228: Through the farmlands of Lancaster County…

… past the capitol of the state of Pennsylvania…

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania from across the Susquehanna River

… over the bumps…

… and over the mountains…

… past the men at work at the start of construction season …

… we made our way today.  Until we finally reached our destination…

Home! (Photo taken from the back of the pond before we left on our trip.)

We’re home.  We were welcomed by this pair:

Izzy & Bella

They were thrilled to see us as it meant they could go outside, eat grass like the goats they think they are, soak up some glorious sunshine and fresh air, and then wander around on the patio for a little while.

For those that followed Project Patio, I thought you might want a good look at it now that it has settled in a bit.

View of the pond while on my walk today

I was glad to be free of the car and went for a little wander up to the garden, and then back to the patio where M and I relaxed for a while, enjoying the warm, wonderful weather.  Things are still not as green here as they were back east.  Going into the mountains of Pennsylvania it was clear where the warmer, sunnier weather has been hanging out.  It was green on the eastern side.  The trees barely have leaves once you get past the eastern slopes.

It’s good to be back.  My thanks to all who have been visiting (and commenting!) while the blog was on auto-post.  I have tons of photos to sort through.  The photos I’m most looking forward to seeing and sharing are those taken on a hike through a wildflower preserve.  It was incredible.  The Longwood Gardens shots should be nice too, but there is something about wildflowers that excites me more than the cultivated flowers.

I have kept my commitment to get outside every day.  Once the rain cleared out after our trip in, we had gorgeous weather.  We went on a couple of hikes, grilled outdoors, and got more sunshine and fresh air in one week than I think we got during the entire month of April.  The weather is different over there.  Certainly warmer.  We are not that much further north, yet it’s enough to make Spring here seem about two to three weeks behind Spring there.

I hope all you moms out there had a fantastic Mother’s Day.  See you soon (that would be tomorrow, given this commitment) with, well, whatever suits my fancy, I guess.  I’m going back out to the deck to watch the sunset.  It looks like it’s gonna be a good one.

20 Comments on “228: Through the farmlands of Lancaster County…”

  1. jenna says:

    Your tulips are in full bloom! We only have the late ones, and the stragglers.

  2. judithhb says:

    Welcome home.

  3. Bo Mackison says:

    Welcome home. Travels are lovely, but coming home to the Bogs is always a special day! Looks like the kitties are happy you are back.

    That first photo, the farm, that’s lovely. It really struck me as being different from the farms near here. So symmetrical, so flat. We seem to tuck our farms in the rolling country, at least in the part of Wisconsin that the glacier forgot to level.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Bo. 🙂

      Pennsylvania has those rolling hills, too. I just happened to catch a flat area, although it’s deceptive as the farm is on top of a hill rather than tucked into a hill.

  4. milkayphoto says:

    Welcome home, Robin! Glad you made it back safely!

    Your felines are cuties! I bet they missed you!

  5. It’s good to be home, isn’t it! Your cats are darling. And I love your patio!

  6. My cat thinks he’s a goat, too; he loves chewing on grass. My favorite shots from this post are the ones of the pond, I guess there’s no place like home :).

  7. i do like photo stories. can’t wait to see the rest. lovely photos.

  8. Abby says:

    Gorgeous pictures, and what sweet kitties :] they look happy to be out in the sun.

  9. Welcome home!
    I like how you documented the drive 🙂

  10. sherri says:

    i feel like i got to go with you…sort of:-) i could certainly use a break from sitting at this computer. love the farm at the beginning, those workers have quite a look on their faces and the kitties are angel babies. bless their little hearts!

  11. Robin says:

    I know what you mean, Sherri. I’ve been spending too much time sitting here since we returned home.

    The kitties are little devils at times, but I love having them around. 🙂

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