Lobster supper

Cheese Lady’s Gouda. P.E.I.

Rain, wind, more rain, and lots of gusty wind sums up the weather here on Prince Edward Island today.  We didn’t let that keep us indoors for the entire day, although we did do an indoor thing or two (such as visit the Cheese Lady’s shop to sample and purchase a bit of delicious Gouda cheese).

We started our morning with a wonderful breakfast at the B&B we’re staying in.  I highly recommend The Graham Inn.  The ladies running it are just getting started (I believe this is their second year here), and they go all out to make their guests feel welcome and comfortable.  The rooms are lovely, the breakfast divine, and there is an indoor salt water pool (an excellent place to spend some time after you’ve been outdoors hiking in the wind and rain, something I know from experience).

With some help from one of our hosts, we planned out a day of seeing some of the highlights of this part of P.E.I.  We started by driving to Greenwich, not quite an hour east of where we’re staying.  Even in the wind and rain, it was incredibly beautiful.  We hiked about 3 miles, through forest, along a floating boardwalk that leads you through the marsh area, and then to the dunes where you can go up a beach ladder to get over the dunes and onto the beach.  This particular hike gave us the opportunity to experience the different eco-systems in one go.  We had the added bonus of some shelter during the forest part of the hike.

Floating boardwalk

We saw all kinds of birds while we were out there including the usual red-winged blackbirds who seem to take up residence wherever you find cattails.  The floating boardwalk is very cool, and I’ve been wondering if we can do something similar back by the cattails of our pond (on a much smaller scale, of course).

On the beach

We stopped for tea and some seafood chowder to warm up, and then went to Brackley Beach to see the dunes and with hopes of doing a little beach walking, but the wind was too much for either of us.

Judging from a quick scan of random photos I took today, most are of the blurry variety.  The wind was so bad at times that I could not hold the camera still.  The rain kept me from taking some of the shots I would like to have gotten.

After the beach, we made our way back to the B&B, stopping by the Cheese Lady’s to sample and buy some Gouda.  We ended up with a plain Gouda, one with herbs and garlic, and another with red chili.  Just enough for us to enjoy during the rest of our time in Canada.

This evening we went to New Glasgow to experience a lobster supper.  New Glasgow Lobster Suppers has been around since 1958, and we were told that was our best choice at this time of year for a traditional lobster supper.  You certainly get your money’s worth at a lobster supper.  All-you-can-eat appetizers (includes PEI mussels, soup, and  salads), a lobster (already cut for you, which made it super easy to eat), and all-you-can-eat dessert (several choices of pie, ice cream, and tonight they had strawberry shortcake).  The price is based on the size of the lobster you choose.  M and I went with 1 lb. lobsters which I found to be enough.  The mussels and lobster were excellent.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Nova Scotia.  The weather prognosticators are saying the weather is going to improve.  Friday should be a sunny day.  I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with the sun.

I’m off to bed.  Tomorrow is looking to be a long day.  I’ll be giving us all a break from my daily rambles as I doubt I’ll have the time or energy to post.  Thank you for dropping by!  I hope you’re out enjoying whatever there is to see near you, no matter what the weather.  🙂

17 Comments on “Lobster supper”

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Cool pic of baby and parental gouda. Given your love of nature, I’m sure you are having a glorious time.

  2. dadirri7 says:

    what a super trip robin, love the floating boardwalk and the lobster supper sounds delicious!

  3. jane tims says:

    Hi. Sounds like you are having a great time. You have inspired me to take a trip to New Glasgow. I’d like to hear more about the floating boardwalk!! Jane

  4. The cheese looks really good…. but that image of the boardwalk is greatness! Kinda sorta… but not… a one point perspective! cool.

  5. Gouda is my favorite cheese, and the varieties you mention sound divine! Plus, the windy beach looks like a place I’d love to explore–perhaps, on a slightly less windy day. Great to hear how your adventure is evolving!

  6. mobius faith says:

    Rain and overcast skies are my favorite weather to take outdoor photos. Some really wonderful pics here. Love the “floating boardwalk” and “on the beach”. Looks like you’re having great fun.

  7. I love being on a boardwalk with water on both sides. There’s something special about that.

  8. Dana says:

    Glad to hear you found some respite from the wind. It can really take a lot out of you, hey?

  9. Tammy says:

    Enjoy! I’ve never been to that part of the world.

  10. Love the visual rhythm of the cheese photo!

  11. Karma says:

    That picture of cheese is really neat! Reminds me of my days working as a “farmer” at Old Sturbridge Village. And I’m glad you got to experience an Atlantic lobster dinner. I will be looking forward to mine this summer in Maine. Will you be able to meet up with Sybil from Eastern Passage Passage while you are in Nova Scotia?

  12. No lobster for me, but I’ll take some Gouda please 🙂
    I could spend HOURS and HOURS walking on that beach ♥

  13. elmediat says:

    Gouda pictures here ! 😀

  14. Joanne says:

    What a great post Robin! I’m sold…I want to go the Prince Edward Island too! The name rings a bell and I’m thinking it may be where “Anne of Green Gables” movies were filmed. My girls had them on video, I think there were three in total, and it looked like the most beautiful place. Oh, and the lobster dinner, wow!! 🙂

  15. Robin says:

    Thank you everyone! I’m glad you enjoyed following along on my adventures. 🙂

  16. […] There are three hiking trails in Greenwich.  We decided to hike out to the Greenwich Dunes area, a hike which takes you through open fields, wooded areas, over a pond, and up over the dunes to the beach.  (You can read the post I wrote the day of the hike here.) […]

  17. […]  M and I sampled quite a few PEI mussels while on our trip, including a bucket of them at the lobster supper we had after our day in […]

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