Moonlight on Lake Erie

Moonlight on the lake

I still haven’t gotten the hang of night photography.  I’ve read plenty of tips and advice on the matter, and while I hesitate to blame the camera, I suspect that might be part of the problem.  I used a tripod, lowered the ISO, and tried a variety of settings.  It was an extremely windy night so some blurring was unavoidable.

Cleveland skyline at night

I played with the white balance setting too.

Ah well.  It’s worth practicing.  Someday I’ll have the camera on my wish list, and the practice will pay off.  I hope.

I also promised you a look at A Christmas Story House.  I’m afraid these shots were not much better.  It was that time of the evening when a tripod would have come in handy, but I didn’t lug it with me to Tremont.

So I did the only reasonable thing to do:  Photoshopped ’em.

See the leg lamp in the window?  (If you’re familiar with the movie, you probably noticed it right away.)  A few other houses in the neighborhood have leg lamps, too.  One was attached to the outside of the house.  Now that’s getting into the spirit of things.

M and I are planning to go back up to tour the house and to see the Christmas lights.  They have a Lolly the Trolley tour on weekends beginning December 2nd.

Back to the Twinsburg Ledges Park

That’s it from Cleveland.  I’ve been sorting through some of the photos from the Twinsburg Ledges Park and hope to bring you some more of those tomorrow.  And if the sun should happen to visit us in the Bogs, I may update you on how things are progressing around the pond here at Breezy Acres.

It is so gray and windy and wet out there right now.  I’d probably sink into the mud and disappear.  I’ve been taking my walks out on the road.  The camera has been staying at home because I wanted to sort through all the photos I’ve taken from the past month or so.

Thanks for dropping by!  Wear your boots tomorrow.  You’ll need them if we’re going to take a quick walk around the pond to see what’s happening out there.


49 Comments on “Moonlight on Lake Erie”

  1. totsymae1011 says:

    Well, the photos looks nice to me. My favorites are the houses because of the character in the neighborhood.

  2. dragonfae says:

    I love moonlight on water. 😀

  3. bearyweather says:

    I don’t think that learning about your camera and what it can do ever stops. And that is great because along the way you get some fun, interesting, unique and beautiful shots. The moonlight on the water is very nice .. calming .. reminds me of a painting.

  4. cwithnueyes says:

    I like the effect you have gotten on the first moonlight picture. Very nice

  5. the woods are so marvelous at this time of year, aren’t they?

  6. CMSmith says:

    Don’t be discouraged. Your night photos are good. And moonlight on the lake is awesome.

  7. skip704 says:

    I feel the same way about night shots. There is a lot to learn. You’ve done well though, and I love your pictures from the Ledges.

  8. Actually has a nice eerie look about it! I think you did great!

  9. I think you did well with the night shots. One thing, though, you RAISE the ISO (higher ISO number lets more light in)
    “A Christmas Story” is hubby’s favorite Christmas movie! I had no idea about the house/museum. I’ll have to send him the link. I have a feeling there will be a Cleveland stop during one of our vacations in the next couple of years 😉

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Michaela. 🙂

      Last time I tried night shots, another photographer suggested I lower the ISO. Now I’m confuzzled… lol!

      If you do get to Cleveland, let me know. Perhaps we can meet.

  10. Oh, and btw. I used to live in Indiana, near Hammond. Pretty sure I drove past that school before.

  11. I too think the moonlight photos are great, so, so much better than I can do at night. And I love the photos of all the fallen leaves, as well. I guess winter is nearly upon us–though it sure doesn’t feel like it here. It’s been so warm.

    I’ll wear my boots tomorrow!


  12. The night city shots look good, Robin. I’ve not mastered night photography–one day when I take lessons . . . The Christmas Story is one of our favorites. Guess it’s time to take it out along with It’s A Good Life. Thanks for warning us to wear our boots! (love it)

  13. Robin, night photography is tricky, but I think you did a great job here. I like them!

  14. jenna says:

    I can’t get up! Ralphie! I can’t get up.

    • Robin says:

      lol, J!

      Oh my god, I shot my eye out! (Did I ever tell you what the LB gave the LM as a thank you present just before his wedding? Yep. A Red Ryder air rifle.)

  15. afrankangle says:

    Although a path in the woods during the fall always stimulates many thoughts, the opening pic is awesome! Very mystical … and in an inspiring way.

  16. Kala says:

    I like the blue tones in the moonlight on the lake image.

  17. eof737 says:

    Your nighttime photos looked quite good to me… But I understand.
    Leg lamp? I’ve never seen one! 🙂

  18. TBM says:

    I love the photos. I’m also trying to improve my nighttime photos. So frustrating! I guess practice will be in both our futures.

  19. Your 1st and 4th photos here are especially nice!! The first one looks like a painting, and I love the reflection and lighting in the fourth one! A Christmas Story is a tradition in our house, every year when they play it non-stop for 24 hours, we pretty much just keep it on in the background, and watch parts of it here and there when we get a chance.

  20. penpusherpen says:

    Boots standing by ready, Robin, and I’ll be sitting on the Handy Bench you’ve got as your header… (feeling a bit ‘puffed’ at the mo….been catching up… ) … after a few runs up and down the paths in the woods I’ll feel like a new woman.. (sort of!!) xPenx

  21. Your lead photo is so serene and lovely. Your long view of the city though shows you were too far away or not zoomed in enough to eliminate the very bright building (stadium?) on the left side which probably through off your camera’s meter reading. You need to fill more of the frame with the buildings and lighting for a better shot at the cityscape.

  22. Joni Beach says:

    Interesting photos…and so good to have you visit & “like” one of my post!

  23. Your photos look fine to me 🙂 I can’t do nighttime photography at all!

  24. Karma says:

    The Christmas Story house is neat! My kids love that movie and my husband is always saying he’s going to get one of those leg lamps!

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