No, not that kind of cloud!

This kind of Cloud.  Cloud, the white red-tail hawk from the Medina Raptor Center.  The bird I thought should have his own post.  I bet you thought I forgot all about him.  Not so.  A beautiful and unusual bird like Cloud is hard to forget.

As mentioned previously, Cloud is not an albino.  He is leucistic.  I suppose the easiest way to tell the difference (the scientists agree) is that a solid white bird with pink eyes is albinistic, whereas Cloud has blue eyes making him leucistic.  You can read more about it here.

He’s gorgeous even from the back.

Speaking of gorgeous, we are having the most amazingly gorgeous day here in the Bogs.  What makes it even better is this happens to be one of those rare days when I am under no obligation to do anything.

Of course I have “shoulds.”  I should be working in the garden.  I should be freezing peppers.  I should be canning tomatoes.  I should be…  well, the list is endless if I allow it to be.

But I don’t have “musts” (must do this, must do that).  It’s nice not to have “musts.”  Any of the “shoulds” can wait a day.  “Musts” usually can’t.  After almost a full week of working hard and taking care of “musts,” it feels liberating to have a day without them.

This is what it looked like this morning before the clouds rolled in.

So I’m going to do something different today.  I’m going to take a blanket, a book, my journal, and a pen, and go sit in my favorite outdoor alcove.  It’s near the garden, between the Future Woods and one of the meadows.  It’s a lovely, peaceful place to sit and relax.  The grass is soft, there are trees to lean on if you need support, and you can opt for sun or shade just by changing the spot where you’re sitting.

And then the clouds came. No matter how glass-like and calm the water appears from a distance, there is always movement of some kind.

I might read.  I might write.  I might meditate.  I might take a nap.  I might do nothing at all except stare out at the pond or look up at the sky.

The black speckles seen in the upper right hand side of this image is the reflection of a large flock of birds flying overhead.

What would you do on a day you don’t have “musts” and your “shoulds” can be put aside?

Thank you for stopping by the Bogs today.  I’ve scheduled this post to go out at it’s usual time.  I’ll be outside, in the Alcove, if you’d like to join me.  I’m sure by the time this goes out I’ll have had plenty of quiet time and will enjoy a good chat.  Or we can sit quietly if that’s what you’d prefer.

Today’s joys:  The intensely blue sky of morning; the lushness of the grasses and flowers; a red-tail hawk whistling overhead; a new air conditioner, installed today; tea, hot or cold; tomato sandwiches made with tomatoes picked a few minutes before lunch; a day with no “musts” or “shoulds” that need to be attended to right away.

Autumn is not far off

I sincerely believe that there is a time in life for drifting.  There is a time for sitting back and getting in touch with yourself.  Some of our most interesting illuminations and ideas will come when we take time to reflect, time to kick back and cruise awhile.

~ Rudolfo Anaya


30 Comments on “Cloud”

  1. Oh, if only I had a day to let go of the “shoulds” and “musts”…. maybe I can close my eyes, and pretend that I’m sitting under a tree, watching the wildlife, and listening to the breeze. I don’t know if I even know how to truly relax anymore…. I was JUST getting into the swing of relaxing, when my vacation was over!! If I TRULY had a day to myself, with no worries or obligations, it would have to be far away from everything (so I wasn’t reminded of any obligations). We are coming up on my most favorite time of the year, so a lot of possibilities would open up!

    That is a gorgeous bird! I’ve never seen one like that before!

  2. Kathy says:

    Cloud is gorgeous. He isn’t concerned with the should’s and musts. I am sure he isn’t. We must take lessons from him.

  3. Karma says:

    My days of no “musts” have disappeared for another 180 school days, lol! Beautiful bird and beautiful shot of the pond. I’d love to join you in the alcove! 🙂

  4. What a wonderful way to spend a day… simply reading about it was soothing, nourishing and “shoulds” or “musts”….just being with the quiet, books, blanket…so special. : )

  5. Val says:

    I’ve tried today not to have a day of musts or shoulds, but have been feeling sort of under the weather. Not ‘under the weather’ as in ill, but as in the day’s been rather overcast and rainy and has rather depleted my energy. (Actually maybe that’s the origin of under the weather?)

    Cloud is most unusual. I find hawks a little worrying, I think it’s their eyes. From the back he looks like a large parrot. That’s not an insult by the way, so I hope he won’t regard it as such! 😉

    • Robin says:

      I find hawks a little worrying too, Val. I lost a cat to a red-tail hawk. She was a little thing (although an adult), and I suppose she must have looked like she’d be great to have for lunch. I try not to be angry with the hawk because that’s nature. But I was very sad to lose CJ the Warrioress Cat.

      Rainy days can be like that. Maybe that’s why we have them. To rest. 🙂

  6. Joanne says:

    Days free of “musts” and “shoulds” feel like a weight off your shoulders, don’t you think? They are the days when I sit on my favourite comfy chair and let my mind just drift along as I lose my thoughts in my cross stitch. Cloud is stunning, and deserves a post all of his own. I’ll find you out in the Alcove and I’ll bring a pot of tea, there may be a few others there by the time I arrive. 🙂

  7. Gosh, Cloud is gorgeous, Robin! What a totally stunning bird. Hope you enjoyed your day of not doing what you “should.” Love days like that. For me, my non-should was a nap!

  8. Wondered when you’d get back to Cloud – he’s really something.
    I hope your day was as relaxing as it sounded…going down into the low 50’s tonight here, and tomorrow looks spectacular 🙂

  9. Corina says:

    Cloud definitely deserved his own post! What a breath-taking creature!

    I can see the gorgeous day you had in the colors and the clarity of the sky and the clouds. Lucky you! I’ll be curious to hear what you ended up doing on your day with no “musts”! I think I would just read and listen to some music and enjoy the time.

    I love the Anaya quote, by the way.

  10. Cyndi the BookChick says:

    What a wonderful post! I hope you got as many of your “want to’s” as you wanted to!

  11. CMSmith says:

    That is an awesome bird. Hard to imagine it is a red-tailed hawk.

    Your reflection is beautiful.

  12. bearyweather says:

    Cloud is gorgeous and curious looking.
    I envy your day outdoors … doing nothing but relaxing (I have not had the opportunity to get outside for a few weeks … school, sigh)

  13. Cloud sure is beautiful.

  14. Sallyann says:

    The bird really is beautiful, as is the morning view across the pond, so still and relaxing, love the reflection. 🙂

  15. dearrosie says:

    Cloud is a beautiful bird. Thanks for showing us your pix.

    So glad you included another view of your pond. What would I do if I had a day without coulds or shoulds? Exactly what you did. Take a book, my journal and sit in peace… Exactly what I need to do. Hope I can do it sooner than soon.

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