Sunday signage

Historical marker near Three Mile Island

One of the stops we made during our visit with family in Pennsylvania was a place just across from Three Mile Island.  It used to be a viewing area, but has now been changed to a training facility.  It was a Sunday, there were no signs or people directing us to stay away, so I walked near the road and took a few photos.  I was surprised to find a historical marker.  It just doesn’t seem like the type of thing that usually ends up on an historical marker.

A close-up in case you couldn't read the sign in the first photo.

On March 28, 1979, my oldest son and I (along with my parents) were a few miles downriver from Three Mile Island visiting with my mother-in-law, Jane.  It wasn’t until later in the day when we had returned to my parents’ home in New Jersey that we first heard about the accident, a partial meltdown of the reactor core.

Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station (also known as TMI, an acronym most associate with Too Much Information these days, but every time I see it I think, “Three Mile Island”) is located just south of Harrisburg (the capitol of Pennsylvania) on Three Mile Island in the Susquehanna River.

We have driven past TMI many times on our trips to visit with family in Pennsylvania.  Occasionally I stop to take photos, fascinated with the size of the towers and radiation in general.  I grew up watching old sci-fi movies that involved radiation and the resulting creatures that developed from a release of radiation, movies such as Them! and Attack of the Giant Leeches.  (To read more about sci-fi movies from the Atomic Age, visit Radiation Cinema!)

Also during my childhood I participated in the required nuclear air raid drills.  I don’t think the “duck and cover” (huddle under your desk) we were taught would have been very effective in the event of a nuclear bombing, but I guess it made some folks feel better to know that something, anything, was being done.

Keeping an eye on things

Switching Gears

It is an amazingly beautiful autumn day here in the Bogs.  M and I thought about taking a trip up to the Holden Arboretum, but M the Younger is staying with us this weekend and we didn’t want to abandon him.  He hasn’t been to the arboretum and neither has his wife so he would prefer to wait until Merdi can go with us (rather than go without her).  Merdi, by the way, is visiting with family in Chicago this weekend, having gone with her grandmother and aunt.  A girls’ outing, so to speak.


Instead of going to the arboretum, M the Elder and M the Younger are doing some more outdoor winter preparations.  Bo (M the Younger’s dog) and I went for a walk around the pond and back to the woods.  I enjoyed Bo’s company very much, even when he managed to get his long lead tangled in some vines forcing me to wade through water to rescue him.

One of the things I enjoyed most about Bo was the way he went bounding through the carpet of fallen leaves.  He looked so joyful, as if it was his first time experiencing leaves on the ground.  He would bound (it truly is the best word for it) into a pile of leaves, than dance and prance, making the leaves fly up.  When we got back into the woods where it was raining leaves, Bo would leap around trying to catch the leaves before they hit the ground.

A tree posing

Bo was also my yoga partner this morning.  He was lying on the living room floor in the dog version of corpse pose.  When I walked into the room he got up, doing a downward facing dog stretch.  With all those reminders, I decided to join him.  I did about ten minutes of yoga with Bo, which was less than the usual amount of time I spend on the mat, but it’s Sunday, the weather is fine, and ten minutes is good enough for a day like today.

Today's view of the pond

That’s about it from the Bogs for today.  Thank you so much for dropping by and joining me on this beautiful fall day.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some photos from the woods.  The light and colors were wonderful.  I would have brought you some of the photos today, but I want to spend some more time outdoors while the weather is so fine.  🙂

15 Comments on “Sunday signage”

  1. MadilynQuinn says:

    Beautiful pictures. Cute dog! I’ve always been interested in radiation, the cause and effect. I wish I could go see a reactor. I don’t think there are any within driving distance of me, though.

  2. Marcie says:

    Ominous pix of three mile island and the sign. Makes you think…
    And – I love the image of the sweet pup!

  3. Bo Mackison says:

    I drive by Point Beach – a nuclear reactor on the shores of Lake Michigan – and used to think about 3 Mile Island all the time. Then those things kind of hide in the background until there is another problem.
    Sweet dog, great name! LOL

  4. Living in PA at the time of Three Mile Island, I remember what a big deal it was, even though I was still a kid. Scarey connection you have to it!

    The pond looks lovely today, Robin. Hope you’ve had a great weekend.


  5. carlaat says:

    I remember Three Mile Island – I collected clippings for a current events project in sixth grade. I remember that it was hard for me to understand what had happened in my little sixth grade head.

    It’s strange to me to see the historical marker too – I don’t think of markers like that for events in my lifetime!

    Thanks for the photos, both of TMI and of the bogs . . . 🙂

  6. Dana says:

    I hear dogs are the best inspiration for yoga– they make those downward poses look so natural! 😉

    Once again, beautiful pics. I don’t even know where the closest nuclear reactor is to where I live… hopefully far, far away.

  7. dragonfae says:

    I agree that it is odd to have a marker for such a nasty incident.

    Bo is adorable! What breed is he? I’m assuming he’s a fairly young guy? Our Cindy used to play with plants and such like that when she was (much) younger. 😉

  8. Kala says:

    Love the image of the autumn leaves with the wonderful light shining upon them.

  9. When I was a child driving through North Arkansas to visit the grandparents, we would pass the nuclear plant at Batesville (I think). My younger brother called it the “cloud machine” because of the steam that rose from the towers. I’ve always thought they were cool…

    Looks like you had a beautiful Sunday!

  10. ladyfi says:

    It’s amazing that we still have nuclear power. The pics look amazing and very very scary.

    Love that dog pic.

  11. We have a nuclear power plant about nine miles from here, Millstone. It makes me nervous when I stop and think about it. Wish we could replace them all with solar, wind and water energy. Bo sounds like a fun companion to do yoga and chase leaves with, full of boundless energy and joy. 🙂 Love the photo of the tree posing…

  12. sherri says:

    i was still in ohio when this happened. now, i love closer to one of these than i did then. awful thing.

  13. ElizOF says:

    Bo looks like an energetic happy dog. He was good company I suspect…As always, gorgeous photos.:-)

  14. Robin says:

    Thank you so much everyone. I’m glad you enjoyed the walk with Bo and me. 🙂

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