311: Sunday signage

That is some expensive chicken.  But it is the Original Chicken so I suppose it might be worth it.  We saw this sign in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania during our last trip out that way in July.

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310: Morning jewels

Morning jewels

I woke up early this morning, and found it foggy outside.  The pond was barely visible from up at the house.  While the rest of the folks in the house were just beginning to stir, I went outside to see what kind of treasures the fog and dew had helped to create.

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309: Hot and steamy cycling adventures

Under the bridges on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Stark County

As promised, I have some photos from yesterday’s cycling adventures.  No self portraits are included.  It was a 3H day (hot, hazy, and humid).  I was not a pretty sight by the time we finished our six mile ride.

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308: Gone fishing

The guys went fishing yesterday evening.  Noah caught five fish.  M caught one.  It was considered a successful outing.  All fish were returned to the water as part of our usual catch and release program.  The program is a result of not having the proper equipment to clean a fish and an unwillingness to do the actual cleaning even if we had the proper equipment.  Well, unwillingness on my part at least.  Any of the guys would likely do it.

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307: Waiting for the train

Waiting at the train station

My father and nephew arrived safe and sound last night.  We had a little bit of a wait at the train station in Greensburg, Pennsylvania yesterday.  Their train left Philadelphia 21 minutes late and it snowballed after that as they followed one slow freight train after another.  All in all, their train came in about 2 hours late.  It gave M and I a chance to check out The Supper Club, something we wanted to do after we took the train from Philly to Greensburg, but our train also arrived late and we decided at the time we should just go home as it’s a 2 hour drive from there to home.

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306: Colorful

Hiding in the colorful balls

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Colorful.  I have quite a few colorful photos from our trip to Pittsburgh and Idlewild with our granddaughters and their parents.  While some of these are not the best photos, they do meet my criteria (they are colorful and they don’t show too much, or any, of the girls’ faces).

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305: Great Blue Heron

A Great Blue Heron stopped by for lunch yesterday just before our friends arrived for our little fish taco party.  A good time was had by all, including the Great Blue Heron who seemed to have fed well while he was here.

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