250: Scenes from a bike ride

Ready, set...

The city of Akron was co-founded in 1825 (so it is younger than the township in which I live) by Paul Williams and surveyor of the Connecticut Western Reserve General Simon Perkins.  It was interesting to learn this because the street where we met M the Younger and his wife, Merdi, is named after Paul Williams and we have often wondered if it was named after the composer/songwriter (we were obviously unsure of any possible local link, not knowing much about him) or someone else.  History mystery solved.

The really important thing you need to know about Akron, for the purposes of this bike ride, is that the name is derived from the Greek word ἄκρον which means a summit or high point.

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249: Memorial Day

Blowin' in the wind

In northeast Ohio, in between the cities of Canton, Akron, and Cleveland, and surrounding some of the bigger villages that are not big enough to be cities and so they are called villages in Ohio, you will find small rural townships in which the “downtown” is really nothing more than a crossroads.  On the corners at the crossroads, if the town is big enough, you might find a church on one corner, a firehouse on another, a bank on still another, and maybe a restaurant (or a competing church) on the last corner.  Often there is a traffic light and if you get a green and speed on through, you might not even realize you’ve passed through the center of  a town.  I hesitate to call it “the center of a town” as it really isn’t a town or a center at all.  Just a crossroads.

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248: First boat ride of the season

Relaxing on the pedal boat

I took my first pedal boat ride of the season yesterday afternoon.  I pedaled around the pond a few times, took a few photos, then I put my feet up and drifted for a while, enjoying the sunshine and the breeze.

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247: Water on sunnier days

(At the Alluvial Fan in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.  August 2010.)

I’m dipping into some water shots I took while we were in Colorado last summer, just for the fun of it.  And because the weekend is getting busy and it’s easier to bring up old photos than to upload, re-size, and post new stuff.

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246: Saturated

Last one to the swim platform is a rotten egg

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is:  Water.  It is not much of a challenge for me.  In fact, it is so easy that I was tempted to complicate it.  Because that’s how my mind works at times.  Take something simple, add a dash of this and a pinch of that, and the next thing you know, I have a huge project on my hands.

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245: Stormy weather

Stormy weather. Taken yesterday evening when the first round of storms rolled in.

We had some wicked storms move through last night.  Fortunately for us, the energy seemed to have fizzled out a little before they got here.  Places west and north of us experienced 70mph winds, and at least one tornado.  We did have some pretty spectacular lightning.  Someday I should learn how to photograph it.

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244: Beginning to feel like summer

One of my favorite photographic subjects is back in the water.  The rowboat often seems to have a personality, especially as it somehow slips free and floats around the pond on its own.

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