311: Sunday signage

That is some expensive chicken.  But it is the Original Chicken so I suppose it might be worth it.  We saw this sign in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania during our last trip out that way in July.

Today is going to be super busy so I’ve scheduled this post to go out all on its own.  I’m sure I’ll have no trouble meeting my outdoor commitment.  My granddaughters and their parents will be coming for a visit.  The daughter of M’s best friend and her boyfriend will also be visiting us.  They’re on their way to Cedar Point and will be stopping here for the night.  We’re going to have a big cookout and birthday bash for Noah who is turning 13 years old today.

Happy Birthday, Noah!

16 Comments on “311: Sunday signage”

  1. Well….. as long as it’s the ORIGINAL chicken…. 😉

    Cedar Point used to be so much fun for me, I remember getting NO sleep the night before because I was so excited to go. I’d have to get up around 4:30 AM so we could start driving and be there for the opening of the gates, and then we’d stay until the place closed. I don’t think my bones could handle those rides anymore!!

  2. Funny sign. Have a great time at your bash tonight!

  3. Emad says:

    Nice Photos !

  4. Happy Birthday, Noah! It’s a good thing I’m not a huge fan of KFC–those are some pricy thighs!

  5. Judith says:

    The original chicken – how old must that bird be? And how is one bird going to feed the masses? A touch of the loaves and fishes maybe.

  6. Now that made me laugh- and to follow it up with a picture of ironweed, one of the most beautiful of Ohio wildflowers, is icing on the cake!

  7. mewithmycamera says:

    that better be some good chicken!

  8. Karma says:

    Hi Robin! I’m busy making the rounds today trying to catch up with everyone after my accident/power outage last week, then being away for the weekend. I was thinking of you yesterday on my drive home from Pennsylvania, especially since we were only 1 state away from you, albeit in the eastern section (Buck’s County). We were at a rest stop fueling up when I saw a sign that said “No Idling” with 4 people hanging around underneath it. I was going to take a photo but it said “diesel engines” under the idling part and there was no way to crop it out.

  9. tedgriffith says:

    Great shots, but that last one is super!! 🙂

  10. Robin says:

    Thanks, everyone! The birthday bash was great. My home was filled with family and friends, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I think the birthday boy did, too. 🙂

  11. That is some expensive chicken!! Unless it’s enough to feed an army, then it might be worth it! 😉

  12. Anna says:

    LOL What a catch for chicken… sure is expensive! LOL I just love the 2nd photo of the flowers…. absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

  13. Bo Mackison says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a few days — in the midst of loving family and friends!

  14. eof737 says:

    Beautiful flowers … and that original chicken sign is a riot. 🙂

  15. Dana says:

    Hahaha– too funny. I only see a preview of the first shot in my e-mail browser, and when I clicked on the link to read the rest of the post, the next photo took my breath away! Stunning! (And such contrast!)

  16. Robin says:

    Thanks, Dana. 🙂

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