290: Sunday Signage

The birds don’t appear to paying much attention to the sign.  Or if they are, they don’t seem to care.  There is a lovely view from that sign, looking out over farms, fields, and the city of Lancaster in Pennsylvania.

M and I arrived home around noon today.  The weekend was fantastic and I think I took about a million photos.  Well, maybe not quite that many.  But a lot.  The aviary provided plenty of photo ops, and so did a visit to a fairy tale land where we met Mother Goose, a dragon, some princesses, and a couple of elves.

I’ll be trying to get caught up again soon.  Thank you for sticking with me through all the travels of late.

It’s not so bad if you stay in the shade

Hanging out in a shady spot, hiding from the sun

Today is what they call a scorcher.  It is hot (close to 90 degrees), but the humidity isn’t too bad.  The best place to be today is either in the shade or in the pond.

A volunteer

Since we’ve been gone for almost four days, I decided to take a tour of the property to see what’s going on out there.  The volunteer sunflower (“volunteer” meaning it came up from a seed dropped last year) bloomed while we were away.  We’ve never had a sunflower bloom this early in the season.  It is an oddly shy sunflower, keeping its head turned away from the sun and almost tucked into the shade.  Perhaps, like me, it really doesn’t care too much for the heat.


I took my walk around mid-afternoon, not a great time for taking photos.  Everything is overexposed to some degree.  But I sort of like the glow it gave to the sunflower.

Enjoying the shade of the asparagus ferns

The bogs are not so boggy right now.  In fact, the ground is hard as a rock.  We need rain.  A couple of days with a soft and steady rainfall would be good.  A lot of the flowers that are out in the open are not faring well.  Those tucked away in the shade (such as the Blue-Eyed Grass I started this part of the post with or the Black-Eyed Susan just above this paragraph) are looking healthy and happy.

The deer flies continue to flourish, but the mosquito population seems to have decreased.  There is probably not enough standing water puddling around for them to breed in.  I’m going to head back into the woods on my walk tomorrow since it’s likely that I won’t need to carry a cloud of insect repellent with me.

A bounty of vegetables

On our way home today, M and I stopped off at a local place that has been advertising itself as a CSA.  It is not a true CSA as the produce is not from one particular farm, and some of it isn’t local but did come from the southern part of the state.  We decided to give it a try and left there with two boxes of produce for $23.00.  We are going to be eating a lot of veggies this week, particularly greens (lettuces, escarole, and more).  The guy threw in some extras, vegetables that were starting to age a bit but are still good enough.  The extras were mainly beets and cucumbers.  I’ve already roasted the beets on the grill.  The “good” beets had some fabulous looking tops so I’ll be sauteeing those in olive oil with some garlic later.

Along with our greens and beets, we also received red and white radishes, green onions, some little squashes (zucchini and yellow), and green beans.  It occurs to me as I type this that the dude forgot to include the tomatoes (from Marietta, Ohio, which is south of here) that were listed.  Hmph.  Might have to run back up there once I get this blog post finished.

I do regret not checking our own garden before stopping off for the two boxes of fruits and veggies.    Our lettuces recovered from the groundhog and are doing really well.  I picked a big bagful and there’s still more to harvest.  I see a big salad in our dinner future.  The Swiss chard looks amazing, and I’ll be harvesting a lot of that tomorrow.  What really surprised me were the cucumbers.

Some of the bush cucumbers, which I someday hope to plant enough of to be able to make lots of jars of pickles, are ready to be picked.  I did pick the biggest one of the bunch just to have a taste.  I don’t think I’ll have enough to make it worth the effort to pickle and can, but at least I’ll get an idea of how many each plant produces so that I can plant a suitable amount next year.

That’s about it from the not-so-boggy Bogs for now.  Thanks for dropping by!  🙂

38 Comments on “290: Sunday Signage”

  1. tjfox says:

    Not sure if you are a fan or not (I’m not, actually, but your mention of cucumbers made me think of it), but you could always make a batch of cucumbers and onions. Not sure if you are familiar, but I believe there is cider vinegar, a bit of sugar and cucumbers and onions. I’d have to check with my mom to be certain. She always makes that up when she has a small batch of the cucumbers to be used.

    I love our shy sunflower!

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Fox. 🙂

      And I am a fan. My mother used to make cucumbers and onions all the time. I have her recipe, and will make up a batch today.

  2. Eden says:

    That shot of the blue bird is precious Robin 🙂

  3. starbear says:

    Love the flowers… and the sign cracked me up! Birds can’t read… so it reminds me of Arlo Gutherie – This land is your land lyrics… LOL!

    • Robin says:

      I’ve been singing that song since I read your comment, Starbear. lol! I like the way the birds get their message across regarding the trespassing sign. 😉

  4. My Sara’s been grilling beets, as well–quite wonderful! Welcome home. It’s infernally hot here and humid, as well! Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!

  5. Kathy says:

    I’ll bet you are glad to be home, scorcher or not. It’s humid and hot here, too. Your first droopy sunflower made me feel the heat even more. Glad to hear you met Mother Goose!

  6. Christine Grote says:

    Oh my goodness. Is that a bluebird?

    • Robin says:

      Yep. It’s a bluebird, Christine. Your comment is almost word for word what I said when I saw the bird sitting on the sign. 🙂

  7. Tammy says:

    The bird on that sign is classic. What a capture!

  8. elmediat says:

    The bird sign is great. I took it to mean that the bird was standing guard. People have been trespassing on Nature for years.

  9. carlaat says:

    Love beet tops sauteed in butter with garlic- yum!

  10. Nice photos Robin, I like the bird on the sign! Gotta do the rain dance! veggies look good!

  11. nigel says:

    I wonder what sort of bird that is… so blue!

  12. Kala says:

    That volunteer sunflower is so pretty – the petals are like golden hair flowing in the wind.

  13. penpusherpen says:

    Gorgeous little blue bird, Robin, he can trespass in my garden any time. and that brilliant Sunflower had an upside down heart shaped centre, I’m sure of it. . ( nearly cricked my neck to see it 🙂 ) Lovely to catch up, and have a great week my friend. xPenx

    • Robin says:

      Good eye, Pen! I noticed it too while I was resizing it for the web. 🙂

      Wishing you a good week, too. And try not to crick your neck looking for upside down hearts. 😉

  14. Anna says:

    Gosh those are lovely sunny sunflowers! Love the bush cucumbers. Yep, it has been a scorcher… whew! Enjoyed the post and photos. 🙂

  15. Karma says:

    Hi Robin! Love your bluebird! So sweet – I never seem to see them around here. The sunflowers are gorgeous too – that is one flower that I have never been able to grow. When I start them from seeds, the critters dig ’em up and eat ’em before they grow and when I start plants they wither and die. We’ve got your scorcher here today. Good day to be inside in the A/C.

    • Robin says:

      Hi Karma. 🙂

      Thank you. The bluebirds can be hard to spot. They’re really fast movers and they don’t usually stay in one place for very long. The best place I’ve found to spot them (although I haven’t been able to photograph them there) is the bird bath. They love it. We sometimes have six or more in there splashing around like a group of kids.

      We have trouble with the critters eating our sunflowers, too. I think my husband sprayed some sort of repellent around them this year. It seems to be working so far.

  16. The flowers make me think of Georgia o Keefe.

  17. hugmamma says:

    The veggies inspire me to become a vegetarian…something to contemplate seriously the older I get. I’ve never had luck growing sunflowers. The insects seem to start nibbling away at the leaves before the poor flowers even raise their sunny heads. I’m growing a sunflower in a pot now, hoping it’ll survive better. We’ll see. And birds…love their chirping and watching them dart in and out of our birdfeeders. Especially like the littler ones. The blue jays haven’t returned as yet, and while they’re beautiful, they scare off the small finches. We try to accommodate both, but the jays can be hogs. I supervise when I can.

    all this to say…hugs for sharing…hugmamma. 😉

    • Robin says:

      My husband and I are transitioning to a plant-based diet (vegan). We’ve been doing fairly well for the most part. I figure if we can manage it at least 85-90% of the time, it will still be better than how we used to eat years ago.

      I love listening to and watching the birds, too. 🙂

  18. eof737 says:

    Loved that sign… Th bird didn’t’ give a rat’s behind over it… LoL! Great photos. 🙂

  19. Dana says:

    Great bird shot at the top, Robin, and those fresh vegetables are making me hungry!

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