305: Great Blue Heron

A Great Blue Heron stopped by for lunch yesterday just before our friends arrived for our little fish taco party.  A good time was had by all, including the Great Blue Heron who seemed to have fed well while he was here.

One of the things I like about some of the photos I took of the heron is that you can see the dragonflies flying around.  There are so many of them out there now that it’s almost impossible to take a photo of the pond without capturing a few dragonflies.

My father and my nephew, Noah, will be arriving tomorrow for their visit with us.  They’re taking the train out.  I think both of them will enjoy the ride, especially Horseshoe Curve.  M and I took a trip on this train back on Day 16 of my commitment.  It’s a wonderful way to travel.

Today's view of the pond

Dad and Noah will be staying with us for 10 days.  I think Noah will enjoy hanging out by the pond, doing some boating, fishing, and swimming.  M will enjoy having a boating, fishing, and swimming buddy.  And Dad will enjoy just hanging out.  We’re hoping to take them both to some of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement festivities, but that will depend on the weather.

While they’re here, my blog posts will likely be quick and short.  That will give us all a break from my long posts.

Today’s walk around the pond was fairly pleasant.  Although it is still hot and humid, there is a strong breeze blowing.  A cold front is on the way and I could feel the slightly cooler temperatures and less humidity in the wind.

Looking into the dark of the woods

The air is much fresher, too.  Yesterday there was very little breeze and the air seemed to stagnate.

Another view of the pond

I guess that’s about it from the Bogs for today.  I’ll leave you with a few more photos from today’s walk.  Thanks for joining me!  🙂

Just visiting

Late to the party. (Most of the other lilies are finished or almost finished for the season. This one just opened this morning.)

32 Comments on “305: Great Blue Heron”

  1. Gosh–the flowers are stunning! Hope you have a wonderful visit with your father and nephew–sounds fun, Robin! Enjoy your week!

  2. Barbara Rodgers says:

    That’s pretty cool to see the dragonflies in the pictures with the heron! A train ride sounds like loads of fun – I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family. The view into the dark woods looks like a good place to escape the heat of the day. Are you starting to like summer any better?

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Barbara. 🙂

      I’m liking it a little better than I used to. I still don’t care much for the heat and humidity, but it’s a little easier to take when I slow down and spend most of my outdoor time in the shade.

  3. Pat Bean says:

    I love great blue herons. They are such stately birds to watch. Thanks for sharing And as always I love to walk with you in your bog and small the flowers as we pass them by.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Pat. 🙂

      We just spent about an hour watching a Great Blue Heron walking around the pond this morning. He caught a couple of fish, and one big frog that he had to throw back (it was, I’m guessing, too big). I’m always amazed at how slowly they move and still maintain their balance.

  4. Christine Grote says:

    Wow. You’re getting photos of all the good stuff. On two separate days I heard and saw blue herons fly overhead, but they didn’t land. Keep up the good work.

    Do you have your camera close at hand and run out when something interesting happens, or have you just gotten lucky?

  5. carlaat says:

    Great post – love the heron and the dragonflies coming into the frame!

  6. I love the shape of the blue heron’s neck! They remind me of flamingos.

  7. How nice to have company 🙂 Hope the weather plays along with the activities you have planned.
    Would you please send the cold front my way when it comes through? We desperately need some relief from this heat.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Michaela. 🙂

      I hope you get that cold front soon. I sent it, but you know how fickle weather can be. It probably ended up in England instead.

  8. A train is a wonderful way to travel, no better way to sit back and enjoy the scenery – I wish I could do it more often! Enjoy your visit! 🙂

  9. Karma says:

    Love the blue heron pictures! They are such a cool bird! I got to take my very first shots of one last summer on vacation. The dragonflies are a neat touch to the pictures – especially in the second one, there are some that are particularly clear and sharp.

  10. tedgriffith says:

    We used to live in an area that had blue herons. They were such neat birds to watch! I really like the stargazer lily. They are so colorful, and you captured this one” details beautifully! 🙂

  11. penpusherpen says:

    I love the name Noah, Robin, and I hope you and your family have a great time together, with the weather behaving itself, and minding it’s P’s and Q’s…(meaning, no rain!!) … Lovely photo’s espec. the Heron, and of course, the one of the Dark Woods, you know I’m sure I saw a beady eye looking back at me, or was it my imagination? 😉 bye for now. xPenx

    • Robin says:

      Well, we did get a little rain today, Pen, but it was a good thing. It brought another heron with it and we’ve been enjoying watching it as it fishes the pond. 🙂

      (I don’t think it was your imagination… )

  12. milkayphoto says:

    Heron’s are amazing to me… must be their sheer size and gracefulness. How lucky for you to be visited by one!

    • Robin says:

      I think they are amazing too, Tracy. Especially when they spread their wings and take off in flight. I’m always astounded that such a big creature can go from standing in the water to up in the air so easily and gracefully.

  13. Another great set of photos, but I must say the ones of the pond are my favs. Friends and family must love visiting your home!

  14. Martina says:

    Wow, that Blue Heron is beautiful, I love that bird. You have captured him well. I love the different poses he is in. The first one with the reflection is stunning! Those dragonflies are a great addition to the frame.

  15. eof737 says:

    Great stuff you have and that heron seems happy to participate. 🙂

  16. Marianne says:

    Wonderful shots of the Blue Heron. The color and detail really shows through.

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