304: Sunday signage

Ain't that the truth?

This week’s sign was seen on a store in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  The store is called The Outhouse.  They sell a lot of joke items as well as knickknacks and an assortment of other things you probably don’t need.

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303: Spectacular sunset

We had some rain yesterday evening and overnight.  It was a nice, soft, gentle rainfall.  The kind I was wishing for a few days ago.  The heat is still with us so the rain has increased the humidity considerably, but I’m not complaining.  The gardens, the flowers, the farms, the trees, and even the lawns are all feeling better as a result of the rain.  I enjoyed listening to it in the early morning hours until it lulled me back to sleep.  I think the sound of a gentle rainfall is better than any sleeping pill.

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302: Promises, promises

Thistle and grass seeds

The local weather people keep promising us that this heat spell will break.  Of course it will, sooner or later.  But they keep putting it off another day.  Originally it was supposed to cool down into the 80s beginning today.  Then it was moved to Saturday or Sunday.  Now they’re saying Monday.  Methinks they just aren’t sure so they keep promising it for another day.  It’s a bit like dieting or the joke about free beer:  “Free beer tomorrow.”  Tomorrow never comes.

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301: Communing with summer

Today is by far the hottest day we have had this summer.  Even early this morning it was hot and steamy, the air thick with summer.  Instead of taking my usual walk I decided today’s outdoor time would consist of finding a comfortable shady spot and learning about summer through stillness.

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300: Hot and steamy

Hot air balloon landing near the pond. Taken with a steamed up lens.

If you’re looking for an exciting, exotic, erotic, hot blog post, this is not it.  (I do have a dragonfly photo that might qualify, but won’t be posting it today.  I caught ’em in the act, so to speak.)  The title refers to the weather we’re currently experiencing.  It’s only about 90 degrees today.  Tomorrow we’re under an excessive heat advisory.  Personally, I find the heat to be excessive today.  Tomorrow I’ll probably think this was cool in comparison.

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299: And then the rains came

Storm clouds. Taken yesterday evening.

Late yesterday afternoon, dark clouds rolled over the trees at the back of the pond.  They brought lightning and thunder and gusty winds.  The lightning and thunder had a long and noisy conversation, back and forth debating the flash and the boom.  But no rain.

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298: Let’s lay this one to rest

Queen Anne’s Lace getting ready to bloom

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my blog as a result of this search:  Freezing broccoli without blanching.  I have become the expert (heh) on this subject ever since I posted Freezing broccoli back in 2008.  Every year around this time, people who want to freeze broccoli without going to the trouble of blanching it start searching around for someone to tell them it’s okay to do that.


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