309: Hot and steamy cycling adventures

Under the bridges on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Stark County

As promised, I have some photos from yesterday’s cycling adventures.  No self portraits are included.  It was a 3H day (hot, hazy, and humid).  I was not a pretty sight by the time we finished our six mile ride.

After dropping off Noah and Dad at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, M and I headed over to a Stark County section of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath trail.  We began at the Lake Avenue Trailhead in Massillon, and traveled alongside the Tuscarawas River.  Most of the path was shaded, a blessing in such hot and humid weather.

We discovered that it’s cooler (temperature-wise) to keep moving.  You create your own breeze on a bike.  We also discovered that the mosquito population is doing well in that area.  Whenever I’d stop to take a photo or to hydrate, I had to do it quickly because it didn’t take long for the mosquitoes to find me and attack.

(Processed in Picnik, including adding the sunbeams.)

I’m going to schedule this post to go out later today.  It’s morning now as I get it ready.  The plan for today is to go up to Cleveland to tour the William G. Mather Steamship, have a look at Lake Erie, and maybe visit the West Side Market.

Wildflowers blooming alongside the towpath trail

If we get home in time, I’ll add to this post.  Otherwise, I’ll be back tomorrow with our Cleveland adventures.  As of this writing there are big thunderstorms going on up there, but they should move through before we get there.  Today’s outdoor adventures include that walk along Lake Erie so I do hope the storms go on their merry way quickly.  The really nice part about the storms is that they are part of another cold front which should help clear out the heat and humidity once again.

The last part of the trail we took yesterday

Heading back to the car

15 Comments on “309: Hot and steamy cycling adventures”

  1. tedgriffith says:

    Looks like you had a great ride!

  2. It looks beautiful! So nice and GREEN!!
    You need to get more creative with self portraits so you can include them in your posts… like taking a picture of your reflection in a window, or your shadow on the ground, etc. Still counts!! 😉

  3. Hallysann says:

    I love the first yellow flower picture 🙂
    So simple, but so beautiful.

  4. bookbabie says:

    Love the perspective and the filter treatment:)

  5. What a wonderful place to ride or walk! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. SWK says:

    Some gorgeous scenery there!

  7. The path looks lovely–and shady! I’m afraid the mosquitoes love me too! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. elmediat says:

    Excellent use of perspective and colour. The first four are especially striking compositions. Well done !

  9. Marianne says:

    i agree with the previous commenter. The first four are very striking. The sunbeams look gorgeous. Looks like a beautiful place for a ride.

  10. eof737 says:

    Beautiful trail and quite picturesque.The lush green pulls you right in… I love that yellow flower. 🙂

  11. bearyweather says:

    You are a tough, dedicated cyclist to go out and tackle the 3H day and mosquitoes. Your sunbeams are a very nice touch to that picture. Thanks for sharing your ride.

  12. penpusherpen says:

    I used to cycle a lot, Robin, trouble was we lived on a hill, and all directions outward were fantastic, downhill and like flying, fingers spread wide to catch any breeze and hair streaming behind, (um, still attached to my head, only much longer than I have it now!! 😉 ) … coming home? weary , bedraggled, and pushing the bike uphill was no joke. FIT? oh yes, but never again!!
    Loving the photo’s espec. the yellow and green wildflowers, the yellow glows so with life. XxPenxX

  13. I do enjoy your travel photo journals!

  14. Jamie Sarner says:

    Looks like a really pretty place. It reminds me of my favorite routes near Toronto.

  15. Robin says:

    Thanks all! 🙂

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