The subtlety of nature

Fiery dragonfly

You can find it in the little things.


I was out for my walk this morning, noticing the subtle changes, the little signs that autumn is on its way.

Gone to earth

Leaves are beginning to change color and drop.  Or hang around for a while, adding color to their branches and the landscape.


The late summer flowers are blooming, and there has been a subtle shift in the light each day, the sun rising and setting in its almost-autumn positions on the horizon.

Water: Today’s view of the pond.

As I walked and looked I found myself pondering, in the abstract, ideas of right and wrong, opinions, and the stories we tell ourselves.  You don’t see that in nature (unless, of course, you happen to be human and prone to anthropomorphizing which, I have to admit, I’ve been known to do on occasion).


The dragonflies are not worried about who is right and who is wrong in any disputes they may have.  The praying mantises are not arguing about presidential elections.  The spiders are weaving webs, not tales about their lives.  Nature just is.  Cruel at times, certainly.   I suppose if the male praying mantis has an opinion about anything it would be whether or not he’d like to keep his head after mating.  Or maybe he never sees that coming, and he’s just happy in his Being-ness because that’s all there is.  He’s living in the now.

During my travels through this lifetime I’ve had the good fortune to meet one or two people who are happy in their Being-ness, as if they have awakened to the dreams and dramas in life, and have no need for them anymore.  Then there are others who get glimpses of how it is to be happy in their Being-ness, knowing that in many ways it’s all a story they tell themselves, yet they still slip back into the dreams and drama because the ego is so insistent.  Lots of folks, though, seem to be stuck in their stories, their opinions, and the duality of right and wrong, us and them, I and the other.

Ironweed mingling with the grasses in the meadow

Political season, which is upon us like a plague, makes it easy to get sucked into the (false) dichotomy of right and wrong, good and bad, donkey versus elephant, truth versus untruth.

I would like to be happy in my Being-ness, and most times, I am.  It’s when I slip back into the story I’ve made up about who I am, what my opinions are, and what I group into categories of right and wrong, that I feel as though I lose the light that comes with just being.  Labels suck the love right out of life, don’t you think?

So as I walked and pondered this morning, I thought about how to send the Drama Llama packing, to let go the way the leaves let go, beautifully, subtly, and colorfully.

It might happen someday, just like that.  You never know.

A thistle seed floats upon the air

In the meantime, that’s all from the Bogs on this tranquil Sunday.  Thank you for visiting as I ponder life, the universe, and everything (thank you, Douglas Adams).   It’s a warm day.  A perfect day to go out to the swim platform and after you’re good and warm, go for a swim.  The water is starting to get a slight chill to it a foot or so down due to the cooler nights, but after the heat of the sun, the chill is refreshing.

Underwater oracle. The answers are the mystery. (Taken at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium yesterday.)

The birds are beginning to flock and fatten up for winter or migration so there is a lot of singing, cheeping, and other banter going on in the trees and at the feeders.  The crows are holding their annual late summer convention back in the woods.  The cicadas and bees are all a-buzz in the meadows, and at night the crickets serenade us with their gentle chirping sounds.

If you’d rather not go out to the swim platform, you can relax on the deck under the shade of the umbrella, take a stroll through the meadows, or check out our new front porch, and still enjoy all the sounds that nature is offering right now.  Whatever you decide to do, I wish you a delightful day, evening, or night, wherever you are on the spectrum of time.

Garden gnome taking time to stop and smell the flowers.


27 Comments on “The subtlety of nature”

  1. Kathy says:

    Subtle pleasures of being. Lovely text, lovely photos, lovely blog, lovely Robin. I feel like you in so many ways. Wondering if it’s possible to be present even amidst our not being present?

  2. Oh, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see that the leaves are beginning to change in your part of the world. It hasn’t happened yet here, but the fact that it’s happening there makes me optimistic that cooler days are on their way. But then I should just practice being–hot or cold.
    Happy anniversary tomorrow, Robin!

  3. jane tims says:

    Hi Robin. We were out at the lake picking blackberries yesterday and the Mosquitoes were voracious! However, the Dragonflies were also out and about!!! Jane

    • Robin says:

      Hi Jane. 🙂 Our mosquitoes didn’t do well this year because of the drought. We did have a good rainfall yesterday so that might have helped them along.

  4. Ellen says:

    I´d like to relax on the deck … it`s been raining here for days and it`s pretty cold … we had a “summer day” in between winter days … and today is winter again … and rainy again …

    have a great start of the week!

  5. I’m so tired of the political noise ( can’t we just vote now? Please let it go away!)
    It’s so nice to walk along your blog and photos (which are so striking – such colors and the way you capture textures/contrast is amazing)
    I actually managed to get outside a bit this weekend in the yard…and it’s a tiny bit cooler. Ready for the “now” and ready to enjoy the show of season’s changes.
    Enjoyed the read.

  6. we humans have much to learn from the birds and the bees! thank you for this lovely, thoughtful, wander today.

  7. Oh my that fiery dragon fly made me say “OH MY” out loud. Stunning. Love your skill and the beauty you capture. WOW.

  8. The color change seems so early this year, but the drought took such a toll on nature. It is a relief to see the change this year.
    Your post brought such a lovely feeling of nostalgia to me as I read through it, bringing back lost late summer days on the lake. Thank you for bringing back the memory of youth.

    • Robin says:

      You’re welcome, Cyndi. 🙂

      We’ve had some leaf drop here already, most likely due to the drought. I’m looking forward to cooler, and hopefully somewhat wetter, weather.

      • This sounds awful of me. Truly awful, but I am excited about the hurricane right now because it looks as though it is going to be coming north and giving us more rain. We have had rain, but the river beds are still so dry. It is going to take a long time to recover, I think.

        • Robin says:

          It doesn’t sound awful to me. I’m hoping for the same thing. I took a long, hard look at the pond yesterday, and then went back to the woods to look at the creek, and can’t believe how low the water levels are. There are dry land plants growing where the water used to be.

  9. Sallyann says:

    Sitting on the decking, strolling around the pond, rowing out to the platform, maybe a dip in the water now and again … you make it sound so very close to “42”. 🙂

  10. Love the red dragonfly and the red leaves. The colors of Fall are so beautiful…

  11. Dana says:

    What a poignant post “today”, Robin. (I use the quotation marks because it was written about a month ago!) I have encountered a few people as well who are perfectly content and light-feeling in their existences. Your visual of letting drama fall away like crisp autumn leaves is a perfect thought to ponder this evening. Thank you. 🙂

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