293: A mystery solved

A chair in the woods

It is a gorgeous summer day here in the Bogs.  The sun is shining, the sky is mostly blue with just a few puffy white clouds floating by for contrast, and the temperature and humidity have dropped.  It’s in the upper 70s today instead of the 90s of the past few days.  Relief!  This is the kind of day that could make me fall in love with summer.  I’m still not quite there yet, but it’s getting closer.

Today's view of the pond from the garden area

Remember the skull on a stick I found in the woods?  (See Getting Freaky in the Woods if you don’t remember or you missed it.)  Shortly after I discovered the skull sculpture, I found a chair sitting by the creek.  It was getting curiouser and curiouser until our neighbor stopped by and solved the mystery.

Going back to the woods

Our neighbors have a grandson who likes to fish.  His grandson has a friend he hangs out with who also likes to fish.  Being boys, they also like to tramp around in the woods, having adventures and looking for treasure.  A skull, of course, is a major discovery.  Putting it on a stick is a work of honor and art.  The boys have occasionally, piece by piece, been bringing things into the woods with them, such as the chair pictured in the first photograph.  It’s summer.  They’re having fun settling in and creating their own little magical world in the woods and by the creek.

A little puff of magic left behind by a fairy

Because our pond needs to be fished, the boys are now well established fishermen here and have been coming by 3-4 days a week (sometimes more, sometimes less).  They started out with just their fishing poles.  Now they bring chairs, buckets, and a cooler.  The cooler isn’t for the fish.  It’s filled with food and drinks to sustain them as they work hard trying to catch fish.  Another friend tagged along today so there are three boys out there fishing the pond.  They have been having great luck this afternoon, catching quite a few fish.  As I was out for my walk one of the boys caught a good-sized bass.  He was a hero to all (except the bass, of course).

This is Sandy

Sandy, whose face is a little overexposed because she insisted on keeping it in the sunlight while she cooled the rest of her body in the creek, is the neighbor’s dog.  She comes over to our place to visit often.  Sandy is a good old dog.  Very sweet.  She has a doggie version of Alzheimer’s, poor thing, and has a hard time remembering how to get home.  She followed me down into the woods today and went for a swim.  I stayed put for a while because I know that she’ll follow me, and she seemed to really be enjoying herself in the creek.

Eventually I had to leave the woods because I have lots of things to do.  Sandy, as expected, followed me out.  I returned her to her boy (the neighbor’s grandson).  It was nice to have her company while I was back in the woods.  Knowing Sandy has made me think about finding a dog of my own.  Someday.

The Goodyear Blimp

The Goodyear Blimp came by today, too.  It’s been quite a busy day here at Breezy Acres, what with all the visitors.  The blimp came by this morning while I was eating my breakfast.  I didn’t have my glasses on at the time and I saw what looked like a big Mickey Mouse head in the distance.

This morning's view of the pond. See the blimp?

Well, it’s hard to find in this shot since it’s so far off in the distance.  It’s to the right and looks like a speck of dark in between some clouds.  It doesn’t look a Mickey Mouse head at all, something I discovered when I found my glasses and put them on.  Sometimes putting my glasses on is a disappointment.  A big Mickey Mouse head (in the form of a hot air balloon) would  have been more fun.  Not that I don’t enjoy seeing the blimp.  I always run outside and take a few photos when it appears on our horizon.

The Green Dragonfly

I found a new dragonfly today, too.  It’s a green one.  I really should learn to identify these creatures now that I’m spending so much time with them.

You might be thinking, “What happened to the shorter posts promised yesterday?”  This IS shorter.  Only ten photos instead of the usual fifteen or more.  Hopefully I’ll learn how to make them even shorter.  Change takes time.  Or a lack of time, in this case.

39 Comments on “293: A mystery solved”

  1. Marianne says:

    What a beautiful way for the boys to spend a summer, Robin. So glad the mystery is solved.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Marianne. 🙂

      I’m so glad there are boys around to have adventures on our property. The woods, the creek, and even the pond need a few boys with good imaginations to liven things up. My granddaughters are girly-girls (so far) and not inclined to want to muck around in the woods, although the oldest one will go fishing with us.

  2. Beautiful, as always.
    Sandy looks like my sweet Cleo – no doggie dementia yet, but she doesn’t see or hear too well anymore.
    Hoping that cooler, drier stuff makes it here by morning!

  3. comingeast says:

    Gorgeous pictures, as usual. You live in such a pretty place.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, ComingEast. 🙂

      I don’t think I appreciated it nearly as much as I do now that I’ve been out there exploring every day.

  4. Eden says:

    I know what you mean about the heat. It has been really hot where I live as well, and today has been blessedly cool and not humid 🙂

  5. Pat Bean says:

    Thanks for the nice walk and swim with Sandy today. I love your bog

  6. What a fun day! I remember when my brother and I were kids, we would go exploring through the woods in a park down the street, and make up all kinds of stories – it was so much fun!! I agree, today was GORGEOUS (and wonderful to have a brief break from the humidity)… too bad I was stuck at work all day!! 😦

    • Robin says:

      I remember those days too, Holly. That’s why I’m so glad the boys can come over here and have their own adventures and explorations. I’ve been trying to time my walks early so I’m not out there disturbing them.

      Looks like hot weather will be returning soon, but it’s nice when we get these respites. 🙂

  7. Chloe [Photographer] says:

    i just ‘discovered’ your photos & i’m impressed, you approach & perspectives are great, i like your style
    the first photo is a favourite for me, it’s so calm & relaxing

  8. I’m sure I smiled the whole way through today’s adventures at Breezy Acres, Robin. It’s always the little things in life that mean the most. And if you’re contemplating finding a puppy friend someday, I would highly recommend it. Animals are the most loyal of friends and very easily pleased. 🙂

  9. Ah, the dog looks so relaxed in the creek! And being the “parent” of two fine canines, I have to recommend getting one–they are delightful!

    Finally, I have to say that the dragonfly photos really do amaze me! What beautiful creatures, and the colors are amazing!


    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Kathy. 🙂

      I’ve always been a cat person, but lately I’m beginning to appreciate dogs more and the way they interact with people. I think it might be nice to have a canine companion on my walks.

  10. Kel says:

    the art of fishing

    how lucky is Sandy to have you and your pond and creek as neighbours

  11. TBM says:

    I’m with Sandy…the water looks refreshing. It has been so humid here.

  12. Martina says:

    Graet dragonfly shots, those are my favorite here.

  13. jenna says:

    Sandy’s quite pretty, and looks very relaxed and refreshed in that water!

  14. elmediat says:

    Beautiful compositions. The tone and mood built consistently through the series to capture the timeless summer of youth. Great work !

  15. lynnekovan says:

    Lovely summery scenes. Great shots! I especially love your doggy in the water, what a sweetie! Really restful post./

  16. It’s not every day you have a blimp to photograph!

    I remember back in the 80s the Goodyear Blimp flew low over my house. I was all excited about getting a picture of it- until I realized I had left the lens cap on.

    • Robin says:

      lol, Tracy! I’ve done that a few times. The lens cap is a necessary inconvenience.

      True, we don’t see blimps every day, but we do see them often here. We live near the Goodyear Blimp Hangar. 🙂

  17. the landscapes with the beautiful skies are just lovely

  18. Christine Grote says:

    Oh to be a youngster again with a fishing pole and a whole afternoon.

    We saw a blimp here recently. Maybe it was the same one.

  19. eof737 says:

    Beautiful collection of photos… the woods are inviting, the water cooling, and those dragon flies… are divine. 😉

  20. Dana says:

    Happy to hear that the mystery was solved. I would have felt ill at ease not knowing why that skull was propped up.

    I also have to second the notion about getting a dog– they make WONDERFUL companions and are great to be with on walks! 🙂

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