It’s a good year for fungi

They say we’ll see the sun again tomorrow.  They also say this has been one of the rainiest years on record.  I’m not sure about the first statement, but I do think the second must be right.  What is normally our dry season is almost a monsoon season this year.

There are all sorts of interesting growths popping up in the lawn and under the trees.  The giant mushroom continues to turn upwards like an umbrella that has been turned inside out by the wind.

The layers in the above mushrooms remind me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water.  What do you think?  Too much of a stretch?

We have been experiencing a slow, misty rain today.  From indoors, it almost looks like a light snowfall.


I was watching the local news at noon today.  A lot of it isn’t local, and I’m sure it’s all gathered off the same news feeds used by most of the media.  It seems like it doesn’t matter which channel you watch, the talking points and stories are the same.  They are almost worded the same in most cases.

I don’t watch, read, or listen to the news every day.  I like to take frequent breaks.  Breaks are good for my health (and sanity).

Out on a limb

As I half-watched, half-listened to the news this afternoon, it occurred to me that I might not be a nice person.  I don’t care about the trials of the doctor accused of murdering Michael Jackson or Amanda Knox in Italy.  I don’t care about the royals of England.  I don’t care about the latest tweets on Twitter.  I have a Twitter account.  If I wanted to know what’s happening there, I’d go see for myself.  I don’t care about the latest video that has gone viral on YouTube.  I am 99.99% positive someone will email me with a link to it, or post it on Facebook or on their blog.

It’s not that I don’t care about any of the people in the way one would generally wish others well.  It’s that I am not interested.  There are so many other things happening in the world that seem much more important, yet the network is interrupting programming with a special report (“of breaking news”) with live coverage of the courtroom in Italy where the verdict regarding Amanda Knox is now being read.  I feel for the people involved.  I truly do.

But is it a big story in the grand scheme of things?  Is it something I need to know about it?  In this time of instant media, it seems the gossipy stories get the most coverage.  I’d rather hear about what has been happening in Japan since the tsunami.  How are things going with the rebuilding in Haiti?  What happened on the interstate nearby that had traffic sitting still for 4 hours?  Anything new going on in the community in which I live?

Now you know why it is best I don’t watch or listen to the news on most days.  It makes me whine.  There are some good sources out there.  Television doesn’t appear to be one of them.

Yoga has been going very well.  I am amazed at how quickly my body will bounce back to previous levels of fitness if I don’t wait too long to get back to a regular fitness routine.

The early results of the daily practice are as I’d hoped.  Yoga makes me more body conscious.  Being more body conscious helps me take better care of myself.  I am eating better foods.  I am exercising more.  I am very happy with my decision to commit to yoga rather than some of the other things I considered.

I guess that’s about it from the Bogs for today.  Thanks for joining me on my daily walk and musings.  🙂

30 Comments on “It’s a good year for fungi”

  1. Karma says:

    Interesting musings today. I agree with what you say about the news – that gossipy stuff really doesn’t need to be reported as breaking news, or really at all, as far as I am concerned.
    Thanks for helping me feel more motivated to start capturing autumn color too! There isn’t too much of it around here yet though. I’d like to make a commitment to being more physically fit myself – but I just feel like “life” gets in the way! I take weekly dance classes – any recommendations for videos or something like that for a beginner to try yoga?

    • Robin says:

      I know what you mean, Karma. It’s difficult to fit in exercise when life keeps us busy and occupied with other things.

      The best beginning DVD I’ve tried is Yoga Conditioning For Weight Loss, even if you don’t need to lose weight. The flow is slow enough to be able to learn each pose, and it’s not a difficult workout. It is, however, about 50 minutes in length. Rodney Yee’s AM Yoga For Your Week is also a good one. There are five 20-minute routines.

  2. bearyweather says:

    Wow, look at all the fall colors in that last picture of yours … amazing.

    I stopped watching the news years ago … I do not even have a tv connection(no satellite, no cable) .. just a tv, a cabinet full of movies and the ability to stream shows on my computer. The news stressed me out too much. And, like you, I was not interested in what they felt was important to tell me. I was also tired of news people explaining and putting their own twists on things like speeches. I am capable of thinking and forming my own opinions, I don’t care what they think. …. My local public radio station where everyday people volunteer their time and come in to talk about things that are happening right here is enough for me. World news will reach me via the internet without all the junk that goes with it on tv.

    I have been meaning to try yoga … after being sick and inactive for almost 3 months, I am finding it difficult to get moving again and everything hurts … but, our lovely warm fall weather helps me get out.

    Thanks for sharing your walking thoughts …. I can relate.

  3. a lovely walk today. No news here, I don’t need to know what is going on in the lives of people I don’t know and often don’t care to know. We had our satellite disconnected so no TV at all until we decide otherwise, if ever. there is beauty all around to see, to capture, to share. thank you for sharing the beauty all around you. A leaf on your pond, fungi growing under trees – now that is news worth sharing.

  4. carlaat says:

    Yet more beautiful photos – I see the Falling Water in your mushrooms too, and I love the last photo of fall color. I’m in full agreement about the news. I can barely stand it when I can’t get away from it at an airport gate waiting for a flight. Thanks as always for your news from the bogs – that I can get behind!

  5. I agree with you on your philosophy about tv. I dont care much either for it.

    And I think your commitment to yoga is great! I remember when you started! As usual your photo’s are beautiful and Ill trade you sun for rain 😉

  6. ElizOF says:

    You are not alone on the news… I stay away from much of it and select what I wish to read on the internet… It does get tiring with the focus on the downers. Anyway, the mushrooms look amazing and, yes, Falling Waters is a great look alike for that layered mushroom… 🙂

  7. Chloe [Photographer] says:

    your photographs are delightfully stunning

  8. It’s tough to disconnect when you’re married to a newshound…I’ve declared the 7 o’clock hour as a ‘news-free zone’…If the tv must be on, it goes to the Western channel for ‘Gunsmoke’. Much healthier to spend an hour with Matt and Miss Kitty than Micheal Jackson’s doctor or whatever starlet showed her underwear today…

    I sound old, don’t I? 🙂

    • Robin says:

      lol, Marie! I was thinking the same thing about myself after I wrote this post. I’m going to make myself sound really old by saying (writing) that I prefer the type of news we used to get, when reporters actually went out and researched a story.

      Yep. I’m old. 😀

  9. Oh, Robin, you ARE quite a nice person, just someone who doesn’t care a lot for triviality. And that’s a good thing! Really these trials are way, way over-covered in the news. We don’t hear nearly enough about the famine in Africa these days. It’s sad.

    About the mushrooms–maybe it’s been done–but why don’t you consider doing a book of fungi photos. I would buy it in a minute. I’m so intrigued by the photos you’ve taken so far.

    Great post, Robin!


  10. That sunflower looks so sad…. but I’m loving all that green grass (forgot what that looks like!) and all your beautiful fall colors!
    I can’t remember the last time I watched the news. I usually don’t watch TV during the day, and I don’t have the energy to stay awake for the 10pm news.

  11. Since we live near Atlantic City, the front page is loaded with Donald Trump, local politicians, and Donald Trump–so we stopped buying the newspaper. We now look online when we want to see real news.

    That last photo–that’s a big WOW with color. Would like to see Seurat or Manet paint that one!

  12. Christine Grote says:

    I really admire how you make a commitment and stick with it.

    I know what you mean about the news. It’s consumer driven. And that’s very sad.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Christine. I’m not always so good at keeping my commitments (especially those I make to myself). Blogging helps. It keeps me accountable.

  13. Fantastic photographs of the autumn season! I’ve seen more mushrooms than normal as well- weeks of rainy weather will do that I guess. Glad that seems to be ending!

  14. Derrick says:

    There’s a fungus among us!! LOL. Great shots, I like the lake view, fourth up from the bottom of this series. It’s so relaxing and the colors are just *right*. Great capture.

  15. Hallysann says:

    Lovely colours, just dropped by to catch up a little, see you again soon. 😀

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