297: Sunday Signage

A novel approach to "Keep Off the Grass." Taken at Idlewild near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I almost forgot to post today!  Yikes.  The past two days have been incredibly relaxing, with nothing on my schedule.  I do a better job of keeping track of my blog posts when I’m busy, it seems.

The photo was taken at Idlewild when we were there on July 9th with our granddaughters and their parents.  A fun time was had by all.  If you ever happen to be in the Pittsburgh area with small children accompanying you, Idlewild is a great place to take them.  They have a lot of rides that are just right for a 6 year old and a 2 year old.  You can even ride a trolley through Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.  I wonder if children in the future will even know who Mr. Rogers was.  In addition, the park has been around since the 1800s and is well shaded by some magnificent trees.

This morning's view of the pond.

It’s hot here in the Bogs today.  Hot and humid, a bad combination.  I went out for my walk around the pond this morning, freeing up the afternoon to watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup finals this afternoon.  Exciting game, although I was sorry to see the U.S. lose.

M and I spent yesterday evening out on the pond, pedaling around and enjoying the breeze.  We probably won’t be doing that this evening as there is no breeze to speak of and it’s much too hot for me.

It's really hot out there

I know I promised you some photos from Towner’s Woods and the short hike I took into the woods.  I’m a little confused as to where things are right now.  My photos are scattered on two different computers and I’m still getting things organized.  Maybe by next year I’ll be ready to post some photos from the past few weeks.  Or at least know where to find them.  In the meantime, I know where the photos from the past two days are located as I just uploaded them this afternoon.

Sitting on the deck

We are badly in need of rain.  It feels funny to say/write that after all the rain we had in the spring.  The poor baby trees are having a rough time of it.  Too much water in the spring.  Too little water in the summer.  I’m not sure some of them will make it, even with regular watering.

The pond and creek levels are way down.  The frogs don’t seem to mind that too much.  The dragonflies appear to be loving it as well.  Both are thriving out there.  The ground is hard, even in spots that normally stay boggy for most of the year.  Even in the woods the drought is being felt, and some of the plants back there are dying due to lack of water.  The garden has to be watered pretty much daily now.

Sunlight on spatterdock

It’s been wonderful to have a couple of days with nothing on my schedule.  The house is clean.  The grass isn’t growing so there is no mowing that needs to be done.  M and I have managed to get caught up on most of the daily stuff that goes on around here.  We almost don’t know what to do with ourselves.

I’m kidding, of course.  There are plenty of things I can do.  Read a book.  Sort through photos.  Play with photos.  Find new recipes to help us eat all the wonderful veggies we brought home from the CSA this week.  Sit and meditate.  Or just sit and relax.

I like the last idea best.  I’m going to grab the book I’m currently reading, pour a nice, cold something to drink, and go sit in the shade of the umbrella on the deck.  I might read.  Or I might just sit there and relax for a while.

32 Comments on “297: Sunday Signage”

  1. I LOVE Idlewild! My grandmother had a summer home in Ligineer! Small world–and LOVE that sign, as wel! Too funny! Happy Sunday evening to you!

    • Robin says:

      It certainly is a small world, Kathy! This was our first trip to Idlewild. I’m so glad we decided to go. The girls really enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. Karma says:

    The chair and umbrella on the floating dock and your last shot of the pond are my favorites. I can picture myself contently lounging on the dock and I just love the color and perspective in the last picture.
    It is easy to lose track of time on those rare days when nothing is going on!

  3. GREAT group of images here! Takes me back to when I was a kid, and summers were for nothing but pure fun – I’ll be there again, someday!

  4. starbear says:

    The Lawn Sign… 🙂

  5. TBM says:

    Beautiful photos!

  6. penpusherpen says:

    I hope your new PC is a good one Robin, and works as well as my Peace (that’s just in case she’s listening!! ) and it’s great to see photo’s of sunshine… ‘cos it’s blinking well pouring down here again…It won’t stop…someone up there is having a laugh, and hasn’t fixed the roof.. 😉 and talking about roofs,.. ours is leaking through, and the Roofer’s just been….and he had a smile on his face when he left, he’s ringing later with the estimate.. (gulp) … Just taking another look at the hot and humid photo’s…sigh!! xPenx

  7. tedgriffith says:

    Beautiful images, Robin! My favorite is the sunlight on th espatterdock. Such a warm color! It is hard for me to image what it must be like with the heat and humidity. We often get above 90 degrees during the summer, but the humidity isabout 15 to 20 percent.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Ted. 🙂 It’s my favorite one, too. It’s one of the few photos I’ve taken lately using the camera in manual mode. I’ve been lazy and sticking with the auto settings. This was a good reminder of how much better I can do if I take the time to make my own adjustments rather than rely on the camera to do everything.

      The lack of humidity was one of the things I loved about visiting Colorado in the summer months. (My youngest son and his wife used to live out that way. They’ve moved back east now.)

  8. milkayphoto says:

    Your relaxed mood is evident in these images! The golden leaf is lovely.

  9. Your pond looks like a wonderful place to relax. A cool dip in the evening would be so refreshing. This has been a year of extremes when it comes to weather. From what I read, extreme weather may become the norm.

  10. bearyweather says:

    Great summer photos. If it is as hot there as it is here, it is perfect timing for some do nothing time at home.

  11. I really like your sunset silhouette of the boat on the lake. It gets hot here too. We wait until just before sunset to go swimming in our pool. Do you ever swim in your lake?

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Martina. 🙂

      Yes, we do swim in the lake/pond. My husband goes in more than I do, but every now and then I take a dip too.

  12. eof737 says:

    What a great selection of photos… I can imagine how difficult it must be to pull away to share this beauty with us…. Blessed ! 🙂

  13. hugmamma says:

    Relaxing photos. Wonderful bases for remembering…special times. Can I send you some rain? Here in the Seattle area, summer’s still deciding whether or not it should stay. Warm, sunny days followed by overcast, dreary days. Not complaining though, with the rest of the country under siege by high temperatures and humidity. Experienced it for myself when I visited my daughter a month ago.

    so i’ll just keep quiet, and be grateful for what mother nature doles out here in the Pacific Northwest. 😉

  14. Bo Mackison says:

    Yes, there is a time for work and a time for relaxation. I’m relaxing for the next couple of days, too. Feels wonderful to sit with my feet up for a half hour!!!

  15. like the boat silhouette. remember all the rain we all had in the spring? where did it go?

    • Robin says:

      I know, Teresita. I thought we would never dry out. The ground remained boggy for the longest time. And now here we are, needing rain again.

  16. Haha, love the sign! 🙂
    And again, you saved the best for last. The colors and reflection are so beautiful.

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