The party went well.  I am fairly certain a good time was had by all.  Everyone looked happy.  That’s usually a good sign.

Apricot Torte from the West Side Market. Thanks, C & J!

We had plenty of food.  I’m going to have to take up jogging, especially after all the desserts.  Rumor has it that if you indulge with friends while having a great time, the calories don’t count.  It’s possible I won’t need to jog after all.

I have a tip for the photographers out there who are interested in portraiture.  Get a princess wand filled with bubble solution, and have someone blow bubbles around the person or people you want to photograph.  You won’t have to wait long for the smiles and looks of pure joy.

I can’t show you all the smiling, joyful people because I don’t post photos of friends or family without their permission, and I did hear more than once “not on the blog!”  You’ll just have to take my word for it, and enjoy the bubbles instead.  Maybe they will make you smile, too.

We have what my daughter-in-law calls good party karma.  The weather, which was if-y in terms of the possibility of rain, was wonderful.  Warm and mostly sunny.  We could not have asked for a better day.

Colors altered in Picnik.

Can you tell I enjoyed the bubbles as much as everyone else?

Capturing a reflection

After our friends (those who stayed the night) left this morning, I went out for a walk around the pond.  It was a lovely morning.  Magical.  There were quite a few monarch butterflies fluttering around the flowers.

They looked brand new, as if they had just emerged from the chrysalis.  It’s possible they did.  These are probably the fourth generation of this season’s monarchs.  They will be migrating soon.

For more information about the monarch butterfly, visit the Monarch Butterfly Site.  They are pretty fascinating creatures.

Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.

~ Rabindranath Tagore

Today's view of the pond.

After my walk, M suggested we go for a bike ride.  To be honest, I didn’t want to go.  I’m tired today.  Tired in a good way.  I just wanted to relax.  But I decided going was the better choice.  We’re hoping to take a long (for us) bike ride in mid October.  I need to get in shape for it.

"Butterflies are self propelled flowers." R. H. Heinlein

I am so glad I went.  It was fun, the scenery and weather were lovely, and the exercise did me a world of good.  Now I can really relax, the way you do after a job well done.

Dark clouds are moving in as I type.  I can hear thunder off in the distance.  It looks like there are a few rain showers popping up on the radar.

Today's view of the woods.

Although the first day of autumn was Friday, today feels more like the end of summer to me.

The change seems more palpable, even on this warm day.

We still have a few more weeks to enjoy the swim platform, and pedal or row around the pond.  Then it will be time to bring them all in for the winter.


I am going into the third week of The Artist’s Way.  I missed a few days of morning pages due to party preparations.  Since this is a no pressure, have fun with it, last attempt at The Artist’s Way, I’m okay with missing days when I have to.  My artist’s date was a trip to a local discount store where I pondered seasonal decorations.  In the end I didn’t buy anything because I am trying to get rid of stuff, not add to it.  But it was fun to look.

That’s about it from the Bogs for today.  I hope your weekend was as fun and joyful and bubbly as mine.  😀

46 Comments on “Bubbly”

  1. Bo Mackison says:

    These are really great photos, Robin. I love that you have a bubble that looks like the world, plus I love every bubble photo and your swimming deck and the butterflies and…wow, they were all great!!!

  2. Kel says:

    great portrait photo tip re the bubbles
    and the reflection you captured in that little bubble is gobsmackingly gorgeous

    i reckon sitting on that swim platform would be a cool spot in summer
    but simply seeing it is a thing of beauty

  3. I love all your pictures, they certainly prove that it was a wonderful party! I think I need to jog a couple of miles just from LOOKING at that apricot torte!!
    The second monarch picture is AMAZING!

  4. cismonok says:

    Wonderful. Thanks! 😉

  5. Love the bubble photos. Gorgeous! I especially like the 3rd one; it feels like magic to me. And the rest are also wonderful Thanks so much for sharing and glad you had a great time!:)

  6. I DID smile as soon as I saw the bubbles – I can imagine all those happy faces at the party! Your photos are getting more and more artistic, not just beautiful subject matter, but your composition and editing are wonderful!! 🙂

  7. The cake looks yummy and those bubbles are awesome, I believe the smiles!!! Great butterflies. I thought of you as I took my boys out for a nature walk and took photos. I have owned the Artists Way for many years and never got to follow it all the way, I wish you the best with it!!! ;))))

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Martina. 🙂

      I’ve owned The Artist’s Way for many years too. And never followed it all the way. I usually quit after the first week or two. I decided this would be my last attempt. No matter how far I get, the book will be donated when I finish. I’m on week 3 so I’m doing better than I have at past attempts. Maybe I’m finally ready for it.

  8. Wow, Robin, those bubble photos are brilliant–especially the one that reflects an image! Who would have imagined they could be so magical? Clearly the “Artists’ Way” is serving you well! Hope you have a great week!

  9. penpusherpen says:

    I like the thought that cake and desserts eaten with friends doesn’t count calorie wise.Robin, makes so much sense somehow.. 😀 … and I truly love the bubbles, they’re joy filled photo’s full of smiles and laughter, as you’re imagining the people with eyes alight, sparkling bright.
    I think our forecast here is for sunshine and more sunshine, Autumn will more than likely be better than our Summer, but I just love whatever comes.. .have a great week…. xPenx

  10. Kala says:

    Love the cake. Love the bubbles. Love the butterflies!

  11. Kathy says:

    That sounds like such a fun party! Bubbles, butterfly, pond, cake…life doesn’t get much better, does it?

  12. Is there anything more purely joyful than blowing bubbles? If pixie dust was real, this is what it would feel like…

    Beautiful shots.

  13. tedgriffith says:

    Looks like you were at a B&B (bubbles and butterflys!). Sounds like a lot of fun, and thanks for the tip about bubbles and portraits. Could be very handy with little kids! 🙂

  14. Karma says:

    Love the bubbles! and what a fantastic idea! I will have to see if it works on teenagers. Your cake looks very inviting too.

  15. ceceliafutch says:

    Love the bubbles! All the photos are magnificent. Thanks for sharing.

  16. CMSmith says:

    That cake looks awesome. And your bubble photos are fantastic. I don’t know how you do it.

  17. Judith says:

    You are a gifted photographer Robin. I am going to start spreading the rumour – that if you indulge with friends while having a great time, the calories don’t count. 🙂

  18. milkayphoto says:

    LOVE the bubbles! So fun and they made me smile today!

    I pretended my greek yogurt was cake… 😉

  19. ElizOF says:

    Your pictures are food for the eyes… The cakes looks so delicious and made me quite hungry 🙂

  20. dragonfae says:

    Bubbles and Monarch butterflies are two of my favorite things! Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

  21. Hallysann says:

    I enjoyed the bubbles.:-) thanks.
    And as for the rumour about no calories in food indulged in with friends, well, I’m sure I’ve heard it before too. 😀

  22. hugmamma says:

    you are indeed a wonderful photographer, who captures the moment fantastically… 🙂

  23. frizztext says:

    thanks for sharing! good bubbles karma!

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