308: Gone fishing

The guys went fishing yesterday evening.  Noah caught five fish.  M caught one.  It was considered a successful outing.  All fish were returned to the water as part of our usual catch and release program.  The program is a result of not having the proper equipment to clean a fish and an unwillingness to do the actual cleaning even if we had the proper equipment.  Well, unwillingness on my part at least.  Any of the guys would likely do it.

Proof of catch

The weather today is rainy and warm.  Thankfully it is not going to get as hot as previously predicted.  M and I are going on a bike ride this afternoon and it will be warm and steamy enough in the upper 80s.  The 90s would be too much.

Relaxing on the swim platform

While M and I are off on our cycling adventure, Noah and Dad will be touring the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  M has been there already and I, frankly, have no interest in going.  I’m sure Dad and Noah will enjoy it as they are both fans of the game.

In the meantime, we have been watching the Pond Show.  The rain brought a Great Blue Heron looking for breakfast.  While he was slowly, slowly moving around the pond, two very large red-tailed hawks came flying out of the willow trees just above where the heron was hunting.  The heron appeared to have been aware of them as he spread his wings to show them how big he is just before the hawks came flying out of the trees.  I’m hoping our resident fox will put in an appearance soon.

That’s it from the Bogs for now.  I’ll be back tomorrow with (I hope) some photos from today’s cycling adventures.

21 Comments on “308: Gone fishing”

  1. I remember a camping trip with my parents when I was a kid – I was SO excited to catch my first fish, but traumatized when I looked into the bowl of fish heads and tails! Definitely not for me!! The rest of it was WONDERFUL! Seeing these photos reminds me of that week. We went out on the dock one night, and looked up at a sky FULL of stars. I haven’t seen a night sky like that since (too many city lights here).

  2. You got great phtots! I’m with you on the fish cleaning thing,

  3. tedgriffith says:

    Great fish! And I love that last photo, it just says summer! 🙂

  4. That last one took my breath away.

    Have a great ride, and stay hydrated!

  5. That’s a great dock out on the lake. Your pictures are beautiful.

  6. wow, I was going to comment on how great your picture of the Blue heron is and THEN I scrolled to the bottom picture. Took my breath away.

  7. Bo Mackison says:

    So peaceful. There are times I would love to be on your pond deck. As for cleaning fish–the only way I’ll clean them is to throw them back in the water!

  8. Robin–these photos are stunning especially the last one–breath-taking! The photos of the heron are so rich in color that at first sight, I thought it was a painting. Nice, nice work.

  9. What a great-looking bird and very fine fish! Hope you had a great bike ride. Stay cool!

  10. ladyfi says:

    Sigh- such magical shots!

  11. dragonfae says:

    Gorgeous photos (once again)!

    Nice looking trout the youngin caught (at least, I think it’s a trout). I’m with you on the fish cleaning … nope, won’t do it. Though I have fond memories of my dad dutifully cleaning every fish we caught on one camping trip when I was a kid, and they were bluegill! I didn’t appreciate until much later just what he had done so we could have the fish we caught for breakfast. 🙂

  12. penpusherpen says:

    Magnificent Heron, Robin, (I’m calling him Herbert) … and I can just see him eyeing the wary Hawks and flapping his wings out wide in a show of strength, mayhap showing a finely shaped leg too, (or perhaps that’s another kind of story!! 😉 ) … I get a very relaxing feeling from today’s blog. (stretch!!)… have a wonderful time y’all…. .xPenx

  13. LOL I would be unwilling to clean the fish, too!
    The last photo os my favorite, love that you can see the swim platform, too.

  14. Marcie says:

    Sounds like everyone – including the heron -had a happy day of fishing. Love the images!!

  15. eof737 says:

    Something about the black and white one made me pause… I imagined myself there reading or listening to music. It’s my favorite… they are brilliant. 🙂

  16. Anna says:

    Peaceful… I really like the black and white image, lovely, and the Great Blue Heron.

  17. Pat Bean says:

    That looked like a yummy fish dinner you threw back. Love the heron photo. Thanks for sharing

  18. CMSmith says:

    You live in a wonderful place. I love the swim platform. And your photos of the blue heron are beautiful. I enjoy reading your posts. Had to laugh at your “catch and release” program.

  19. That last photo says “Summer”. You live in a beautiful place.

    The Pro Football Hall of Fame for a football fan is a must see. I really enjoyed it when I visited years ago.

  20. Karma says:

    Your heron shots are gorgeous! And the color and feeling of the last shot are wonderful.

  21. Robin says:

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. 🙂

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