315: Should be

A moment of peace

There are so many things I should be doing right now.  Lots and lots of things.  But I am going to wait.  Just for a little while.

We took Dad and Noah to the train station very early this morning.  They should be arriving in Philadelphia about now.  Or at home by the time I get this posted.  M is back at work.  Izzy and Bella (the cats) are napping.  I have the house to myself and the quiet is such a wonderful thing I don’t want to disturb it by running the washer and dryer or turning on the vacuum.  I’ll have to do those things soon, but not right now.  They can wait while I soak up and enjoy this moment of peace and quiet.

I took a long, slow walk around the pond a little while ago.  It’s quiet outside, too.  Peaceful.  Lovely.  The sort of day to make friends with Summer.  It’s still hot and humid, but there is a softness about it today, with a gentle hint of cooler times to come.  It’s as if the harsh edges of summer have started to wear away.

A field of Queen Anne's Lace

The ironweed is flourishing in all of the meadows, big heads of small purple flowers dotting the landscape.  We had a mizzle yesterday for most of the day, drizzling and misting by turns or sometimes all at once.  The day of gentle, gentle rain brightened the greens in the fields.

I want to spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around the property.  Maybe even take off on my bike for a little while.  Alas, there is no time for it.  The quiet, the emptiness, will not last for long.  M’s brother and sister will be arriving tomorrow to spend a few days (and nights) here at Breezy Acres.

Today's view of the pond

I need to strip the beds in the spare bedrooms, wash the sheets, return the (clean) sheets to the beds.  Because Bo the Dog has been here visiting over the past two days, and the cats are still shedding like mad due to the heat, a good vacuuming and dusting are in order.  The air mattress (used by guests over the weekend) needs to be deflated and put away.  I also need to go up to the garden and harvest some Swiss chard, cucumbers, and (if we’re lucky) some tomatoes.

The fridge could probably use a good cleaning out as well.  Or at least a thorough inventory of what’s in there so I can get ready for the next round of cooking for guests/family.

I’ll go and do all of that as soon as I feel as though I’ve filled myself with this wonderful, wonderful peace and quiet.

Even the water in the pond is still and quiet, reflecting the sky and trees and whatever looks into its mirror-like surface.

I am grateful for this bit of time to myself.  I am grateful for the quiet, the space, and the peacefulness of the day.

These brief moments in time are like a giant sigh, a letting go of tensions.  I love spending time with family and friends.  However, I also need some space every now and then to balance, center, and find that calm place within.

The wisteria vine thinks it's a horse

Taking a few deep, deep breaths, right down to my toes, I relax.  Recharge.  Smile.  It’s almost time now.  Time to get up and take care of the chores.  Time to get ready for the next round of visits and fun and full days with family.

One more deep breath and off I go to tend to my obligations and responsibilities.

Ironweed in the meadow

28 Comments on “315: Should be”

  1. Marianne says:

    The photos are lovely, Robin. The pond is placid looking.

    You’re doing a great job, Robin. Keep up the good work. Have fun!

  2. Carsten says:

    This is a nice series of pictures. There is so many inspiring subjects near water of most kinds – if you know what I mean.

  3. tedgriffith says:

    Thank you for tis quiet interlude. A chance to relax and enjoy the quiet beauty portrayed in your images and words. Lovely! 🙂

  4. I can almost feel myself relaxing as I read your post! I’ve learned to greatly appreciate silence and time alone with my thoughts – it happens so rarely for me. That last photo has a very special quality about it… can’t put my finger on it exactly…. but it looks like it should be matted and framed and hanging in a room that is used for relaxing. I absolutely love the little splashes of purple amongst the greens, it looks like a painting!

  5. taking ‘time out’ blesses you and blesses us as well!
    walk in beauty.

  6. A gentle respite from the hubub…thanks. Glad you found time for you today.

  7. Kel says:

    the green thistley looking plant photo is stunning
    glad you could take some time to re-centre after caring for guests

  8. What a busy time of year! Glad you have a minute or two to catch your breath before plowing on ahead. (And your dragonfly photos are wonderful.)

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Kathy. 🙂

      I can’t believe how busy it’s been. I’m looking forward to the relaxation of the winter months. lol!

  9. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Oh my, your dragonflies are wonderful!!!

    I notice a softness here, too, a hint of cooler times to come. I like how you put it, “the harsh edges of summer have started to wear away.” The field of Queen Anne’s Lace photo reflects that feeling perfectly.

    It’s good to have a little peace and quiet, time for reflection and grounding, before the next round of house-guests. We’ve got unexpected company coming this weekend – just found out last night – so I need to get busy, too. Enjoy you family time!

  10. Hallysann says:

    There’s that word again … mizzzle … its so wonderfully descriptive. I’m almost looking forward to autumn here so I can practice using it 😀

  11. Kathy says:

    Oh yes…the “should be’s”. What would our life be like if somehow the “should be’s” could be quieted? Or is it the “wanna be’s” which could be quieted and then it wouldn’t matter if we were doing the should be’s or wanna be’s? I contemplate this often. Even now. I should be out at the school working for a few hours but have been just lazin…. Lovely photos, Robin!

  12. Karma says:

    Oh yes, I have plenty of the “should be” moments, often filled with guilt for taking the time to do what I want instead of what I should. We all deserve that time, and good for you to take it! That’s one of the great things about a vacation – freedom from the should be’s. I’m counting down the days til mine (8!).
    Love your wisteria-horse!

  13. penpusherpen says:

    Your feeling of relaxation and utter peace comes through in your photo’s Robin, utter tranquility…A steadying breath before the next visitors… Lovely photo’s to stare at and absorb, my thanks, I love dropping by… xPenx

  14. Christine Grote says:

    I guess with your beautiful location you would get a lot of house guests. Fun. But tiring, I imagine.

    I love Queen Anne’s lace.

  15. ladyfi says:

    Lovely lovely shots. That first one is magical! You should frame it!

  16. elmediat says:

    Beautiful sequence. I particularly like the first to images. The second one has such intensity, very striking.

  17. hugmamma says:

    Felt like I was right there with you…did we get a lot done? 🙂

  18. […] worries for a week, freedom from the “should be’s” – my favorite week of the whole year.  I just can’t […]

  19. eof737 says:

    Stunning photography Robin… all of it! I love that wisteria horse and the dragon flies always get me with their close up wing details… Love it. Weren’t you away or something? 🙂
    Checking back in to catch up after a lull on the comments front but hectic on the home front. 🙂

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