264: At-home retreat

Still water

True silence really means going deep within yourself to that place where nothing is happening, where you transcend time and space.  You go into a brand new dimension of nothingness.  That’s where all the power is.  That’s your real home.  That’s where you really belong, in deep Silence where there is no good or bad, no one trying to achieve anything.  Just being, pure being… Silence is the ultimate reality.

~Robert Adams

Barn Window I

I have decided I need a little break from the blogosphere.  This is day 264 of my outdoor and blogging commitments, there are some things going on that I don’t want to write about just yet, and I could use a little retreat.  To meet my commitment to blog, I have scheduled a couple of posts.  To meet my outdoor commitment, I’ll be spending a lot of time outside, communing with Nature.

Barn Window II

I am going to have a little at-home, Life in the Bogs Retreat.  I will fill my day with Silence as I practice yoga, meditation, take walks, eat nourishing and nurturing (and healthful!) foods, write in my journal, and even do some chores as part of the whole process.

Retreating into the green

So, enjoy the scheduled posts and I will be back live, so to speak, on Friday.  Hopefully I’ll be refreshed and ready for the last 100 days of my outdoor commitment.  Well, okay, technically it will be less than that by the time I return to blogging, but I’m sure you get the idea.

17 Comments on “264: At-home retreat”

  1. Good for you for taking a break! Every day posting is a tremendous commitment – especially for an entire year! Everyone needs a chance to relax and take a breather once in a while. BTW, I love your quote at the top of the page, I may have to borrow that one!!

  2. Bo Mackison says:

    Great rejuvenating plan. Good for you, taking care of yourself!

  3. Sounds like a good plan – rest well, friend.

  4. Eden says:

    I like the window shots, especially the second 🙂

  5. boatacrosstheriver says:

    Have a nice rest! Hope all is well.

  6. Good for you, Robin. See you later in the week!

  7. Hallysann says:

    Enjoy your “you-time”, Hope all goes well.
    Catch you again later 🙂

  8. Kel says:

    space is always good for the soul
    may it deliver what you are seeking

  9. and what a retreat you have! peace

  10. penpusherpen says:

    Back to Nature seems an excellent plan, Robin. catch up with you when you return. xPenx

  11. carlaat says:

    Sounds beautiful. Hope you are enjoying every minute.

  12. Marianne says:

    Sounds wonderful, enjoy, Robin. I love the quote also.

  13. What a wonderful idea. I’m going to steal it sometime when I feel I can take a break. Hope it is everything you hoped it would be and more.

  14. All this green looks sooooo peaceful.

  15. Robin says:

    Thanks, everyone. 🙂 The retreat was just what I needed. I highly recommend it, even if it’s just for a few hours.

  16. Dana says:

    I hope you had a wonderful break. You deserve the ‘me’ time (and by ‘me’, I actually mean ‘you’!) 😉

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