Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks is a good place to experience the tides of the Bay of Fundy.  Also known as Flowerpot Rocks, the base of the rocks are covered twice a day at high tide.  At low tide you can view and explore the rocks from ground level.

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Stairs to the beach at Cape Enrage

Once upon a time, a very long time ago (going on 20 years, I think) in a land far away, I took a fall down a long, steep set of metal stairs in a castle ruin.  It happened in Scotland, and I obviously lived to tell about it, but during the fall I wasn’t sure I would.  Even M had thoughts of having to take me home in a body bag.  We both agree it seemed to take hours for me to reach the bottom although it was probably a matter of seconds.  I miraculously made it to the bottom with almost no injuries (a cut, a missing fingernail, a little mud on my nose).

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Everything I knew about Maine I learned from Stephen King

A little something missing

I was saving this post title for when I finally got around to posting about Acadia National Park and Maine.  However, it’s not often that the Muse of Post Titles not only throws me a good title, but she gives me an idea to go with it.  I’m not going to look that gift horse in the mouth.

There is some truth to my post title.  Prior to researching our trip, I really didn’t know much about Maine other than what I’d read in Stephen King‘s books over the years.  (If you’re unfamiliar with Stephen King, he often places his stories and characters in Maine.  He is from Maine, and you know what they say about writing what you know.)

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Cape Enrage

On the road to Cape Enrage

Cape Enrage is located on the tip of Barn Marsh Island in New Brunswick.  It acquired its name from the violent waters that occur at half tide when the reef that extends south into the bay is partially exposed to the rapidly moving water.  The Acadian sailors called it Cap Enragé.  The British anglicized the name after they kicked out the French.

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Dennis Beach

My first daytime viewing of the Bay of Fundy from the Cliffside Suites in Alma, New Brunswick.

When we started planning our trip to the Canadian Maritimes, M had the Bay of Fundy on his wish list of places to visit.  I’d heard of it, but wondered if tides could be impressive.  Most of my experiences with watching the tide come in or go out were at the Jersey (as in New Jersey) shore growing up.  Our parents loaded us all into the station wagon early on a Saturday in August and off we went for two weeks of sand, sea, and sun.  Being a person of the fair skinned variety, I suffered many a sunburn.  Burn and peel were pretty much the norm for the first week.  A good case of sun poisoning was not uncommon.  After that I would develop my version of a tan which tends to be reddish enough to look like a sunburn.  We didn’t have sunscreen in those days, and if I ever do see a dermatologist, I’m sure she will be shocked to learn I used the baby oil and iodine solution that was so popular in those days.  Might as well have deep fried me.  Heh.

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The Bogs Gone Wild

Gazing into the meadow

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!  I hope it has been a good one for you.

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The law of diminishing returns

A rest stop along the way. (Taken in Maine on our way to Alma, New Brunswick, on our first day east.)

M and I are home, safe and sound.  It’s been a long, long day.  Early rising, a three hour drive to the Portland International Jetport in Maine, waiting an hour or so at the airport, the flight (about 90 minutes — we made good time), and then the hour drive home from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.  We made a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home, and at a local pizza place.  I’m too tired to cook tonight.  That’s why we keep the local pizza place phone number in my cell phone.  For just such travel emergencies.

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