358: Something you don’t see everyday

We woke up this morning to the sound of a hot air balloon overhead.  The Ravenna Balloon A-Fair is this weekend so I suspect we will have quite a bit of balloon traffic over the next day or two.  It’s too bad they don’t have a hot air balloon race as part of the festivities.  A race would have fit right in with Scott’s latest assignment which is Competition.  The assignment is due on September 28th so there’s plenty of time to find something suitable.

We do see hot air balloons around here quite frequently.  What we don’t see on a regular basis is a hot air balloon landing in the neighbor’s yard.

And while the neighbors are used to seeing me out and about with my camera, they don’t often see me out and about in my jammies.

That is why the quality of these photos is not particularly good.  I decided it was best to stay on the front porch.  Not that my jammies are shocking or revealing in any way.

I just don’t feel comfortable running around the neighborhood in my penguin PJ’s and slippers.

It was interesting to watch as they deflated the balloon.  Seeing it just behind a house really gives you an idea of the size of the balloon.  I know the house appears small, but it’s not.  It’s a good size house.

I’ve had to schedule this post for today.  I’m taking my bicycle back to the bike shop for another repair.  Well, same repair actually.  The gear skips when I have it in third gear.  If it wasn’t one I used often, I might let it go.  But it’s the gear I use most.

After the bike is fixed, I’m going on a bike ride.  I’m not sure where just yet.  I’m also not sure if I’ll take the camera along.  It might be nice to go for a ride and just… ride.

I originally planned to go to a local state park today for my artist’s date.  But with the bike situation, I might make the ride my artist’s date.  That’s one of the reasons I’m considering leaving the camera at home.  To do something different.

There are several festivals going on around here this weekend.  In Akron alone there will be a Greek Festival as well as an Irish Festival.  We will probably go to the Greek Festival for the food and the Irish Festival for the music.  If I find time to go off on my own, one of those might count as an artist’s date as well.

The balloon is just about ready to be packed up and taken away.  That means it is time for me to wrap up this post and get on with my day.  I’ll leave you with a glimpse of the pond from early this morning when the fog was still drifting across the water.

Have a great weekend!  Get out and enjoy a festival.  Or maybe find a competition so you can participate in Scott’s assignment.  Whatever you do, have fun.  🙂

24 Comments on “358: Something you don’t see everyday”

  1. Wow, Robin, that’s some extreme ballooning! Good luck with the bike, and happy weekend to you—————-

  2. milkayphoto says:

    OMG!!!! THAT sight would SO MAKE MY DAY!!! Lucky girl!! 🙂

    (I go out in my jammies at times, too. The neighbors are quite used to it! 🙂 )

  3. How cool to have balloons so often go right by your house! It must have taken them quite a while to deflate that one! That last shot is so pretty – with the fog, it looks like a texture layer has been added – and I love the reflection. 🙂 Hope you get your bike all fixed up!

  4. jane tims says:

    Hi Robin. I like the last sequence of shots.. the balloon is dying… but if you run them the other way, it comes to life again! We have a balloon festival in Sussex, New Brunswick in September after the long weekend. The best way to see them is at night when they glow. Jane

  5. Kel says:

    excellent balloon photos
    but what really got my attention was how different the view is from the front of your house!
    quite suburban almost – which was a surprise, since the rear view, pond and woods suggest you live quite a way from neighbours

    • Robin says:

      “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear,” Kel. 😉

      It does look more suburban out front, but the neighbors are not all that close, especially when you compare it to a suburb. The lots around here are required to be a minimum of 5 acres per house (one reason we had to scrap plans of building a little guesthouse).

  6. Really great shots of how that balloon transforms itself–what fun to have seen that. And loving the bog photo–I love your bog!

  7. ElizOF says:

    What good fortune to see such colorful balloons frequently… It is an occurrence that NEVER happens in these parts… I’m curious, was that balloon your neighbor’s or just a stray balloon that took advantage of some verdant land.? 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Just a stray balloon, Elizabeth, although they usually ask for permission to land in someone’s lawn so they may know the neighbors. Or the neighbors were outside when the balloon was coming down. I doubt many people would refuse to let them land if asked.

  8. Dawn says:

    Loved the balloon shots…but really loved the pond shot! 🙂

  9. bearyweather says:

    Amazing…. I always thought they needed a more open area to land in, it seems like a lot of trees and electric lines were nearby.
    Anyway, I would love to see those colorful balloons float by and brighten my day.

  10. Anna says:

    That is a way cool balloon and great shots! LOL I’ve ran out in my jammies too. Oh well, I don’t worry about it now that I am getting longer in tooth. Awesome pond capture. Enjoy your bike ride. 🙂

  11. penpusherpen says:

    Have a wonderful bike ride Robin, I hope they repair the gears quickly…Such gorgeous and colourful photo’s and how sad to see a deflated balloon, almost as if it’s in it’s death throes. BUT once inflated again it will take to the skies in triumph. What a fantastic sight it must be, gaining it’s full size again. I must go on a flight in one for to fly above the Earth must be so, so magical!! xPenx

  12. Marianne says:

    That’s so cool, Robin. I love watching hot air balloons. In the area I live we see them quite often albeit not as close as next door. One time when I was driving in the country, I saw a hot air balloon that sailed close to the ground over a horse pasture. The horses were scared. They were running frantically around the pasture and I expect it was because of the sound that the balloon makes. I felt sorry for the horses.

  13. Pat Bean says:

    Beautiful balloon, beautiful photos and I love that pond. I’d love to see you in your penguin pjs and slippers.

  14. Amazing shots! I love that it landed at the neighbors’ house – not your Bad Neighbor, was it?
    Have a great ride today – sounds like a fun weekend ahead!

  15. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Wow! That first picture is really striking and they’re all wonderful! Why did the balloon land next door – was it supposed to? I hope you enjoyed your bike ride!

  16. Robin says:

    Thank you so much everyone. 🙂

    I am way behind in reading and responding to comments, as well as way behind in reading blogs, so I’m going to have to resort to group thank you’s. Sorry about that.

  17. Aren’t they amazing? I love hot air balloons ♥
    We went to a balloon festival on Saturday, but sadly it was too windy for any of them to launch.
    Your pond photo is amazing…. looks spooky in a cheery sort of way.

  18. carlaat says:

    Love the balloon pics, but am partial to the last one of the pond in the mist. Beautiful!

  19. Christine Grote says:

    WOW. Lucky break, and way to take full advantage of it. Great shots.

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