Winter warm-up

Watching the snow melt

It is a beautiful, sunny, warm day here in the Bogs.  The cats have been following the sunshine around the house, immersing themselves in the warmth and the light.  I’ve been doing some sun worshiping, too.

Yesterday's sunset

The snow is melting and it’s a mushy mess outside.  It’s going to get windy and colder tomorrow, but the temps will still be above freezing.  This is the mildest winter we’ve had in a long time.

It’s resolution time.  I know most folks make their resolutions on January 1st, but I was not feeling well at the time so I decided to wait.  Along with Letting Go, there are a few other things I’d like to accomplish this year.

One of those goals is something that ends up on the list every year.  I nudge a little closer every year.  This year I’d like to make like the goddess Nike and Just Do It.

It is time for me to drop down to my goal weight.  I’ve been fussing with this for too long, with a few too many ups and downs.  Yo-yo’ing does not do a body good.  Plus I’m tired of this same resolution year after year.  It’s time to put it to rest.

Patterns on the pond

I’ll continue to take it easy this weekend to make sure I’m fully recovered, and get a fresh start on Monday.  I intend to ease back into my exercise routine.  I’m looking forward to it.  My body likes to be in motion, and responds well to exercise and healthful foods.

That’s it from the Bogs for today.  Nothing much going on, to tell you the truth.  I’m going to head out to the porch in a little while to watch the sunset.  Care to join me?

The place to start harnessing your power to determine your destiny, to achieve any intention as well as lasting fulfillment, is your own mind.

~ Rod Stryker

Letting Go:  Of excess weight.

46 Comments on “Winter warm-up”

  1. Hallysann says:

    Thanks for the invite, I’d love to join you on the porch. 🙂
    I went out in search of a bit of sun today here too. 😀

  2. Marianne says:

    I went out to search for sunshine today as well, however, it’s mostly overcast so I’m sure I didn’t receive my days supply of vitamin D.

    All the best with your ‘letting go’ program, Robin.

  3. Robin, these photos are glorious!

  4. We don’t see brilliant sunsets (or woods,ponds,snow, ice or open space) like that here at our house, so it’s a delight that you share them with us…thank you : )

  5. cidnlars says:

    Love the warmth in the pics! Your cat looks so cozy and content with the sun shining through on him. Beautiful.

  6. It’s been warm in central Ohio this winter too- you have more snow than we do here!

    • Robin says:

      It was temporary, Tracy, but we usually do have more snow than you do in central Ohio. We usually have a good foundation of snow by this time from which the rest of the winter will build.

  7. Chloe says:

    thats a very warm sunset for winter time! lovely shots, the cat one is very cute

  8. I love watching the cats move about the room in tune with the sunlight.

  9. Dana says:

    I happened to come across a journal of mine from about 15 years ago. Reading my “diet and exercise goals” felt like I had just written them yesterday. Kind of depressing, but– like you– I’m ready to just do this and take it off my To Do list forever. A toast to our health! 🙂

  10. I’d love to sit and chat… but, like you, I make myself get out and get some exercise.. I think you’ll do famously with your goal this year! I will try to keep up with you;)

  11. lynnekovan says:

    Yes please, I’ll join you in the sunshine. I have also joined you on the weight loss resolution. Feels much better once you get started. How come raw carrots taste so good!!

    • Robin says:

      Raw carrots are awesome, Lynne. It’s amazing how great those veggies and fruits taste once you start making them a big part of your diet.

      Glad to have your company on this journey. 🙂

  12. I highly recommend the Toddler Diet…
    You chase a 2 year old around all day, and you’re too exhausted to eat much by dinner time. I’ve lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks!
    Of course, it may be due to the fact that I’m down to a single glass of wine with dinner, too… 🙂
    Love the kitty picture!

    • Robin says:

      lol, Marie! Alcohol does tend to add “empty” calories, but I’m guessing you are really appreciating that single glass of wine with dinner and that makes it all the more potent in many ways, including healthful ways. 🙂

  13. 7978moments says:

    they are warm and lovely

  14. ladyfi says:

    Oh, what lovely golden light!

  15. milkayphoto says:

    Good luck on your fitness goals! A little over a year ago, I was where you are. Finally, I did “just do it” starting off small then building, concentrating more on the journey then the goal itself. Here I am, just shy of the one year anniversary (that will be Feb 7th) very pleased with my progress. I didn’t diet, just added in fitness and the rest fell into place. That fact in itself totally stuns me as, in the past, it was all about deprivation and only when I let that go, my body responded in ways I didn’t think were attainable. Thank you for turning my on to Cathe Friedrich…she is amazing!

    So, yes, ease into things and I hope you reach your goals!

    • Robin says:

      I remember when you started, Tracy, and then had that small (heh) problem of a broken foot. Yet you kept going. Very inspiring. I often think of you when I’m struggling with Clarence the Clunker (my elliptical that tends to clunk occasionally).

      Cathe is awesome. And her Muscle Max workout will probably be the death of me. lol!

  16. Good luck with your upcoming fitness journey Robin! Just think how great you’ll feel in a couple months. I know I always dread starting a new workout routine, but I love the feeling I get once my body has been at it for a while.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Wendy. 🙂

      My body loves exercise and never dreads a new workout routine. The problem is my mind. My mind is lazy. My mind wants to lie in bed, sit at the computer, curl up on the sofa with a good book, and watch trash TV. I have decided to give up on mind over matter and let matter take its course. My body likes to move and I’m gonna let it move. The mind will just have to follow along.

  17. Thanks for sharing your porch. Nice job with that first picture: the cat fur looks warm and furry – such texture and light.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, PhilosopherMouse. 🙂

      The cat (Bella) asked me to pass on her thanks. She is quite proud of her fur and spends a goodly amount of time grooming.

  18. boatacrosstheriver says:

    happy new year robin!

  19. Love the sunset photos, such beautiful color saturation. As for the health resolutions, ditto!!!

  20. cfbookchick says:

    Since I am such a fan of the feline variety, I do sincerely love the photo of your pussycat!

  21. Like most cats, Bella seems to be solar-powered, and looks so serene soaking up her spot of sunshine. Your sunsets are striking, and your photos, as always, vivid and inspiring…

    We’re having an unusually mild winter, too. Cheering you on with the exercise – it’s also time for me to venture into the cold basement and get on that treadmill once again…

  22. Karma says:

    Love your kitty in the sun. I’ve seen similar scenes in my house, and have been known to join the cat in the sunbeam, wherever it may lie. Best of wishes with your resolutions; I didn’t make any this year because I’m really bad at keeping them!

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Karma. 🙂

      I’m not always good at keeping my resolutions, either. Hence the need to make this same one year after year after year….

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