry. It gets MUCH better.

Wishing you a delightful day, evening, or night… wherever and whenever you are on the spectrum of time.

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26 Comments on “Thursday Travels: Ferries and boats and lighthouses, oh my”

  1. That first picture ….. I don’t know what it is, but it really pulled at me. It may be as simple as the grey against the green and how I like that color combination in my landscapes. It so takes me to Ireland.

  2. Nicola says:

    Wow, I love these photos. Cananda looks like my kind of place (though I’d like it better if it was sunnier!). All that sailing to be done – I love it! I even like the big boats. 🙂

    I’m a big fan of pool too, going back to college days. I never played billiards but I’ve heard it’s much more complicated. H/O used to play. What a great idea for a bowling league. What a brilliant way to involve people who want to be sociable and have a good time without being self conscious. Good for you, joining up!

  3. Chloe says:

    i very much like the processing on the crabby’s seafood photo robin

  4. eM says:

    Love the Crabby Seafood!

  5. dadirri7 says:

    love the lighthouses, they are all such unusual shapes, no wonder you were fascinated …. and congratulations of your new bowling prowess, it sounds like fun … we were pretty thrilled with being able to get around the island by bike … trying hard to remember the last time we rode ….

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Christine. 🙂 I would like to have visited PEI long enough to try out their bike trails. Alas, one day just wasn’t enough.

  6. mobius faith says:

    Love the light houses. And I am especially drawn to the industrial shot. Love it.

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    Great photos, thanks for taking me along on the trip! Did you eat at Crabby’s Seafood? 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Phil. 🙂 Unfortunately, we didn’t get to eat at Crabby’s Seafood. It was closed (as were a lot of the shops and restaurants at the time since it was off-season).

  8. aFrankAngle says:

    Love your description of your bowling experience. But hey, having fun is your goal! … and doing so through lousiness is fine. Cheers to find our you play pool! We occasionally play, which means inconsistent, but fun! … I image clouds are the normal in that part of Canada. …. BTW, nice tune!

  9. The Lousy Bowlers league sounds like lots of fun. I love to play pool, too, but I’m inconsistent as well. Sometimes I can think I’m very good, and other times I can’t sink a single ball! Bowling, I am consistent, consistently BAD!! Love your pictures of the Canadian Maritimes. 🙂

  10. Dana says:

    Love all the photos, Robin, but especially the first one. Those little shacks/sheds are way too cute with the lighthouse in the background! I probably don’t have to say it again, but I will: I LOVE lighthouses, so this post was right up my (bowling) alley. Har har. 😉

  11. […] a scheduled post and some travel photos from Nova Scotia today.  In my last Thursday Travels post (Ferries and boats and lighthouses, oh my), M and I had just landed in Nova Scotia.  We left Caribou, Nova Scotia, and went east on the […]

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