Random thoughts, random images

Reminds me of the bonfire

I have a bunch of leftover images and thoughts from the past week, and thought I’d see if I can string them together randomly in a way that makes some sort of sense.  Or not.  Who says a blog post has to make sense?

Or maybe a Bird of Paradise

I am 55 days into my meditation commitment.  The thing that stands out the most right now is how present I’m becoming within my own body.  I have a tendency to live in my head a lot, time traveling between the past and the future.  Grounding myself in my physical body allows me to fully experience the present.  It’s not as if I didn’t know that before, but… I didn’t really live it.  Meditation allows me to soar while bringing me back to earth.  I cannot explain how that can be.  It just is.

Broccoli must be in season or on sale somewhere.  I’m getting a lot of searches for “freezing broccoli without blanching” again.  No.  No.  No.  You gotta blanch it.  Period.  End of story.  Stop trying to get around this important step.  Your other option is one I’ve been doing a lot of lately:  roast it.  It’s yummy.  Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  Cut the broccoli into spears and place the beautiful spears on a baking sheet.  Drizzle some olive oil over it all.  Use your hands to make sure the broccoli spears are well coated.  It’s good to get in touch with your food.  It doesn’t hurt to give a little thanks while you’re at it.  Food you are grateful for always seems to taste better.  When you finish admiring the broccoli and saying thank you, grind some salt and pepper to taste over the whole batch.  Bake for 30 minutes.  You won’t need to freeze it because you’ll end up eating most of it before you could bag it up and get it in the freezer.  It’s that good.  You can also drizzle a little lemon juice and grate some Parmesan cheese over it after it’s cooked.  Double yummy.

M and I have been having some cooking adventures, trying out new recipes.  Some have been excellent (stuffed acorn squash) and some have been utter fails (Mashed Root Vegetables).  In fairness to Bon Appetit, I made the Mashed Root Vegetables without the bacon.  I’m not sure it would have helped.  I think it was the copious amount of mustard seeds called for and added that gave it a bitter aftertaste.  I had high hopes for that recipe, too, because I am a big fan of German potato salad, something I make without bacon and it’s still quite delicious.

I came back from my walk yesterday to find a message on the answering machine.  The phone has been so quiet since the end of the election cycle that I thought it might be a real phone call.  It turned out to be someone laughing.  Not a good laugh.  A maniacal laugh.  Freaky.  It gave me a bit of a chill, the “someone walked over my grave” sensation, a saying I don’t understand since I’m hardly in the grave just yet so how could someone walk over it?  (I looked it up.  It appears this 18th century saying is part of a folk legend that a sudden cold sensation means someone has walked over the place where your grave will be.  That makes more sense, or as much sense as possible for an old wives tale.)

It’s beautiful here in the Bogs today.  Sunny and warm for this time of year.  According to the weather prognosticators, it’s going to stay that way for the next ten days.  I hope this doesn’t mean another mild winter.  I’d really like some snow to play in this winter.

It’s been a great day to hang out the laundry and to work in the garden.  I did the former, but not so much of the latter.  I can’t seem to get myself motivated to do that necessary clean-up of the asparagus bed.  Procrastination is a terrible thing.  Tomorrow I will just do it.  Unless something More Important comes along and needs my attention.

Well, I think that’s about it from me and from the Bogs for today.  Thank you for joining me on another ramble.  Wishing you a delightful weekend!

Be good, be kind, be loving, just Be.  🙂


36 Comments on “Random thoughts, random images”

  1. Bo Mackison says:

    Sweet Robin, what a joy your posts are. Rambling and free, I can breathe deeply here and there is always a sense of kindness, wonder, gratitude.

  2. paul davis says:

    I love these images–they are among my favorites of yours.

  3. Those first and last photos are stunning! 🙂

  4. mobius faith says:

    Nice post. I’m a fan of hodgepodge. Look at it as just a collage of ideas and images. Lovely. My favorite images are – if you haven’t guessed the reeds/grasses/horsetail. Would look great hanging on a wall together. Excellent work. Hope you and M have a great weekend.

  5. Love the last pix. Nice romp with the thoughts today. (How does anyone get broccoli to hang around long enough to freeze? But must blanch. Agree. The olive oil roast of spears sounds yummy…will definitely try that…(quickly before it all gets snacked up)

  6. Sallyann says:

    I love the last but one photo.
    We’ve got family visiting in December so our Christmas decorations have to be up by the 15th but your tree outside with our one big star shining through is more beautiful than any indoor decorated one could ever be. 🙂

  7. aFrankAngle says:

    We like broccoli in this house, but have never roasted it … so thanks for the tip. On the other hand, roasted cauliflower is a big winner.

    You’ll be happy to know that your fire images came to mind with the opening pic!

  8. roasted broccoli? I’ve now got to try this. Love broccoli so this sounds like a delicious treat. I too like handling my food. I toss salad with my hands and, the other day, a friend commented that I make such great salads, I told him the secret is in the hands!!

  9. Karma says:

    I like your rambles, Robin. I think it is fun to read the thoughts that are floating through your head – they make for interesting blog posts, as do your lovely photos. I really like the “star” of sun in the pine tree, and of course the “two birds in the bush” ( 😉 we are a couple of odd birds, aren’t we? 🙂 )

  10. Libby says:

    Beautiful images. I especially love the first and the last.

  11. Dana says:

    I have been doing a lot of experimenting with food lately as well, Robin. I’ll have to post recipes for some of my winners: Spinach Basil Pesto and Grilled Vegetable Marinara Sauce. (We’ve been on an elimination diet lately, so the need to be creative with the ingredients we *can* eat has caused some culinary winners… and disasters.)

    The maniacal laughter phone message even has me disturbed. Who does that?

    • Robin says:

      That was my question too, Dana. It was very freaky. Thank goodness it hasn’t been repeated or I would have to start taking it personally. Looking forward to your recipes. Those sound yummy! 🙂

  12. lexiesnana says:

    I am going to roast some broccoli tomorrow but you made me hungry for it tonight.Love your blog.

  13. Ellen says:

    there are so many things that we know, that we are aware of but we do not live them, we do not feel them in our guts.
    it`s just when we conciously decide it`s time to incorporate them, when we try and try because we know they are good to us or at least, it`s part of our quest in life and we need to actually live them, when they become true in our lives.
    so many things …

  14. Hmm, favorite images: the bird silhouette and the sun star in the conifer. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Roasting vegetables always taste so much better, don’t they? I local place where I often have lunch serves roasted kale and it’s scrumptious–better than potato chips. (thought I’d never admit that!)

  15. Look at you go! Those grass images are great!

  16. Marianne says:

    Thanks for the info on freezing broccoli, Robin. The roasting sounds yummy as well. 🙂

  17. Kathy says:

    YES! Meditation brings us more into our body, more into the present moment. It’s hard to explain that to people who think meditation makes you “tune out” or be “out there”. It’s the most grounding thing I’ve ever done. Roasted broccoli, you say? Thanks for the idea! Have never tried it, but will now.

    • Robin says:

      It was a surprise to me, Kathy, to find that daily meditation practice has made me more grounded. I’m finding it interesting, and sometimes uncomfortable, but even the discomfort is something to be explored (maybe especially the discomfort).

  18. The first two pictures are beautiful and do remind me of your bonfire. Weird about that maniacal laugh. Some people are just horrible. You should have done a callback to find out who it was! 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Cathy. 🙂 I didn’t even think of doing a callback at the time. It was so weird (and more than a little freaky). Thankfully there have been no repeat calls.

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