259: Scenes from Philadelphia

2 Lanes to Phila. On the Betsy Ross Bridge.

I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning on my computer this morning.  This led me to sorting through the photos I took in Philadelphia last month.  I thought I’d share a few before I put them away on the back-up hard drive.

Somewhere in Fishtown

As some of you may recall, M and I went to Philadelphia to visit with a friend, Jenna.  We met her at her studio where we got to look around her space, and then she took us on a tour of the building that is divided up into lots of spaces/studios for artists.

Upstairs in the studio

I hear there is a good view from up in there, but I didn’t have the nerve to do much more than peek from the stairs.

The work bench

The piano

I think I could have spent a few hours in the building photographing nooks and crannies, windows, light, shadows, and all sorts of stuff.

I wasn't even tempted to climb up this ladder

Cracks in the windows

The broom

Normally I try to fill the space between photos with all sorts of babble commentary.  But I feel a little word-less today.  Perhaps the photos want to speak for themselves.

The curtain

Today’s Outdoor Adventures

Hot and humid.  That pretty much sums up today’s weather except for the weird sky this morning.  We were under a severe thunderstorm watch and the sky was a sickly shade of yellow for a little while.  The storms didn’t make it here although I did hear some thunder off in the distance.

Exploring yellow in the alcove. Processed in Picnik.

It was almost the color yellow in the photo above, but a little more on the sickly side.  The photo was taken in what I think of as the alcove, where the sheltered rhododendrons and peonies live.  I used Picnik (the Heat Map 2.0 feature) to process it.

Coming to an end

The peonies are dying.  The rhododendron flowers were all scattered to the winds.  But there are other flowers coming to life out there.

This little yellow flower was hiding in the wildflower meadow.  I’m not sure how it got there.  I used to have a bunch of these as “weeds” in the vegetable garden.  Perhaps they decided to move to a place where they were wanted and better appreciated.

I’m not sure what this flower is, but think it might be some kind of multi-flora rose.  The leaves remind me of the leaves from rose bushes.

Storms are expected later today.  They’re arriving ahead of another cold front which will cool us down into the 70s.  Perhaps I’ll be a bit more inspired tomorrow, when things cool off.  I didn’t venture far today.  The heat and humidity have this way of stealing my energy and enthusiasm.

It will be interesting to see if Summer is capable of enticing me to fall in love with it the way the other three seasons have throughout my commitment to get outside every day.  I have serious doubts.  If I were spending the summer in the mountains or by the ocean, it might be a different story.  But here in the Bogs?  I don’t know.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

29 Comments on “259: Scenes from Philadelphia”

  1. Hallysann says:

    I especially like the bridge photo at the beginning, very nice.

  2. Eden Ellis says:

    Neat shots 🙂

  3. Love the colors in all the studio photos – what a great place!

    And I’m right with you in the “too hot and sticky” club – come on, cold front!

  4. What an interesting studio!
    That very last one… is it a flower, or more like a bush? To me it kind of looks a little like raspberry flowers? Could that be?? But then again, thy do look a little like roses, too.

  5. An interesting series of photos today Robin. Look at that poor old piano! It could use some T.L.C. for sure. Jenna’s studio looks fantastic, like a real treasure trove of interest.

    I will be watching closely to find out if you do fall in love with summer, as I have tried for years myself and have failed miserably. If you do manage the task, I will be looking carefully for tips on how you have achieved it.

    We have just had a cold snap here, with temperatures dropping to 3 deg. C overnight and a maximum predicted today of 16 deg. C. Everyone is complaining about the cold, while I’m loving it! 🙂

  6. Kieran Hamilton says:

    I love the bridge shots, and the shots of the windows from inside the building, especially “the work bench” picture. It looks like a pretty cool place!

  7. Wow, I would have loved to see that studio! How fun! (It’s still hot as hell here, as well!.)
    Stay cool,

  8. Bo Mackison says:

    Wow, I haven’t been to Phillie for years, but we were there over the 4th of July. Amazing fireworks.
    What a studio. You are absolutely right about enough nooks and crannies to keep you photographing for hours. Love that broom. Don;t love that ladder–at least the thought of climbing it…

    We had a storm come through last night. Took us from the 90s to the 50s so maybe you will be getting cooler weather soon. Much relieved that heat and humidity have left for awhile–it really does take a lot out of a person!

  9. carlaat says:

    I like the broom shot. All of them, really!

  10. Kala says:

    I love the curtain shot. The perspective, tones and light are fantastic. Would LOVE to wander that place.

  11. penpusherpen says:

    We seem to wait so long for flowers to bloom, and then they go and die on us so quickly. Hmf!! BUT loved the Studio photo’s., Robin, and the cracked window, looked like a giant spider , ready to weave a huge web.., We here in England seem to be on the verge of a Summer of Drought… Water Shortage …us ? When rain seems to happen like clockwork, but apparently it’s the wrong sort… and maybe it won’t fall where they tell it to.. 😉 xPenx

  12. Marcie says:

    Love the Phliadelphia scenes…especially the artist spaces.

  13. As many times I have been over and under the Betsy Ross Bridge–gosh, you/’ve made that tired old bridge look like art. Bravo!

  14. Dana says:

    It’s always interesting to see artists’ studio spaces. They are as varied as the artists themselves! Neat shots today!

  15. […] Sometimes the best laid plans of mice, men, and women do work out.  That was the case yesterday.  On our way to New Jersey to visit with my family, we stopped to see Jenna, our artist friend.  She sent us an invitation to POST and we decided to surprise her by showing up since we planned to be nearby.  Regular visitors to Life in the Bogs may recall that we took a tour of Jenna’s studio back in June.  For those who didn’t see the post or want a refresher, click here. […]

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