Hawk Moth. (Can you see him? Just to the left and above the thistle.)

Day 1.  Today I saw a hawk moth in the wildflower meadow.  It’s the first time I’ve seen one here.  His little wings were moving so fast that it was impossible to capture anything other than a blur.

I also learned about madhya, the gap or stillness between two thoughts, two breaths, or two moments in time.  Looking online for a definition or a quote, I found this article about being too busy by Sally Kempton where she explains:

The One Who is Not Busy lives in the space between every breath.  She (I’ll call her she, though of course she’s beyond gender) is in the breath inside the breath, and the space in between each thought.  In the space between the end of one action and the beginning of the next, between one breath and another, we can merge into the source of all action, “the still point between the turning worlds.”  Known in Sanskrit as the Madhya, the Center point, or the Gap, this doorway into spaciousness arises in every moment.  We just don’t normally notice it, as we don’t normally notice the pavement we’re walking over.

Looking at the space between sun and shadow

Day 2.  I thought the first day or two would be more difficult than they have been in terms of not blogging.  Yesterday I did peek in on some of the blogs I follow, but today I am enjoying being away.  I find myself giving thanks for the hurtful words that caused me to take a break in the first place, grateful to the person who pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I’ve been quite productive.  Done with mindfulness, even the chores become a meditation.  Been trying to be mindful of the space between, madhya, too.  Not always successful.

The brightest light lives in the space between

Day 3.  A Great Blue Heron came to visit late yesterday.

A blue bird of some kind landed at my feet this morning.

Not a terribly good shot because he took me by surprise.

I realized a few minutes later why he was willing to get so close:

Looks like a juvenile up in the tree.

Day 4.  A magnificent day spent with my granddaughters and their parents.  We took a tour of a bird sanctuary, went to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, and went out to Edgewater Park to see the lake (Lake Erie).

Emma & Maddy at the aquarium.

Watching Maddy this evening, I was reminded of a photo I took of her older sister a few years ago.

And that, folks, is a glimpse of how I spent my short blogging break.  It wasn’t a long break, but it served its purpose well.  The first three days were quiet and rejuvenating.  The last day was filled with family and fun.  Can’t ask for more than that.  I will have photos from the bird sanctuary and the aquarium for you soon.  The bird sanctuary in particular was quite interesting.

Izzy and the Black-Eyed Susans

Today has been cloudy and wonderfully rainy.  We still have a rain deficit so it’s nice to see some wet stuff falling from the sky.  The garden hasn’t suffered too much from the lack of rain (because we’ve been watering it), and we currently have what M refers to as a glut of tomatoes.  I spent the afternoon turning garden produce into spaghetti sauce which has gone into the freezer to be used during the winter when we need a reminder of summer’s bounty.

I guess that’s it for now from the Bogs.  I’ve been updating my Daily Walk series over at Flickr and should have that caught up soon.  I’ll be making some changes here at Ye Olde Blogge sometime in the next few weeks.  I’m kind of excited about that.  Nervous, too, as sometimes change of this nature ends up a big mess before I pull it all together.

Thank you for dropping by.  Wishing you a delightful day, evening, or night… wherever you are on the spectrum of time.  🙂

P.S.  M and I are celebrating 36 years of marriage today.  I don’t know how it got to be 36 years.  Time sure flies when you’re in love and having fun.

36 years ago today…


47 Comments on “Retreat”

  1. Wonderful intriguing post and …HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the wedding photo. It’s fun to get a glimpse into another person’s past–especially someone whose work you read/see every day. Happy anniversary, to you and M!

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Congratulations on 36 years!! 🙂

  4. I love that thought: the space between every breath. If only I could slow down and be aware and breathe!! Beautiful post and pictures. Happy anniversary!! Have a glass of wine and a wonderful celebration!

  5. Ellen says:

    Happy anniversary!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Coming East says:

    Such beautiful thoughts to gomalongmwith your pictures, Robin. So sorry someone said something unkind to you to make you want to take a break. In my yoga class, our instructor always tells us to take time to pay attention to the pause between breaths. I didn’t know it had a name. Congratulations on 36 years of marriage! We are some of the lucky ones, aren’t we!

  8. Denise says:

    A magnificent series of photos and I think the last one was pretty special too. Happy Anniversary!

  9. Someone said hurtful words to you? Let me at ’em!

    • I am thinking the same thing! It just takes my breath away at the sheer “meanness” of people. I realize that it really is that 2% of the population, but doggone it – they leave scars!

      • Robin says:

        lol! Thanks, Joss and Cyndi. 🙂

        I’m not entirely without fault in the situation, and I may have misinterpreted the intent. Hindsight, as usual, lends a lot of clarity.

  10. mobius faith says:

    Happy anniversary. Wow 36 years. what an achievment. Bravo to both of you.
    Also I love the light in the shot of the granddaughters at the aquarium. A “hawk moth” I never knew what it was called. I saw one several years ago. They are pretty amazing creatures.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Terry. 🙂

      I first saw a hawk moth somewhere in Colorado a few years ago, and didn’t realize we had them here until the day I captured this one. It was pure luck that I noticed it. It was blending in well with its surroundings.

  11. I love the photo of you and your sweet Baboo! Happy anniversary! And thank you for yet another glorious walk!

  12. Val says:

    Happy Anniversary Robin! 🙂 Sorry my greeting’s a bit late, I hope you had a wonderful day.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Val. 🙂 You weren’t late at all. In fact, it seems to have become part of our tradition to actually celebrate on a day other than the actual date of our anniversary. We’re going out tonight. So you’re right on time.

  13. Chris Block says:

    I haven’t been able to get on our blog for some reason, but got in this and LOVE IT!!! how’d you like the aquarium? and the ladies? Love the wedding photo!!! happy 36.

  14. Corina says:

    I am looking forward to seeing any blog changes you have in mind. I will also check out you flickr series. And congratulations again on that anniversary!

  15. Happy anniversary, Robin!
    And ah…that lovely moment of stillness and space between thoughts and breaths… hoping you’re able to rest in many of those moments.

  16. dadirri7 says:

    i teach about the madya … you can feel it when you pause after the out breath … breathe in, breathe out, pause …. dont reach for the in breath, let it come like a wave, the body knows when to breathe, just slide into the space, rest, feel, enormously spacious and blissful, our true nature 🙂

  17. Beautiful post…I’ve missed walking with you over the last week.
    Happy Anniversary, you Crazy Kids!

  18. bearyweather says:

    Congratulations on 36 years Robin!

    Hawk Moth? I have always called them “hummingbird moths” … hmmmm?

    Bird … very pretty and very blue. Did you figure out what it was? My first thought was indigo bunting (but, they are totally blue) … blue grosbeak? or maybe a mountain bluebird?

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Bearyweather. 🙂

      They do look a lot like hummingbirds. I looked it up after I took the photo, and “hawk moth” was what came up, but I could be wrong. As for the bird, I can’t figure it out. It doesn’t have the red breast of an Eastern Bluebird, it’s not all blue like an Indigo Bunting (as you noticed), so… I’m stumped.

  19. How can anyone say anything hurtful about you or this blog–taking a walk with you is something that I’ve been enjoying for over a year now. Hey, I like the whole idea of madhya and I shall read more about it. What is that bluebird? Doesn’t nature have the greatest palette? Take care.

    • Robin says:

      Nature does indeed have the greatest palette of colors, Teresita. 🙂 I am stumped when it comes to the blue bird. I have no idea what it is since it doesn’t fit the blue birds we typically see here.

  20. Carla says:

    Happy, happy anniversary! Love your retreat, the bluebird baby who landed at your feet – how beautiful is that? And the description of Madhya. So good to remember in our constant often made-up states of busy-ness. You know I’m on a crusade about that, lol!

  21. Sallyann says:

    Many congratulations. 😀

  22. A little late, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 🙂

  23. Dana says:

    Happy (much belated) anniversary, Robin! That photo of you and M on your wedding day is absolutely priceless. 🙂

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