320: Mountains

Longs Peak in the background. Rocky Mountain National Park. Colorado. August 2010.

Last year at the time, M and I were in Colorado, hiking around in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The WordPress Weekly Photo challenge for this week is Mountains, making this a great time to pull out some of those mountain photos that have been languishing in the archives.  Longs Peak is the only “fourteener” (summits over 14,000 feet) in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Longs Peak is also the only mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park I can identify.  And I’m not one hundred percent sure of that.  Mostly sure, though. The rest of the mountains pictured in this post will have to go nameless unless someone comes along and can name them for me.

We’re not taking a summer vacation this year.  No mountains.  No beach.  I miss Colorado already, and we’ve only been there twice.  Perhaps we’ll come up with a reason to go back sometime in the future.

There are so many other places in the world M and I would both like to visit, enough to keep us busy for the rest of our lives.  As soon as I get reasonably caught up with my life, I’m going to sit down and plan out a road trip to Maine.  I’ve never been there.  M has never been there.  I’m not sure he’ll like the idea of a road trip (we can spend more time exploring areas of Maine if we’re not taking our time driving there), but it’s worth running it by him once I have some ideas about where we can go and things we might want to see and/or do.

I did fall in love with the mountains in Colorado.  The Rockies are the first big mountains I’ve had the pleasure to visit and hike around in.  Not that the mountains of Pennsylvania and West Virginia aren’t big.  They just aren’t as big.  Not nearly as big.  Or as high.  There are no altitude concerns when visiting the mountains of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  None that I know of, at any rate.

The problem I have with photographing mountains is that I can’t seem to capture their beauty and majesty.  Although I’ve seen some good photos of mountains, I seriously doubt any camera can capture the breathtaking awesomeness of mountains.  As with most things, you have to be there to capture it with your own eyes and other senses.

Today’s Outdoor Adventures

We’ve had quite a bit of rain over the past few days and nights.  The pond water level is up and looking much cleaner with the input of fresh water.  The usually boggy parts of Breezy Acres are once again boggy.

Raindrops on pond weeds

The spiders are starting to move indoors.  The goldenrod is really taking off.  The first (planted by us this season) sunflower is now in bloom.  And I harvested the first of the sweet yellow bell peppers this afternoon.

The electric sunflower

It’s breezy today with winds at 17 mph and gusting up to 23 mph.  Clouds have been rolling in and out, some dark and threatening, but their dark is worse than their bite as there hasn’t been any rain since it stopped around 4:00 this morning.  The temperature is much cooler than it has been, in the mid 70s.  It is a lovely day.

Today's view of the pond

I spent most of my outdoor time on my deep cleaning and decluttering project.  The front porch, near the garage, is finished.  I’ll be moving over to the front-front porch, the door that opens into the foyer, tomorrow.  We almost never use that door.  Everyone seems to prefer to come in through the garage which opens into the kitchen.  Now that I’ve trimmed back the mess that was the mint bed, it will be much easier to get to the front-front door (should anyone want to do so).

Monarch butterfly on ironweed flowers

I did take a short walk around the pond just to see what’s happening out there today.  I saw my first monarch butterfly of the season.  There are lots of swallowtails flitting around the flowers, too.

Berries of the Bittersweet Nightshade

Some of the plants that were flowering a few weeks ago now have berries (such as the Bittersweet Nightshade pictured above).  I’ve noticed the swallows beginning to flock in the evenings.

View of the pond from the timothy grass meadow

It’s beginning to look and feel like we’ll have an early autumn this year.  I wouldn’t mind that a bit.  A nice, long, extended autumn would be wonderful.  It’s one of my favorite seasons.

That’s about it from the Bogs for today.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some decluttering ideas I received today via an email from a friend.

Thanks for dropping by and joining me on my walk.  🙂

42 Comments on “320: Mountains”

  1. Beautiful photos, both from vacation and home…
    Just came in from the pond myself – I’m trying to follow your example and spend some time just sitting and taking it all in. The wind has finally shifted, and we might be a little cooler tomorrow. The sky is promising another round of rain, as well…
    If you do get to take that road trip, plan your way through Rhode Island – you won’t be sorry!

  2. I’d say you did a very good job capturing the mountains here, Robin. I know it’s impossible to more than suggest their size and grandeur, but your photos seem to at least do that.

  3. tedgriffith says:

    A beautiful walk today, as always, Robin! I love the electric sunflower, such wonderful colors! You are right about how difficult it is to really capture mountains with a camera. I am a native of Colorado (a vanishing breed!), and have seen many, many photos of the mountians here, and few have that “AHH” or “WOW” feel to them. I think that you have to stand there, in person, to really grasp the majesty of them.

    P.S.- You’re right about the altitude considerations… for 2 years we lived on a ranch where the house was at 10,000 feet.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Ted. 🙂

      I imagine cooking (especially baking) is a little different at 10,000 feet. Just living is probably a little different, now that I think about it.

  4. mimo khair says:

    This series is just fantastic!

  5. Bo Mackison says:

    Love that pond weed photo. Very wabi-sabi.
    And if you have never been to Maine–Acadia NP is an absolute must. I’d go back in a heart beat.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Bo. I consider you Queen of the Wabi-Sabi photos (because I love your Wabi-Sabi series) so that’s a wonderful compliment. 🙂

      I recently read an article about Acadia NP. That’s what started the whole business. I decided I must see it.

  6. Christine Grote says:

    I need to dig through my archives for mountain photos as well. Lovely shots.

  7. so enjoy these walks with you. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your world.

  8. dragonfae says:

    I love the shot of the Monarch on the Ironweed! (Monarchs are my favorite butterfly) 🙂

    And I know what you mean about mountain shots. Hubby the pup and I are currently visiting the Mt Shasta area and just got back from a drive through the Trinity Alps. None of the pictures we took convey how awesomely gorgeous the area is.

  9. The mountain photos are gorgeous. Sorry you aren’t getting a vacation this summer! Hope your week is gong well!

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Kathy. 🙂

      I don’t mind not getting a vacation this summer. I’m sure we’ll end up taking a few long weekends here and there to make up for it, and you never know where that might lead. Adventure, excitement, hiking, or just resting somewhere and taking it all in.

  10. penpusherpen says:

    Mountains, they remind me of sleeping giants. Letting themselves rest while all about changes through the centuries. Rip Van Winkles of the World. Lovely photo’s Robin, you’ve captured the differing shades of colour and almost brooding beauty. Good to see the Flutter-By, I’ve been wondering if their numbers are down this year, but we’ve had a few late showers and displayers here, which brightens the day enormously. Have a good one my friend, and I enjoyed the catch up.. xPenx

  11. Karma says:

    Maine? You are thinking about a trip to Maine? Woo-hoo! I am headed there this Saturday for our vacation. If your road trip there ever does come to fruition, you’ll have to let me know. I could mention a few must-see’s and surely the road trip would take you through Massachusetts!
    Love the sunflower – so nice you can grow them (I always fail miserably when I try) – and the glads (I’m too lazy to plant them since they need to be dug up to survive winters around here).

    • Robin says:

      The critters usually eat our sunflowers, Karma. This was our third attempt. Usually by the third attempt, the critters have found something else to eat.

      I will be sure to let you know when we start making real plans for the road trip. Hopefully Massachusetts will be included and we can meet somewhere. Enjoy your vacation in Maine. I can’t wait to see photos and hear all about it. 🙂

  12. dhphotosite says:

    Glad i found your blog… I enjoyed the walk. The mountains brought back lots of memories of RMNP. Beautiful place to just sit back and take it all in. You should take the drive up to Maine. We have been there many many times. Honeymooned there too. Get off the path that most folks take. There is so much diversity to experience.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, David. And thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it. 🙂

      You’re right about getting off the well-beaten path. There is so much more to see when you get away from the crowds.

  13. bearyweather says:

    I’ve been struggling with the mountain challenge this week … there are none in Minnesota. But, I think I have an idea.
    That sunflower is amazing … I don’t think i have ever seen one like that. I wonder if it “electric” enough to scare the squirrels away? 🙂
    I have not been able to get out for a few weeks, so I appreciate that you share your nature walks with us.

    • Robin says:

      lol, Bearyweather! I don’t think the sunflower has that kind of power, electric or not. The squirrels are persistent little creatures.

      Glad you’re enjoying the walks. I hope you can get out and about soon. 🙂

  14. jenna says:

    What decluttering ideas? Which friend is sending you decluttering ideas? I feel cheated on.

  15. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Amazing mountains! I’ve never been out west and everyone who has been tells me the same thing, it must be seen with your own eyes because the pictures never seem as dazzling as the mountains are…

    If you go to Maine make sure you spend some time at Acadia National Park. We went camping there when I was a child and had a memorable time. The coast is rugged and beautiful…

    The electric sunflower is so sunny, cheerful and bright!

  16. Kathy says:

    Ahhh, you are making us long for the mountains (and for some of us~~the rain~~and your beautiful pond.) When I was a teenager our family took a trip out West and we climbed a mountain. Wondering if it was Longs Mountain, or another one? Hard to remember. I can see your challenge about capturing the majesty of mountains, but think you did an admirable job. I like the raft photo in your walk at home.

  17. boatacrosstheriver says:

    Looks like a gorgeous day out there…my favorite photo of the day is of the swimming platform on the pond with the rain coming down.

    Thnaks again for putting Exiting the Woods on ImageKind! I will purchase my print soon!

  18. Isn’t Rocky Mountain N.P. beautiful?
    Love that sunflower, too, very pretty petals.

  19. eof737 says:

    Nothing beats the majesty and magnificence of mountains… As always, I love your shots…. 🙂

  20. Would love to be hiking those mountains. Nice photos–you know I especially like the dive platform in the rain–looks so refreshing!

  21. Dana says:

    It’s one of my goals to visit the US portions of the Rockies one day. I’ve seen the Canadian Rockies many times (having grown up just an hour outside of them), but each visit to the mountains is as awe-inspiring as the rest of them! Beautiful photos as usual, Robin.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Dana. 🙂

      Your goal is interesting in a not-quite coincidental way. M and I want to visit the Canadian Rockies and have that on our list of places to go before we die sort of thing.

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