240: Cleaning machine

(Pergola in the wisteria garden at Longwood Gardens.)

My Spring Cleaning Project may well be the longest spring cleaning in the history of spring cleaning.  In my own defense, I’ve been keeping fairly busy with other things (proofreading, traveling, blogging, going on daily outdoor adventures, etc.).  Also, I declared 2011 to be The Year of De-Cluttering.  I have been sorting, sifting, and making decisions about Stuff.  Lots and lots of Stuff.  Sorting, sifting, and making decisions about Stuff often takes time.


Some of the Stuff is easy and takes little time.  If I haven’t used it, needed it, or wanted it in the past decades year then it’s time to recycle, re-purpose, donate, or throw away.  I have boxes of books, and bags of clothing and household goods to donate.  Stuff with expiration dates that are older than my children have expired went into the trash.  A few items have been re-purposed.

Tulips that remind me of candy canes

There has been no real rhyme or reason to the areas I’ve chosen to de-clutter.  Or so it seemed to me at first.  But as I walked through the house today, I realized there is a pattern, one that has meaning to me.  Call it intuitive de-cluttering, a way for me to work through the house one step at a time, occasionally dealing with the Stuff that isn’t easy.

Empy bench. The grass and flowers are overexposed, but I sort of like it anyhow.

The best thing about it all is that there is space opening within myself as well as in my home.  And that, as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing.

White tulips

The weather has been beautiful today.  Too nice to stay indoors.  However, the cleaning had to be done so I decided to get on with it, while still finding excuses to go outside (hanging laundry out to dry, washing windows, and whatever else I could think of).

It was not all work and no play, though.  I finally decided to quit cleaning and de-cluttering and go out for a stroll around the pond.  M has been working diligently on the lawn and garden, specially the parts of the lawn that we mow (and badly needed mowed).  I appreciate all his hard work as it has made it easier to take a stroll around the pond without having to wade through high grasses.

I’ll leave you with a few scenes from my walk.  I hope you had or are having a most enjoyable and sunny Saturday.

21 Comments on “240: Cleaning machine”

  1. Didn’t you fall in love with Longwood Gardens–who wouldn’t? Every season is a showcase.
    Is Breezy Acres your property? How lovely? (How lucky you are!0

    • Robin says:

      Longwood Gardens is amazing, Teresita. 🙂

      Yes, Breezy Acres is our property. It was once part of a farm named Breezy Acres so we kept the name. It’s a good name as there is almost always a breeze here.

  2. Kel says:

    Robin you crack me up…i was happily watching your little stills movie but nearly missed the hilarious little comment at the end

  3. dragonfae says:

    I love the picture with the pergola! It’s simply stunning! 😀

    There’s still almost an hour to go until the supposed rapture (it’s supposed to be 6pm Pacific time) though I’m absolutely certain I won’t notice if it does happen. I am hoping it will clear some folks out of California though … way too many of them packed in here. 😉

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, DragonFae. 🙂

      lol! I was hoping a few folks might get cleared out too. It didn’t happen. Maybe next time… 😉

  4. Bo Mackison says:

    Hmmm…..decluttering is on my list this year too. I’ve managed one (big) closet and my studio. Hope you are doing better than that!

  5. SWK says:

    Such beautiful flowers!

  6. eof737 says:

    A very impressive collection of flowers and I love the way you organized the shots. 🙂
    The pergola is my favorite! 🙂

  7. Beautiful tulips and garden photos. Decluttering is a great idea. It’s harder for me with little kids toys all over. I hope you have success with that and keeping outside. That also does wonders.

  8. bearyweather says:

    My Spring cleaning does not begin until school is out … and I look forward to it. Unlike my job teaching, there is an immediate reward, visual evidence of my cleaning work (the grass looks nice, the counter is once again visible, the garage does not have layers of salty dirt from the winter caked to the floor) …
    Love the bright and cheery tulip pictures … I am still waiting on the flowers around here to bloom.

  9. All these beautiful pictures REALLY make me want to go to the Arboretum… if only it wasn’t so hot and humid outside.

    I have desk decluttering on the list for (hopefully) tomorrow.

  10. penpusherpen says:

    The Bench I loved, it wants to be used so much. We have one which needs a lot of loving care, but it w

    • penpusherpen says:

      oops, what happened there? This keyboards got a mind of it’s own, Robin. So, where was my train of thought going? Hm,seems it left without me 😉
      Ah yes, our old bench, it waits, and waits to be repainted, and now I have plenty of time to do the job, perhaps it will get a new lease of life. Much like myself I suppose.
      Love the Foxgloves, a firm favourite and I walked the walk in Breezy acres. ‘Tis very breezy here, I worry for the tiles on the roof, and next doors Spruce trees seem to be waving to me. I wonder should I stray outdoors, would I take off Like Mary Poppins? 🙂 xPenx

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