A hike at sunset

It’s great to be home.  M and I were not gone long, but it still feels good to relax in our own home and sleep in our own bed.  The trip was successful, for lack of a better word.

The trip took us east, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, over the turquoise waters of the Susquehanna River.  That looks and sounds funny as the Susquehanna is not known for its turquoise waters.   It’s usually gray or green or blue.  But yesterday, as we crossed again on our way home, turquoise was the color of the river.

After a weekend of blustery winds and snow squalls, Sunday was a warmer, much more beautiful, turquoise day.  Friday’s winds and snow squalls brought more wind and snow squalls on Saturday, and a portion of the highway we normally travel between here and State College, Pennsylvania was shut down for over 21 hours due to an accident that involved 20 cars and killed 3 people.

Because of the snow and wind, we took the southern route on our way east, paying out the big bucks to use the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  Although we encountered two accidents along that route, both involving tractor trailers on bridges, we arrived at our destination safe and sound, hours later than expected/planned, but grateful to be off the road and out of harm’s way.

The reason for the trip was somewhat sad.  Family business, so to speak, helping M’s father go through and get rid of some of his wife’s things.  You may or may not recall that she died last October.  We have been waiting for M’s father to be ready and well enough to take care of this chore.

It wasn’t all sadness, of course.  It was nice to spend time with family and get caught up on each other’s lives.

We pass quite a few state parks on our trips back east.  M and I often talk about stopping and hiking, but we don’t do it because we usually want to make good time getting wherever we’re going.  Because it was such a beautiful day yesterday and because we had spent so much time sitting (in the car and with family), we decided this was a good time to finally check out one of the state parks we have passed so many times and never visited.  We decided on Reeds Gap State Park where we could hike a trail in a hemlock and white pine forest, alongside Honey Creek.

The park is 8 miles off the highway we took home (the northern route that we avoided on the way out).  I am so very glad we stopped even if we didn’t have much time to explore as much as we would have liked.  It was getting close to sunset by the time we arrived so we were only able to hike for about a half hour.

I would love to go back and hike that trail again when we have more time.  M set a pretty good pace, and I ended up jogging some of it to make up for the time I took stopping to take photographs (and to catch up with M).

Here in the Bogs, it is warm (50s) and blustery once again.  There are still a few patches of snow from the weekend’s snow squalls in the shady spots.  The geese must have been gathering and partying at the pond while we were away (and nobody was here to harass them).  They left behind lots of goose poop so you will want to watch where you step when going for a walk close to the pond.

Honey Creek

Thanks so much for dropping by for a visit.  I’ll have more photos from the Reeds Gap hike tomorrow.


38 Comments on “A hike at sunset”

  1. Nickie says:

    I’m sorry for the reason for your visit. I know you’re slightly older than me, but I feel we’re covering similar grounds lately. Makes one feel that the years are creeping by, doesn’t it? I’m sure it was really hard for your FIL, and thus for you and M. You deserve a pat on the back for going and doing this. *Hugs*

    On a happier note, that trail looks wonderful! I would love to do that; I love wooded walks!

  2. Glad to hear you made it home safely. The PA turnpike is a familiar route for me. I remember it well–though I suppose it’s changed in recent years. Lovely photos, my friend!

    • Robin says:

      Believe it or not, I don’t think the turnpike has changed all that much, Kathy. There’s always construction, most of the rest areas are closed, and they keep raising the tolls. Seems pretty much the same to me. 😉

  3. You must have brought him so much support and peace! I’m so glad your travel
    Was safe and uneventful, it sounds like just awful road conditions!

  4. dadirri7 says:

    it is always so good to be home, even after the most wonderful trip, so glad your time away was a success … we have almost finished clearing up after my step-father’s death … made us realise we need to pare down and try to leave very little for others to cope with 🙂

  5. Ellen says:

    It`s good you waited till he was ready and that you were there when he was. Lovely trip (not counting the road accidents) and beautiful photographs as usual !!!

  6. like that first one a lot, your editing skills are growing!

  7. Coming East says:

    Glad you were able to help your father-in-law through this difficult task. Great photos. I think of how different everything will look in another six weeks as spring starts to make an appearance. Love the young green of spring.

  8. Beautiful! It’s so nice to join you on these hikes through the woods. We have no “woods,” so to speak, in Oman, so hiking along with you makes me not feel quite so homesick… 🙂

  9. Dana says:

    I can’t imagine trying to be “ready enough” to go through a loved one’s things after they had passed away. I’ve never had to do this before (yet?), but I’m happy to know that M’s father had your support when the time came.

    Also relieved to know you made it home safe and sound, despite the bad traffic on the roads. I’m not a great car traveler myself, and nothing feels better than coming home to your own bed!

  10. Kala says:

    Gorgeous photos. I especially adore the light in that first image Robin.

  11. Frank says:

    Reeds Gap looks very nice. A long trip home is never good – and a but more of a struggle after sifting through memories.

  12. Giiid says:

    So very beautiful and sensitive photos, telling about your trip in “another language” than words can do. Being close to the fact of life and death touch us deep inside, it can be difficult to put these feelings into words. Your photos do that, to me.

  13. That sure does look like an amazing trail, and the perfect time of day too with that light..

  14. Chloe says:

    beautiful series of photographs

  15. Welcome home….
    The photos….especially the moss on the river rocks, water flowing past, light on the water….soothing and beautiful

  16. cidnlars says:

    Great pics! I love the bridge and reflecting water. Glad you could make something nice out of your trip.

  17. CMSmith says:

    I like your color combination here with Clean Home. That’s what I use too. I have played around a bit with colors and hope to do more of it in the future. Do you know how to change the color of the comments and replies?

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Christine. 🙂

      I don’t know. I keep thinking I ought to learn how to do those things, but I can’t seem to find the time. If you change the theme options, it changes some of the colors. That much I do know.

  18. David Hall says:

    Gorgeous colours and superb lighting once again.

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