Learning, one small stone at a time

Feet of ice

If you’ve visited me here in the Bogs lately, you know I decided to participate in a river of stones.  For the past sixteen days I have been dropping my own small stones into the river.  Each one has taught me a little something.  Sometimes it’s a little something I can put into words.  Sometimes it’s a little something that has no words.  One can be shared with you.  The other, well, will either be absorbed without words in which to share it or will wait until those words come to me.

I originally planned to write my small stones in a small notebook that was perfect for that purpose.  Then I decided to indulge in the wild and crazy notion of posting them online.  I can’t begin to tell you how far out of my comfort zone that first posting took me.  Every day, every small stone post, has taken me a little farther beyond the limits I had set for myself.  It doesn’t matter that they are not great works of writing or art.  It matters that I’m stretching and learning.  Believe it or not, I’m having fun, too.


Which segues nicely into one of the big lessons I’ve learned:  I have more difficulty sharing openly and honestly when it comes to fun and play than when I’m acting as the solemn (stuffy!) adult.  Wow.  How bizarre!  Play should be free and easy, don’t you think?

Birds on the wing. (Played with in Photoshop.)

I’m going to relearn how to play while I continue letting go of fear (of looking silly, stupid, or all of the above).  It will be fun.

Feasting on suet. (More play.)

Our Big Snow Event turned out to be a small snow event.  A few inches for the most part although there are drifts in the meadows that look to be a foot more or less (less is more likely).  It has not been a good ski season, cross-country or otherwise.

Today is M’s birthday.   I’d wish him a happy birthday here at the blog, but he doesn’t read the blog.  No need to, really, since he knows what’s going on here in the Bogs and if I have a particularly nice photo I want him to see, I show it to him.  But I’ll put it out there anyway:  Happy Birthday, my love.

Winter dancers in the meadow

Well, I’d better get a move on.  M the Younger and his lovely wife will be here soon to cook up some gumbo for M’s birthday dinner.  I have a few things to do before they arrive (such as schedule this post to go out at the usual time).  We’re having a warm-up (in the 40s, near 50 by tomorrow).  The snow will melt in time for the next round of winter which is said to be arriving sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.  We have even had some sunny spells today.

Thanks for dropping by today.  Help yourself to a birthday cupcake.  They’re black walnut cupcakes.  Did I tell you about the black walnuts?  I don’t think I did.  Remind me to do that tomorrow.

34 Comments on “Learning, one small stone at a time”

  1. Oh, good, I have someone else to “play” with…the first post that I added that was “playful”, well even more light than some of the others…the first dancing brightly one…I thought that perhaps I had gone out of my mind to post such a playful piece…it was dancing fairies!….Robin,it was a post about dancing fairies!…and what might others think?…how could I be 63 years old and showing others that I love to play?…what would people think?…was it nutty?…well, Robin, people seem to like the playful posts…I was stunned…and best of all, I’m learning I don’t have to be all grown up and serious all the time..although I sometimes am…that I can relax and play and even be silly, when that mood hits….that is such a surprise that it’s okay to show that…And so…I’m delighted to welcome you to the light hearted world of playful bloggers….doesn’t it feel good to have fun? and to find that others enjoy sharing your sense of fun too? Warm and encouraging smiles to you… And those ice feet!…those are simply wonderful!…I am in awe of nature!

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Kathy (PP). Your comment was almost as bubbly as the water in the ice feet photo. I enjoyed it very much. 😀

      • Hi Robin, I think I may have just “lost” a comment…so I’ll try again…the feet in the photos…the icy feet…well, I just couldn’t resist this…here’s to staying proactive and developing comfort with being playful and having fun….and not getting “cold feet”….ohhh, that just begged to be said….even if it’s a bit of the groaning type of humor….I’ll email you a page… (I took a very welcome break from moving everything from a large bookshelf in one room to another room and then those to the back……so took a break for some fun= making pages…. : ) ) Back I go to the books….

  2. Happy Birthday to M even if he doesn’t read.

    Also, I have confess that I have the same issues you do with play. I’m much for comfortable with the stuffy, serious stuff.

    Enjoy the evening with your family!


  3. Dana says:

    So interesting that you are more reluctant to post freely about your “play” than you are about your “work”. I am *always* told I need to be “less serious” in general as well, so I have the same difficulty. My fear of looking silly runs deep, and I find that I try to “reclaim control” over silly situations by posting about them later in my own (carefully chosen) words. Seriousness must be re-established at all costs. 🙂

    Your musings today have given me much food for thought. Maybe I need to go out and play today, whatever that means or ends up looking like?

  4. Corina says:

    By the time we are adults, we have left our inner child behind. In fact, we sometimes forget completely about that inner child and that’s when we lose the ability to be our true selves in public. We begin to be the sensible, logical adult and we become reserved in public (and most often, in private, too).

    It’s always wonderful when an adult lets that inner child back into their life. That’s when we open up a bit and have fun and when we can be at our best true self.

    • Robin says:

      So true, Corina. One of the wonderful things about having grandchildren is that I am relearning how to play. It’s hard to remain a serious, stuffy old adult when the girls are giggling. 🙂

  5. That first shot is breathtaking – you can just feel the chill…and such sound. Birds on the wind is nice play also. Good job

  6. Brian says:

    The second ice shot looks like a foot. 🙂

  7. ceceliafutch says:

    Lovely photos. Lovely post. Enjoy.

  8. CMSmith says:

    Your header is very cool. And I love what you did with the bird on the suet. Thanks for taking a chance on us.

  9. Kala says:

    Gorgeous wintry images, Robin!

  10. Kel says:

    so glad you conquered the fear and posted your small stones online
    it’s great to have a playmate 🙂

    • Robin says:

      It’s great to join you, Kel. I’ve been admiring your playfulness for years. 🙂

      I may be dipping into some more play very soon. Just for the fun of it.

  11. dragonfae says:

    I also think the second ice picture looks like a foot. 😆

    And Happy Birthday to M! 🙂

  12. ladyfi says:

    Amazing shots – the ice does look like a foot. And that bird on a wing shot – magical!

  13. TBM says:

    Great photos and tell M happy bday since I know he won’t see this comment.

  14. Kathy says:

    Black walnuts, mmmm! Happy Birthday M the elder! I like how you called him “my love”. I like that you’re allowing life to move you outside your comfort zone. What a trip that is when we let life play through us! (And how tempting sometimes to want to hide under a barrel afterward: did I say that? did i do that?)

    • Robin says:

      LOL, Kathy!! Your parenthetical statement at the end is so spot on. I’ve been posting those small stones every day for 18 days and I am still tempted to hide under a barrel. lol!!

      Have passed on your happy birthday to M. 🙂

  15. Happy belated birthday to M.!
    Your photos look beautifully cold… and that second one does look like a foot! 🙂

  16. eof737 says:

    The feet of ice are amazing! 😉

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