Beyond expectation

I see that the life of this place is always emerging beyond expectation or prediction or typicality, that it is unique, given to the world minute by minute, only once, never to be repeated.  And this is when I see that this life is a miracle, absolutely worth having, absolutely worth saving.  We are alive within mystery, by miracle.

~ Wendell Berry

Reading those words (the quote I started the post with) late yesterday, I thought, “Yes!”  That is how it feels when I go out for my daily walks, “…alive within mystery, by miracle.”  There is also the idea that things are emerging and different, minute by minute.  Anyone who has grown asparagus can watch throughout the day as the spears grow, going from not ready to be picked in the morning to tall enough to harvest in the evening.  Even if you don’t have such a fast grower to watch, you can see the small and large changes that happen day by day if you are willing to take the time to get out and look, to walk the same paths on a regular basis and get to know the land where you live.

Today’s photos are from a little dogwood M planted out front.  It looked so pretty in the early morning sunlight yesterday that I took a series of photos, playing with a variety of settings on my camera in an attempt to do in-camera what I sometimes do in post-processing.

Every day I learn a little bit more about how to play with light, shadow, and color.  I think that’s why a moratorium on taking photos will never stick.  There are always new things to learn, and always new circumstances on the same old paths I walk every day.

It’s been a busy Friday.  I spent the morning shopping, as did pretty much everyone in the area.  Lots of people must have Good Friday off from work.  The produce market was packed with other folks, probably getting ready for Easter weekend.  I came home with gobs of fresh veggies for use (use?  eating pleasure!) over the next 4-5 days.  That means spending time cleaning out the fridge, using the old, not-so-pretty veggies and leftover stems from greens and leeks and things to make a huge pot of vegetable stock to be used or frozen.

I also prepped some of the veggies to have ready for the next day or two.  I find if I do that, I’m more likely to use them (so they don’t end up in the stock or the compost pile).

We had some trees delivered today.  Eight eastern (or Canadian) hemlocks destined for the new hedgerow we’re growing.  They are beautiful trees.  I hope I live long enough to see all this come together.  We also bought a Golden Dawn Redwood to put at the back of the pond with the other evergreens.  It is gorgeous and I look forward to watching it grow and change.  I’ll post a few photos of them next week.  I didn’t take my camera with me on my walk today.

Into the woods

Well, I would love to stay and ramble or chat, but I must get moving.  I have salads to make, and a veggie lasagna to prepare.  The weekend is going to be brimming with activities, including a bicycle outing tomorrow.  We’re going to Amish country and will be riding on a trail that was designed for horse and buggy traffic as well as bicycles.  It should be fun.

Thank you for visiting me here in the Bogs on this lovely, sunny, brisk day.  I’ll be back on Monday with tales of adventures or maybe just the usual brand of everyday stuff.

May your weekend be filled with wonder and joy beyond expectation.  If you go out for a walk of your own, let me know how it went.  And if anyone is interested in taking a walk and doing a guest post here at Life in the Bogs, leave a note or feel free to email me (  It would be nice to share walks from around the world.


36 Comments on “Beyond expectation”

  1. adrianduque89 says:

    I like the fifth one a lot. I spent my morning on a movie shopping spree. lol

  2. oh good…the moratorium didn’t stick….how can we take a walk each day without those new photos?…that first quote,by Wendell Berry is so special…”we are alive within mystery, by miracle.”
    And the dogwood blossoms use light, line and color in such interesting ways. I look forward to seeing photos of the golden dawn redwood.
    I hope you also have a happy weekend, filled with your own sense of wonder and joy.

  3. Hey, Robin, how’s it going!

    Love that your dogwood is so gorgeous and those photos are too.
    And planting new trees — one of my favorite activities of all time — I love planting a tree and then looking in awe at the tree that wasn;t there a few hours before!

    I’d love to do a walk. Desert now, or Wisconsin later?

    • Robin says:

      Fantastic, Bo!! Your choice. I’d love both so it’s difficult for me to choose. I’ll email you next week about it.

      So glad to see you could finally leave a comment. WP seems to determined to leave it to the person commenting to figure things out (I was even given the advice by them to tell those who are having trouble commenting to get a new email address — yeah, right!).

  4. Lovely images, I like what you experimented with in camera effects. Happy weekend.

  5. Karma says:

    You have such an interesting landscape to walk – I love the beautiful things you find each time. Maybe sometime in the future when my walks get more interesting-looking, I could do a walk guest post for you (if you don’t mind the occasional dog head or tail poking into the pictures!)

  6. cidnlars says:

    Beautiful! Love the top, black and white!

  7. I love your dogwood photos.. the angle of the shot and the movement that it portrays. I knew (and was hoping) you wouldn’t abide by your self-imposed moratorium.. I really enjoy your photos:)

  8. I’m a day late getting here, but gosh, I love the dogwood photos. And that Berry quote is stunning. He’s a fellow Kentuckian who used to teach in the same program I did.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Robin.


  9. Sallyann says:

    Sharing walks sound like a brilliant idea, maybe I’ll take you on a walk down town to the shops one day. 🙂

  10. Tammy says:

    Oh how I love Wendell Berry and how beautifully your photos fit those words.

  11. nigel says:

    That first photo especially is wonderful.

  12. timkeen40 says:

    Fantastic photos of nature at its best. I am an old country boy who loves being in it.

  13. Kathy says:

    Beautiful black and white flower…so unexpected! Every time I come here I am inspired to look closer at my world. Hoping you enjoyed your weekend and ate lots of GREAT vegetables!

  14. Dana says:

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Robin! We are just starting up at the Harbour again, but if I manage to get out on a walk and take some decent photos, I’ll e-mail you and let you know! Guest posting is always fun, and I agree it would be a great idea to showcase some walks from around the world. 🙂

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