Brick walls redux

If you paid a visit to my other blog today, you may think this is a cross-posting.  It’s not, really.  I’m leading with the same post title and image because I have brick walls on the brain today.

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Three Pictures

Picnik will be closing.  The last day to use the photo editing site is April 19, 2012.  I will be sorry to see it go because I was just starting to really enjoy playing around with my photos in a variety of ways.   Picnik made play easy to do, usually in one step rather than the several I often have to take in Photoshop to get certain effects.

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Sometimes that’s as good as it gets

The elusive male cardinal

I spent a lot of time last winter trying to “capture” the elusive male cardinal.  I set up camp by a window where I’d have the best shot at him.  I’d patiently wait.  And wait.  And wait.  As soon as I had to get up and move for some reason (sometimes just to move!), he would show up and I’d miss the shot.   Or that brilliant red would catch the eye of one of the cats and they would scare him off by jumping up on the windowsill.  Eventually I settled for this photo although I did keep trying throughout the winter.  It was as good as it was going to get.

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A smoberversary

I had my weather facts wrong yesterday.  The snowstorm that moved through was not lake effect snow at all, but part of a clipper system coming down from Canada.  The snow we’re expecting later today will be brought to us courtesy of another front.  The weather prognosticators are saying we could get up to 6 inches of new snow.  Skiing might be possible tomorrow.

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White out

To balance out yesterday’s black out, I bring you a White Out.  The snow started falling yesterday, with some breaks in the action here and there.  The front, which brought with it some thunderstorms and strong winds, is somewhere out east (perhaps off the coast by now), and the snow that’s flying today is lake-effect.

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Blacked Out


Life in the Bogs is blacked out today as part of the internet protests against SOPA and PIPA.  If you want to learn more, the black-out screen provides a video as well as links.  Regularly scheduled programming will resume tomorrow.


A visit from spring

Storm in the meadow

It smells like spring here in the Bogs today.  Earthy, wet, and warm.  Most of the snow has melted, some of it making its way downhill and into the pond.  The wind has been wild and powerful, growing stronger throughout the day.

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