Tag… you’re It!

Light in the basement

I’ve been tagged by Sallyann in a game called “Mrs. Sparkly’s ten commandments.”  I’ve seen this meme going around and Mrs. Sparkly has been described in various ways, all of them a mix between good and evil.  Everyone seems to come up with their own good vs. evil characters so for me it’s Mary Poppins vs. Dolores Umbridge (ugh!).  Both are stern characters in their way.  Mary Poppins would, of course, lead me to participating by letting me learn for myself that it’s not only a good idea, but there is always a fun way to approach it.  Dolores Umbridge, on the other hand, is a mean-spirited toad who would torture me to do it.  Best go the Mary Poppins route, don’t you think?  (I would probably have come up with characters from adult books if I hadn’t just been immersed in the world of Harry Potter.)

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