335: Karma’s August Photo Hunt

A rainbow of colors

Karma’s August Photo Hunt challenge is to show summer in a rainbow of colors, photos representing the prominent colors of the rainbow:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  I have all the colors covered in the one photo above.  Our spinners don’t come out until the summer months, and this one has all the colors of the rainbow included in its design.

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334: I felt the earth move

I was sitting here writing up my blog post for today (not this post, by the way), when I felt the ground, the house, the world, sway.  It was a gentle back and forth motion.  I would have thought I’d imagined it except for the cats who were clearly disturbed by whatever phenomenon had just occurred.  Less than a minute or so later, I felt it again.  I looked outside, thinking perhaps the wind had rocked the house.  However, it didn’t feel like the wind.  Whatever it was had originated from below (and I was in the basement at the time).

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333: Sun and showers

I feel like I should be playing the lottery or something today.  Or at least doing something with the number 3.  Day 333 of my outdoor commitment.  Where did the time go?

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332: Sunday sunflowers

Sundays are usually about signage here on the Bogs blog, but today I’ve been playing with sunflowers and find them much more interesting than any of the signs I’ve photographed recently.

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331: Hazy, not so lazy, days of summer

We started the day here in the Bogs with some thick, soupy fog.  I could not see the pond at all for a little while.

Rowboat and lake rake shrouded in fog

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330: Friday Flash

One of the pathways at the Holden Arboretum

It has been a long, full day, and it’s not over yet.  I’m going to put up a quick blog post and hope the quality of the post isn’t as bad as I suspect it will be.

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329: Muck raking

Somewhere in the neighborhood

According to the World English Dictionary, a muck rake is an agricultural rake used for spreading manure.  A lake rake, on the other hand, is an agricultural rake used for raking weeds out of a lake or pond.  The pond here at Breezy Acres not only has weeds, it has muck (also known are mud or mire).  So when I rake weeds and muck out of the pond, I think of it as muck raking.  It is a very dirty, messy, muddy, mucky business.

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