A light dusting

We had a light dusting of snow overnight.  Looks like the weather folks were right for a change.  Good for them.

Today’s view of the pond

I took an early walk this morning.  Most of the photos from that walk look as though I had a bad case of the shakes, probably because I rushed through the walk as well as taking pictures.  I wanted to show you the snow otherwise I would have gone without the camera.  It’s been one of those days when photography has lost its appeal.

It might not be photography as much as it was the morning itself.  There wasn’t enough light or snow for a beautiful winter scene.


So I’m switching to photos I took yesterday.  They’re much prettier.


Warmer, too, from the looks of things.

Frost on the trail

I’ve got a good case of the blahs today.  It could be the weather.  It could be the after effects of the trip.  Or maybe I’m just tired.  Insomnia kept me company last night.

Tall shadow

I cannot make my days longer so I strive to make them better.

~ Henry David Thoreau

Yesterday’s sunset

The key to the blahs is to get busy which is exactly what I’m going to do.  It’s a good day for soup, and chopping vegetables will keep me busy and in the moment.  In the moment is always a good place to be.

Thanks for stopping by today to see the snow.  Hopefully winter, when it arrives, will put on a better show, and give us enough snow for skiing and sledding and making snow angels and building snowpeople.  It’s difficult to have the blahs when there is snow to play in.

Have a lovely day, evening, night… wherever and whenever you are on the spectrum of time.


38 Comments on “A light dusting”

  1. Beautiful as always, Robin! Your sunset photos are amazing – nothing like those colors of red and gold!

  2. dadirri7 says:

    goodness, such a contrast between the vivid sunset and the snowy morning, definitely looks like a god day for soup!

  3. I really like the sunsets and the first photo, also.

  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    You really turned that light dusting into something terrific! Well done images.

  5. Candy for my eyes. Tall shadow was fabulous. That first leave holding it’s cup of snow was sweet, like it was going to add it to the berries for ice cream. 🙂

  6. Bo Mackison says:

    Lovely – both your slightly snowy photos and the photos that still look very much like autumn. And I think making soup is a great cure for the blahs too — learned that lesson from my grandfather who was the soup-chef in our house! 🙂

  7. Val says:

    Do you get S.A.D., Robin? At this time of the year a lot of people do. I’ve already got it… miserably short dark days. Nevertheless – your photos are gorgeous as ever.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Val. 🙂

      No, I don’t get S.A.D. in the winter months. I get a summer version of it, feeling lethargic and depressed from the heat. I usually perk up during the winter. It was just one of those days. Today is much, much better. 😀

  8. eM says:

    I can’t decide which is my favorite. I think it’s the Frost on the Trail. The warmth rising up around the frost on the trail lifts my spirit. Thanks.

  9. Anita Mac says:

    Those sunsets just dance right off the page. Gorgeous.

  10. I had insomnia as well! I should have just started catching up on my blog reading. It’s been ages since I’ve visited.. I hope you get over the blah’s soon:) What am I saying, I know you will!! xx

  11. Just a nasty rain/snow mix here yesterday…I had so hoped to get up this morning to a powdered-sugar dusting of white…Oh, well.

  12. Elisa's Spot says:

    see, now your images, full of flame and fire of life expression are one of the ways my own energy thrills, skiffs of snow like what we had yesterday morning, as a first snow are beautiful and then i wait for it to melt so that I can see that light again.

    song from madagascar in my head….something like move it move it…hehe

    oh here it is, have fun!

  13. munchow says:

    Lovely pictures, capturing the light and cool ambience of the late autumn. My favourite is the frost on the trail, exactly for its beautiful light.

  14. […] A light dusting (bogsofohio.wordpress.com) […]

  15. aFrankAngle says:

    The first sunset pic is a WOW for me. Thanks.

  16. Sallyann says:

    It looks like “a light dusting” of icing sugar on a beautiful cake. 🙂

  17. Love your top photo, the milkweed and the sunsets this time, Robin. Milkweed grows prolifically in Oman, but it never has a change to look like that, as it is perpetually in bloom. Hope chopping vegetables and making soup made you feel better. Soup always helps me. 🙂

    • Robin says:

      I can’t imagine milkweed being perpetually in bloom. How bizarre that seems to me although I’m sure it’s perfectly normal for Oman.

      Thanks, Cathy. 🙂

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