View of the pond from last Thursday

It occurs to me as I prepare these scheduled posts that life and color around the pond are likely to look very different when we return home from our travels.  Wind and rain will probably take the leaves from the trees and use them to carpet the pond and the ground.  Cooler temperatures will change the greens to warmer browns, yellows, and oranges.  We might even miss the first snowflakes of the season.

What changes have you seen in your landscape lately?

26 Comments on “Changes”

  1. Gosh, having lived the last two winters in Vietnam and Haiti, I’m looking forward to my first snow this season. Take care, my friend.

  2. You are probably seeing NJ’s foliage right now. If you are in North Jersey, you’ll see color. We have some . . . but not a peak yet. Have a good trip!

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Teresita. We did see a little color while in NJ, but not much. We were in south Jersey (about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia).

  3. afrankangle says:

    I always like pics with reflections. Thanks for the extra beauty! Hope all is going well ( all considering).

  4. jane tims says:

    Hi. The scenes may change, but the ‘bones’ remain the same. I love the reflections on the pond. Jane

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Jane. That’s so true. One of the things I like about late autumn and winter is being able to see the “bones” of the trees and landscape.

  5. Marianne says:

    View from the pond is absolutely stunning, Robin.

    The changes in our landscape is that a lot of the leaves have left the trees. I don’t want to think about winter though.

  6. dragonfae says:

    Robin, nothing changes here in Southern California. We don’t get a real fall or winter, just a long spring with a few months of summer. 🙄

    • Robin says:

      There are some years when I wouldn’t mind living in a no-change area, DragonFae. Or at least I think I wouldn’t mind. Chances are pretty good I’d miss the seasonal variety.

  7. The leaves are changing slowly…and the wind has been brutal the last two days, bringing many of them down before they have a chance….I love your photos – they’re giving me a colorful fall, even if there won’t be one outside my window this year.

    Safe travels!

  8. grannydog says:

    My fondest memories of days gone by are walks through the woods during Fall, you’ve sparked those memories for me today! Thank you!

    By the way, I have nominated you for an award:

  9. Pat Bean says:

    So glad to see your pond, even when you’re not there. Thanks

  10. WOW! The reflection in the first and the colors in the second (and first) are amazing!
    Changes in our landscape? We’ve gotten a little bit of rain recently… not enough to even put a dent in the drought, but enough to make the grass look a little greener again, and not like straw.

  11. Christine Grote says:

    I thought of you today when I was walking in the woods beside a lake. Beautiful photos, as always.

  12. Chloe [Photographer] says:

    gorgeous photo

  13. ElizOF says:

    We’ve had mixed weather here; a spot of rain, high winds, sun and chilly weather … I suppose it is typical of this time of the year… the rains I don’t like as they are particularly cold… How are you doing? Hope all is well. I love the peacefulness of these photos. 😉

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth. 🙂

      The weather has been a bit of a mix here, too. It will probably continue that way for another week or two before settling in.

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