222: Rain, rain…

(Looking at the tulips through a window on a rainy day.)

The rain has been pouring down since the wee hours of the morning.   I sometimes wonder if it is possible for the earth to drown or just wash away with all this water.

The grass is drowning in puddles

I’ve been trying to look at all this rain in a positive way, but it’s becoming increasing difficult.  If I were going to be home all week, I would have to wait until Thursday or Friday for a chance at dry weather with hints of sunshine.

Impossibly green with raindrops

The green, I suppose, is one of the positives.  I don’t think I have ever seen the world turn as green as it is right now.  It almost surprises me that everything hasn’t been bleached out by the rain and the grayness of the skies.

Yellow tulips on a rainy day

I’m posting early today because I have a full schedule ahead of me.  The housesitter will be settling in this afternoon and I need to get things ready for her.  I also have to do some proofreading, get in the rest of my outdoor time, and pack my bag.  M and I will be on the road again sometime this evening.

A single tulip in the rain

We’re going east to visit with family.  It will be quick trip.  We might fit in some fun while we’re at it.  It depends on the weather.

Raining on the pond this morning

The high here today is going to be about 44 degrees.  49 degrees tomorrow.  The high where we’re headed (New Jersey) is going to be 83 degrees today, but down into the 60s (with rain) tomorrow.  We’ll be bringing the rain with us.  But it should be nice on Thursday, and warmer than it will be here in the Bogs.

I’ve set up auto-posts for the time I’ll be away, but will try to post a “live and in person” post when I can.  I’m pretty sure I will not have internet access over the weekend.  Rest assured I will be getting outside every day, rain or shine, and I’ll be certain to take a few photos of my adventures.

See you next week!

24 Comments on “222: Rain, rain…”

  1. CMSmith says:

    I feel the same about all the rain. Enough already.

    Have a great trip.

  2. Sounds like the weather we’ve had Sunday/Monday. The backyard ponds (aka puddles) are still there, but at least the sun is shining again today. Hope it stays that way for a while.

    Have a safe trip, and a great time in NJ! Crossing my fingers that the weather will play along, too.

  3. patbean says:

    The tulip photo is amazing. I love it.

  4. I love the photo of tulips through the rain

  5. Kieran Hamilton says:

    love the pictures, I think the first and the fourth shots of the tulips are my favourites, kinda abstract. Hope the rain stops soon!

  6. WOW for the tulip photo. Like the way the colors are just running together and overlapping–makes a great watercolor–in more sense than one.

  7. We’ve had an ungodly amount of rain here, as well–it has been crazy wet. Love the photo of the tulips through the rainy window. Have a great trip, Robin. See you soon—————-

  8. Wow, it really looks like your land is sinking, Robin. Maybe you should think of getting a gondola :P. All the pictures of the vibrant green are lovely, though, so there’s an upside to the rain.
    Have fun on your trip!

  9. Love the look of the rain in front of the flowers. Nice images. Feels like fine art.

  10. I love your adventures and am excited to see the pictures. I love the tulips thru the window. Beautiful!

  11. We have been getting a lot of rain, and clouds, and wind, and cooler temperatures (again)… but I can only hope that there is something warmer and sunnier on the other side of this! Love the shots of the tulips through the rain-covered windows! Have a great trip!! 🙂

  12. Meredith says:

    Have a great visit! And send some of the rain our way – we could really use it!

  13. I do like what you did with the rain in your photos. Very artistic. You are so right, it is VERY green. Wasn’t too long ago it was very white. 🙂

    Traveling east will be with the rain unfortunately. Safe travels! I am still holding out hope Saturday will be good enough for an excursion of my own.

  14. Barbara Rodgers says:

    “Impossibly green with raindrops” looks so inviting – I want to reach in and get my arms all wet! Amazing how bright the tulips remain in the rain. Enjoy your trip and time with family!

  15. Sybil says:

    love the first shot of the tulips through the rain soaked window.

    endless rain here in Nova Scotia too.

    Your plants are a bit farther ahead than ours.

  16. Robin says:

    Thank you all so much. I’m glad you enjoyed the tulips in the rain. 🙂

  17. mimo khair says:

    great shots! I love the first abstract so much!

  18. Derrick says:

    Love this one!! So abstract!

  19. bearyweather says:

    We shared the same rainy picture ideas … only my rainy window pictures only had brown to show through …. still waiting on the green to show up. I love your first tulip picture, it is gorgeous.

  20. investment says:

    The rain is beautiful!

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