Thursday Travels: A picnic lunch

A picnic table near Point Wolfe. Fundy National Park. New Brunswick, Canada.

When we last left off, our intrepid hikers were at the Point Wolfe Beach in Fundy National Park.  (In case you missed all the excitement — heh — previous posts from my trip to the Canadian Maritimes will be linked to at the bottom of this post.)  Hiking is hungry business so M and I decided to have a picnic lunch before starting our next hike.

Hiking our way back to the car. Point Wolfe River.

The Point Wolfe Beach trail was not a loop.  One of the things I like about having to take the same trail in and back is that I get to look at things from a different perspective.  It’s amazing the things I miss by not turning around (something I try to do when we’re on a loop trail since I know I won’t be coming back the same way).

Looking down on the river.

What you are unable to see in the above photo is the covered bridge off to the left stretching across the river.  I couldn’t get a good photo of the entire bridge from this viewpoint.

More bunchberry in the woods. Because I like it. And took a lot of photos of it.

Before going back to the car, we took a short walk over to a picnic area where I could get a decent photo of the covered bridge.

Well, maybe it was more than a short walk.

We did not have lunch here.  We had to go into Alma (the town where we were staying) to pick up some food.  As you may (or may not) recall, we were there on the off season.  Finding good food was not easy.  We ended up at a roadside stand buying fried clams, fried scallops, and coleslaw.

While waiting for our lunch to be deep fried, I wandered around the area, taking photos of the boats.  During our stay at the Cliffside Suites in Alma, we sat out on the deck a few times watching the fishing boats go out with the high tide.  The tidal fluctuations of the Bay of Fundy are so extreme that the boats are often left high and dry during low tide, and level with the wharf at high tide.  (It should be noted that I missed my opportunity to take a photo of the boats at low tide because I was too tired to trudge back there after a full day of hiking.)

It was a somewhat long wait for lunch…

Lunch ready, we packed it up in the car and took it to a picnic area in Fundy National Park, near the Coastal Trail where we had planned to hike when we finished eating.

This facade was near the picnic area and trail.

View of the Bay of Fundy from our picnic table.

Lunch was a bit of a trial.  A plague of black flies descended upon us.  Ever been bitten by black flies?  It’s not good.

An American Robin in Canada

We decided to pack it up and leave the Coastal Trail to the black flies (and the birds).

The trail not taken.

That’s it for this week’s Thursday Travels.  Next week we’ll head back to Cape Enrage for some fun on the beach (and the answer to that cliffhanger — did I go down the steep stairs?).

An American Robin in the Bogs

My walk this morning was short, but lovely in spite of the steamy weather.  When I stepped outside, I saw the remains of a rainbow over the pond.

Now that I look at again, it looks like it was a double rainbow.

The goldfinches were at the feeders (the thistle in the wildflower meadow), and didn’t seem to mind me too much (as long as I didn’t get too close).

That’s it from the Bogs for now.  I’m trying to get this post ready and scheduled to go out at the usual time.  The weather here is hot and steamy, a good set-up for the severe storms in the forecast for this afternoon and evening.  Scheduling the post means I don’t have to worry about a power outage, at least in terms of blogging.

Have a joyous day, a wonder-filled evening, and a peaceful night.  I have a feeling our night will be flashing and booming.


24 Comments on “Thursday Travels: A picnic lunch”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Robin captured a robin! I especially loved the little yellow flowers, like tiny, glowing suns. Thanks for taking us along on your picnic. 🙂

  2. Chatter Master says:

    I love your pictures. I really love the header picture. What beauty you captured!

  3. Some of these photos are fabulous, Robin. I especially love the one of the covered , red bridge and the one with the four chairs and and the “open” sign–oh, the rainbow, as well.

  4. whenever I see parts of Canada through the eyes of a visitor, I’m reminded, all over again, what a beautiful country this is.

  5. aFrankAngle says:

    Still waiting on the front to get this hot, muggy stuff out of here … I’m officially tired of it! …. Oh … thanks for the northern walk.

    • Robin says:

      I hear ya, Frank. The air is soupy today. I can almost swim through it.

      Glad you enjoyed the walk. Wish I could say it’s cooler up here, and maybe it is, but not by much. 🙂

  6. Karma says:

    I hope you made it through the night with your power intact. They were forecasting severe thunderstorms and there was a tornado watch here, but it all thankfully turned out to be pretty mild. Bummer about those black flies ruining your picnic and hike. I love the shot of the colorful adirondack chairs – there’s something very charming about it.
    I thought you gave us the answer to your steep stairs cliffhanger a while back?

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Karma. It flickered on and off a few times, but I’m happy to report there was no major outage.

      The stairs I went down in the post I think you’re thinking of were switch-back type stairs (not one, long steep descent) at Hopewell Rocks. I haven’t yet revealed if I visited the beach at Cape Enrage. 🙂

  7. mobius faith says:

    Great series. I love the deck chairs image. Colorful magic.

  8. Sallyann says:

    The rainbow looks extra beautiful nestled between the black clouds. 🙂

  9. Great hike, Robin…I’m late to the party today, but I do love ’em!

  10. jane tims says:

    Hi Robin. Nice photos, especially the colorful chairs. I want two for our front yard, but which colors to choose???? Jane

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Jane. 🙂

      I would have difficulty choosing two colors, too. They are all bright and wonderful in their primary-ness.

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