277: Jellyfish

The Akron Zoo  has a jellyfish exhibit titled Jellies: A Rhythm in Blue.  It was one of my favorite exhibits, perhaps because it’s not easy (but not impossible) for me to anthropomorphize when it comes to some aquatic creatures.  It’s particularly difficult with jellyfish since they don’t have any recognizably facial-like features (easily explained by the fact that they don’t have faces).

None of the shots I took are very good, but they will give you some idea of what the exhibit was like.  In my defense, I was there with my family, including two children (ages 6 and 2) who didn’t want to wait all day while I figured out how to shoot through glass avoiding glare, reflections, and fingerprints.

This is the Akron Zoo’s first saltwater exhibit.  There are ten aquariums featuring seven different types of jellyfish.  The jellies are fascinating to watch.  I’d like to go back and spend more time looking at them (and yes, trying to photograph them).  Perhaps M and I can fit in a visit during the week sometime soon.

I could have flipped that last photo for you (and it does look kind of cool that way), but it wouldn’t have been accurate.  Quite a few of the jellyfish were swimming upside down.  Having said that, let’s do it just for fun:

The flipped version

I like it better that way as it looks the way I expect jellyfish to look.  Expectations and reality don’t always match, do they?

I was surprised to discover (once I got home, of course) that I didn’t take any photos of my favorite which was the spotted jellyfish.  Yet another reason to go back and see the exhibit again.

Some of the jellies, such as the one pictured above, looked as though they had neon or some sort of lighted gel flowing through their bodies.

If you want to see more, check out this video on YouTube.  It shows a few of the jellyfish that I either missed or didn’t capture well enough to put on the blog.

Today’s outdoor adventures were not terribly exciting.  I had chores to do.  Weeding, hanging laundry, that sort of thing.  I didn’t take the camera along since I still have plenty of photos from the weekend to upload, sort, etc.

It’s a beautiful, summery day here in the Bogs.  The sun is shining, it’s quite warm (in the 80s), but it’s relatively dry which makes it not so bad.  The breeze is helpful in keeping things a little cooler, too.

That’s about it from the Bogs for today.  I’ll be back tomorrow with an example of what I meant when I wrote about anthropomorphizing.

25 Comments on “277: Jellyfish”

  1. They’re all really pretty…and all really creepy. The third one’s very good, with the yellow jellyfish against the blue background.

  2. judithhb says:

    I had never considered jelly fish sufficiently important for an exhibition to be mounted about them. Your photos certainly make me think. Photos 1 and 3 look as if they have been posed for your camera.

  3. Eden says:

    Too cool Robin! I agree with sunsetseasoul, the third one’s very nice. I like 6 too 🙂

  4. I think these photos are amazing! I took some of jellyfish that had washed up on the shore in Miami that were pathetic compared to these! How mysterious and spiritual they look!

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Kathy. That’s what I thought when I stood there in the dark watching them move in the water. ‘Mysterious and spiritual’ sums it up well. 🙂

  5. Dana says:

    Just outside of Victoria where I live (in Sidney, BC), there is a place called the Ocean Discovery Centre. (Well, it’s actually called the “Shaw” Ocean Discovery Centre because the cable company put up big bucks to have it made.) Anyway. The Centre is FULL of jellyfish, starfish, octopus (octopi?), blooming algae, sea anemones, etc. It. Is. AWESOME!!!

    I appreciate the challenges of taking a good jellyfish photo. Marty and I found it nearly impossible to get a decent photo when we visited the centre, especially because the glass is in a dome shape, too!

    Love these pics. Jellyfish look so surreal.

  6. carlaat says:

    Love the graceful jellyfish! And glowing orange with watery blue – such a great color combination! Beautiful photos, as always!

  7. Kel says:

    Robin they are awesome photos of jellyfish!
    what a spectacular line up

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Kel. 🙂

      I think one of the reasons I’m not happy with the photos is the lack of motion. Jellyfish in motion are quite a sight to behold.

  8. Karma says:

    I think you did really well with the photos. Those are tough lighting conditions in an aquarium plus having the glass between you and your subjects. The photo of the jelly you flipped reminds me of the jellyfish in the Spongebob Squarepants cartoons!

  9. Beautiful post! Followed you here from Judith’s shout out and glad I did ..I’m hooked!

  10. jenna says:

    I saw a huge jelly exhibit at the Baltimore National Aquarium some years ago and loved it – it was similar to the images you’ve posted here. I think all beasties are sufficiently important to have exhibits 🙂

    • Robin says:

      It’s been a long time since I last visited the Baltimore National Aquarium, J. I was thinking that when the M&M’s move out that way, I might get a chance to visit again.

  11. Christine says:

    Jellyfish always wig me out – these are terrific photos of those strange creatures!

  12. SAJ says:

    there are So cool! i don’t think i’ve ever seen jelly fish so up close before – they are very intriguing!

  13. Tammy says:

    The Long Beach Aquarium has a jelly fish exhibit and I find it magic. Your photos turned out well despite glass glare (I don’t see it) and your kids’ patience.

  14. These are so cool!!

  15. Robin says:

    Thank you, Christine, Subha, Tammy, and Michaela. 🙂

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