216: A visit from the Green Man

Knowledge was inherent in all things.  The world was a library and its books were the stones, leaves, grass, brooks… We learned to do what only the students of nature ever learn, and that was to feel beauty.

~ Luther Standing Bear (1868-1939)

This morning I stood at the back of the house and looked out at the meadows stretching out towards and around the pond, the meadow grasses merging with the wetland cattails, the cattails leading the way to the woods.  Everything is so incredibly green.  It’s as if the Green Man himself came by and with one touch brought the greening of the land.

The grassy fields are dotted with dandelions, a carpet of green and yellow stretching out over the small hills near the future woods.  I know some folks think of them as weeds, but I enjoy their color and watching their little heads bopping around in the breeze.

Spring is the season of life and beauty unfolding.  I’ve been going outside a couple of times a day, making new discoveries each time.  I can almost watch the asparagus shooting up from the ground, it’s growing that quickly now.  A spear that was just coming up in the morning is ready to be picked by late afternoon or early the next morning.

I decided to go back into the woods again today.  It was so magical back there yesterday that I felt like I was being called to visit once more.  On my way down the hill I came across a small turtle.  S/he couldn’t have been more than an inch and a half long.  I don’t know how I managed to spot such a little thing, but after visiting with it for a short time, I was much more careful about where I put my feet, watching the ground for other creatures out for their morning walk.

I saw my first bullfrog and dragonfly of the season on my way to the woods.  The bullfrog didn’t hang around long enough to photograph and the dragonfly flew by so fast I almost didn’t see it.  Back in the woods, the daffodils are still partying, their heads bobbing around to the music the wind, birds, and spring peepers are providing.  There was another sound in the woods.  I’m not sure what it was, but I think it may have been tree frogs.

The creek is still running high.  With more rain expected today and tomorrow, I’m sure it will continue that way for a while.

I read somewhere that early spring corresponds to the period of childhood when all things are questioned or enjoyed for their own sake.  I think it was in a Caitlin Matthews book.  I’m not sure and can’t seem to locate the exact quote.  The idea makes perfect sense to me.

I keep wanting to sit down and write about how my outdoor commitment has changed me, but every time I try to do so, words escape me.  I can’t explain the joy and thrill of each new discovery of things that have probably been here all the time, in their proper season.  Things I never noticed because I wasn’t aware in the same way I am now aware.  (I have to admit, though, that it still sometimes takes me a few days to notice something such as a tree that has fallen over, so my awareness is still not all that great.)

I knew this land was magical when we made the decision to live here at Breezy Acres.  Somewhere along the way, I forgot about the magic.  I took it all for granted and stopped going out on a daily basis to see what was happening each day.

There is a rhythm in life, a certain beauty which operates by a variation of lights and shadows, happiness alternating with sorrow, content with discontent, distilling in this process of contrast a sense of satisfaction, of richness that can be captured and pinned down only by those who possess the gift of awareness.

~ Louis Bromfield

It’s still wet and muddy and slippery back in the woods.  I prepared for it today by wearing my hiking boots.  They have much better traction than the garden shoes I was wearing yesterday (when I hadn’t really planned to go back into the woods, yet ended up there anyway).  The Spring Beauties seem to have spread, making their way up the side of one of the little hills.

I stopped to see if any of the fairies were at home and would pose for a photo.  Alas, like the male cardinal, they seem to be camera shy.

The next message you need is always right where you are.

~ Ram Dass

I eventually made my way out of the woods and to the high path through the future woods.  No longer protected by the trees and being on lower ground, I found out just how gusty the winds are today.

It’s growing dark now.  There are storms coming.  Time for me to get this posted and go make sure the hatches are all battened down.

Short update:  Well, it was a little late for the trash bin.  I went out to get it (today was garbage pick-up day) and it was gone.  The wind, which started blowing really hard a couple of hours ago (30 mph with gusts up to 40-50 mph) has probably carried it hundreds of miles away.  On the plus side, I glanced out at the pond just in time to see a huge red ball go skipping across the water.  (It brought to mind The Prisoner, but that was a big white ball.)  The ball skipped its way out of the pond and into a white pine tree.  If it’s still out there (I can’t tell), we may have exchanged one trash bin for a big red ball.

153 Comments on “216: A visit from the Green Man”

  1. judithhb says:

    I am enjoying your posts and sharing with you the reawakening of the world around you.
    I had never heard of Luther Standing Bear but did some research. Haven’t we been hard on the native peoples in this world and don’t we have much to answer for?
    Where in your vast continent is Breezy Acres – is that the name of your property or the area in which you live?

    • Robin says:

      Hi Judith,

      Breezy Acres is the name of our little piece of property. It used to be a farm with that name, then the owners sold the land in bits and pieces. It’s located in northeastern Ohio, not too far south of one of the Great Lakes (Lake Erie).

      Yes, we have been much too hard on the native peoples of this world.

      Glad you’re enjoying the posts. 🙂

  2. Pat Bean says:

    i wish I could take walks with you. Since I can’t I enjoy going along armchair style. Thanks for sharing

  3. Ah, the little turtle is so cute, Robin! I’m glad to know your outdoor challenge and made you fall in love with the place you live all over again. That’s terrific!

  4. Thanks for all the green, Robin. I’m having a rather brownish week, and this post has considerably cheered me up. It’s magical to watch life spring, be there, be present in the exact moment a miracle is happening. I think it’s harder to remember in the late autumn and winter, but at least I have your spring to remind me :). If you ever make friends with the fairies, say thanks to them for keeping the flowers blooming from me.

    • Robin says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, SunsetSeaSoul. 🙂

      And if I should make friends with the fairies, I’ll be sure to pass on your message.

  5. The Green Man has finally arrived here too. What a nice collection of beautiful photos, Maid. I keep looking for a fairy in the first photo–very magical, delicate.

  6. Wow, what a difference from all the brown just a few weeks ago!

    • Robin says:

      It always amazes me, Michaela, how fast things can change. Here we are, all green and spring-like, with snow in the forecast tonight.

  7. Kel says:

    cute little turtle

    sorry about your bin loss 😦

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Kel. There’s good news. I didn’t find the bin, but a neighbor did and she dropped by after seeing me out looking around. I must have looked as though I was searching for something. 🙂

  8. Marcie says:

    The green is somehow taking me by surprise after this long and seemingly never-ending winter. Love the greens in this image.

  9. milkayphoto says:

    Lovely to see the changes in your landscape. In the depths of winter, it is hard to imagine the green will ever return, but yet, each spring, it does and refreshes our soul…

  10. smileonlife says:

    Oh what a beautiful post. I really felt like I was there walking with you. I love how you write and the photographs are really beautiful.

    How lucky to find that little turtle! so sweet.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, SmileOnLife. 🙂

      I think the turtle was a lucky find too. Somehow we dodged the bullet when it came to strong storms last night and early this morning. Perhaps the turtle put in a good word for us.

  11. Derrick says:

    That first picture is fantastic!! Very moody!

  12. I love these pictures and live vicariously through you. Spring is so short in the desert that I enjoy coming to your blog to get a glimps of srping the way I imagine it to be. Thank you!

  13. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Welcome, Green Man! I love the stump surrounded by all the cheerful little bluets!

  14. You’ve captured such glorious color here…beautiful! 🙂

  15. ournote2self says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Sajeevs blog says:

    Very fresh, green and beautiful:)

  17. Spring is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the sights.

  18. Connie T says:

    I love green. Your pictures are so beautiful. Fairies make everything green. Maybe.

  19. Jordan says:

    Beautiful photos! I’d love to talk a walk through those trees! Looks like the faeries have definately been out and about where you live! 🙂

  20. Great pictures. It’s good to see you on Freshly Pressed.

  21. WOW…very nice pictures. I’m a HUGE fan of greenery, especially tall grasses and swaying palms.

    Here in San Diego, everything’s in bloom. We have plentiful Mustard Flower, so many places are carpeted in yellow. The sight is dazzling from afar, but once up close, you see what a weed the Mustard Flower really is, just like people.

  22. sms4421 says:

    I’m definitely a nature lover. I’d consider myself a landscape artist for the fact that I do make Bonsai. I really have to say you got talent for seeing theses things. And the turtle, the little creature is just stunning. And of course, the ambiance simply is amazing. Keep it up!

  23. Dana says:

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed, my online friend! You deserve it– always such beautiful photos and insightful prose.

    I’m happy to hear how joyous your daily outdoor excursions are for you– no words are required to describe your new-found awareness and acknowledgment of the magic outside! 🙂

  24. Camilla says:

    I love your blog, it’s positively beautiful! Thank you for sharing your “nature journal” with the world, great job!

  25. Sandy Sue says:

    It was lovely finding you Freshly Pressed. Your photos make me breathe a little deeper.

  26. enjoibeing says:

    awesome photographs! spring is finally here and things are looking greener than ever! nice post

  27. Scott says:

    Absolutely beautiful! You are fortunate to live in a place such as that–though I’m sure you know this!

  28. dnadella says:

    I just found this blog under Fresh Press. The pictures you take are gorgeous! How green everything looks during the spring/summer is the reason green is my favorite color!

    I’ve been wanting to start photographing for a while now and was never sure how to start, but this definitely gives me ideas where I can start!

  29. so, so beautiful. thank you so much! i needed those pictures this morning!

  30. Robin says:

    Oh my. I normally try to respond to each comment but this is pleasantly overwhelming.

    Thank you so much everyone for stopping by and commenting. I truly appreciate it. 🙂

  31. justinp5960 says:

    In this world, on a macro level, there is less and less emphasis on nature and more emphasis on technology. Cutting down of the rainforest’s can and will cause huge problems for humanity as a whole. Diversity is so important to this planet. Many of the earths species are losing their habitats and are dying off quickly. Deforestation and technology may be what kills of the human race some day.

  32. ikram says:

    very beautiful pictures, it makes me feel relax.
    thank you

  33. Lovely,lovely words and photos – so glad FP led to your part of the world today!

  34. […] I was Freshly Pressed around this time last year so I knew where to look when I saw my stats jumping up to numbers I never see on a regular basis.  The post that was Freshly Pressed today, in case you’re interested, is A Visit From the Green Man. […]

  35. Christina says:

    I’m telling you – you could make a little $$ selling a calendar or any sort of collection of your work 🙂 See how much everyone likes it?

  36. Geoff says:

    You have a really nice set of images here. I love the green theme.

  37. todd2011 says:

    PERFECT! Awesome photographs. Thanks for sharing. I like your blog.

  38. Really beautiful photos! especially the narcissi… I’m glad there’s others who appreciate things like dandelions and don’t just think of them as weeds. I really appreciate them as they’re one of the first splashes of colour to come out here in Britain. The bees appreciate them too as there’s little else at that time 🙂

    Very calming to read your blog

  39. Wow, Robin, sorry I missed this today. But congratulations, my friend! You SOOOOOOOOO deserve this!

  40. carlreed says:

    Wow, I wish I could see scenery like this every day instead of these dull brown housing estates

  41. mglag says:

    Thanks for sharing your backyard to us. It opened my mind, wish i could live someplace as beautiful as yours some day.

  42. Lovely images. I love Spring, filled with possibility and new growth!

  43. Karen says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  44. Jessica says:

    Wow. These pictures are stunning. 🙂 Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  45. jaelle says:

    Hi there! I found you under Fresh Press and had to write in to say that I LOVE your place! You are so lucky to be where you are!!!

  46. Lesley says:

    Thank you so much for reminding me that nature exists just outside my door. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day whirlwind of work, to-do lists, family, etc., that it becomes rare to take a few moments to be in the serenity that dwells such a short distance away. Thank you!

  47. Maria says:

    Spring is amazing – longer days, the sunlight takes on a new color and temperature, everywhere there’s at least 12 shades of green.

    Nice job on the photo essay part of this post. I think you captured it all very well.


  48. You’ve got a great appreciation for nature… thank you for the beautiful images and uplifting narrative! Beautiful!

  49. Robert says:

    Your approach to the commanalities between nature and people are both poetic and polite. Not only did you allow me to sense the beauty of your subjects, but also feel the emoutions of your subjects.

  50. This was beautiful.I loved the little turtle, who was probably wishing he could be as fast as the other creatures so he could get away from the camera too. The red ball on the pond… what an image that created. Made me think of a childhood film I watched at the public library, The Red Balloon, i’ve linked below.
    Well done on the FP!

    • serity says:

      I liked this film as a child too. They used to have the Annual American Film Festival at church once a year when I was a child when it was too new and too young to get a movie theater to volunteer to host it or maybe they couldn’t afford the movie theater rental costs for such an endeavor in those days. Nowadays, it seems strange that a film festival would be hosted by area churches, or maybe one area church. This would be one of the films they would show there. I don’t think I would’ve ever seen this particular movie or film, if it hadn’t been for the church hosting the film festival when I was a child and this film being in the film festival. Thanks for posting a link to it here! I never realized it was on You Tube!

  51. printpasteplay says:

    WOW truly beautiful place thanks for letting us take a tour! (^_^)o

  52. investment says:

    Green is my favorite color. 🙂

  53. Yay! Freshly Pressed! You deserve it for all those wonderful photographs. Congratulations.

  54. dreamxingdong says:

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  55. PR says:

    Really enjoyed this blog post. The images are amazing and the writing is exceptional!
    Take a look at my blog if you get the chance, I’m new to this stuff but I want to get good.

  56. nazarioartpainting says:

    Wow beautiful photos. I love it! You are great artist photographer.

  57. ava812 says:

    It’s as if I were with you when you are doing your walk. Thank you for sharing!

  58. taureanw says:

    It’s amazing that no matter how stressed I am just a few minutes staring at something so beautiful can put me incredibly at ease

  59. beautiful! may your heart awaken its preception through your journies with the green beings. Blessings!

  60. I feel more relaxed just looking at these images. Thank you for sharing your lovely little corner of the world.

  61. GreenLif3 says:

    I loved the part about the fairies. Nature is beautiful, andoyu are lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

  62. Sony Fugaban says:

    Like what I wrote on my recent post, the verdancy of my surroundings reminds me of how worth it my efforts are to be an eco-warrior. I thank God that I can still see the green leaves of the trees around. There’s so much about your pictures that makes me feel at peace. There’s so much hope for these green creatures we see around.


  63. nelucraciun says:

    Frumos reportaj fotografic despre primavara!

  64. Spring is my favorite season, always has been. Your post gave me the deep sense of calm I get when I garden. I yearn to buy a house that is on quite a bit of land, and immersed myself in your wonderful afternoon of exploration.

    Thanks so very much for this post. It was magical and reminded me that my yearning is because I want to have, every spring, the type of experience you had on your land.

  65. xiaxilee says:

    Everything is so beautiful in your post! Life is so wonderful!

  66. richannkur says:

    Refreshing green colour…

  67. hiraman says:

    Oh! What colours! The world is so beautiful and still don’t have time for it. If we could spend just some moments we would realise what we are missing. the was something inspiring in these pics and your post.

  68. the pictures look like you’re in an enchanted, beautiful place. congrats. great post.

  69. simply7ayaty says:

    WoW, Great Photage, really nice place everyone wants to be there 🙂

  70. mytreetv says:

    Hi! I like all the green things!
    And your pictures are TREEtastic!
    Keep it green and have a look at MyTree.TV.
    See Ya!

  71. yetanothermind says:

    Though you already know it, I’m telling you again -the whole world is jealous of you. FACT. I’ve always been dreaming of a paradise like that. 🙂

  72. Great nature-inspired photos you got here! I love the melancholic/ fascinating feeling the photos are creating. Congrats on being FP!

  73. Picture perfect! This is the essence of Taurus & of course, the Green Man.

  74. blackwatertown says:

    Absolutely lovely thoughts and pictures.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  75. Pollyanna says:

    Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. Those boggy woods look very magical, my imagination is all a’sparkle with the thought of it. x

  76. Bindu John says:

    It was a visual treat for me. Here in the middle of the desert I am always nostalgic about my native place which is too green. I long for green. The pictures are so soothing. Now I can’t wait any more for my trip to my place!

  77. AryanMolaeimehr says:

    wow,just beautiful, i love it ,thanks

  78. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  79. Libby says:

    I am thrilled to have found your wonderful blog. I love the sentiment of your posts and the pictures are fantastic. I am going to put a link on my blog and visit regularly.

  80. Gian Carlo says:

    Wow! You’re sooo blessed to see that kind of wonders of God!

  81. Yasir Imran says:

    Beautiful and awesome photography. I am a photographer too, but not like you.

  82. R S L Hare says:

    You are a wonderful writer, your words really glow off of the page. The photographs you have shown us are at least as beautiful, I can’t stop gazing at all of them! You are gifted.
    Thank you especially for the first photo, it reminds me of a place I used to love playing when I was a child.

  83. Joccoaa says:

    i’m thinking about snow and your posting about ‘a carpet of green and yellow’ sounds like a pretty time of year, i really like your photos


  84. markuri says:

    What a set of nice pictures you have here. It motivates me to hone my photography skills (although I’m only using a prosumer camera). Thanks for sharing…

  85. jpmbooks says:

    Robin – Your eye for detail, and beauty in the smallest things is wonderful. Here at the other side of the earth, the European leaves are colouring and losing their leaves in an unseasonally cold start to winter, and even the Australian natives are looking chilled….

  86. Hi. I’m Stella. It’s really good to see your pictures after a hectic day in Jakarta. So close to the beauty of nature. 🙂

  87. Robin says:

    Thank you all, so very much, for visiting and leaving such lovely comments. I am honored and touched by your words. 🙂

  88. serity says:

    You have such beautiful photos of beautiful nature in your blog. Thanks for sharing them. Did you take them yourself?

  89. […] Robin’s lovely blog, which expresses exactly how I feel this morning, as I regain strength. Robin’s fabulous Green Man post  is currently featured on Freshly Pressed. Please visit it to see her […]

  90. wbabdullah says:

    Simply breathtaking, beautiful photos–where do you live again? And can I camp out in your backyard?!?!

  91. mimoon says:

    Hi, such a amazing photos!!!
    Lovely. Enjoy it.

  92. The Green Man aksed me to thank you for such a lovely rendering of his artwork!! 🙂 And also, we Humans appreciate this welcomed bit of fresh life on our sterile comupter screens! Lovely post, glad I found you!!! Looking forward to exploring your blog more!!! Have a wonderful weekend and great job to WordPress for picking you for Freshly Pressed!!!

  93. Hey – congrats on your feature, you deserve it! What a beautiful post! I agree, green certainly is coming back in full force, and I am loving it!!

  94. SherryGreens says:

    I have recently turned over a new green leaf too, and it has me appreciating and noticing the wonder of nature around me. I noticed that we have a pair of falcons nesting two doors down, I noticed the different calls of the different birds, I noticed the white bunny fur, rubbed off from winter, lying on our grass. Even in our urban setting, nature persists.

    You live in a gorgeous area. Thank you for sharing it.

  95. Solange says:

    very beautiful photographies. In efect, spring is the more beautiful season. Thank you. Sorry I don’t understand very well inglish language (and I don’t write very well to) : what are the Bogs ? Is a country ?

    • Robin says:

      Hi Solange. 🙂

      “The Bogs” is the name I use for the area where I live. It is in the U.S., and it not the real name.

      Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting.

  96. l0ve0utl0ud says:

    Beautiful photos. The colours and the light are stunning.

  97. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  98. […] 13/05/2011 · Filed under Art, Canon, english &#183 Tagged CANON HF100, fotos, Green, photography, photos Knowledge was inherent in all things.  The world was a library and its books were the stones, leaves, grass, brooks… We learned to do what only the students of nature ever learn, and that was to feel beauty. ~ Luther Standing Bear (1868-1939) This morning I stood at the back of the house and looked out at the meadows stretching out towards and around the pond, the meadow grasses merging with the wetland cattails, the cattails leading the way to … Read More […]

  99. yingyingxue says:

    nice!Green is stand for living!

  100. Isn’t it fun to be Freshly Pressed? Congrats! I am sure this post popped right out at and just needed to be recognized.

  101. (Sotirios) Nick Vakakas Gordon says:

    Awesome visuals. Well done!

  102. Lissa Masters says:

    Stunning photos! I have been attracted to all the flowers and especially cacti that surround me here in California. I have an idea for my next post about nature. It is so important to connect with nature. It not only nourishes us, but helps us to remember who we are as divine beings here on the earth. Best of luck!

  103. Great photos! It’s finally starting to turn a bit green here in Colorado too… though we just got a few inches of snow on Monday, it mostly just stuck around long enough to water everything. I wish it’d rain instead… it makes me feel less despairing about winter ever ending. 😀

  104. meo nguyen says:

    Your post made me feel tender. Thank you for your enjoyable sharing!
    I love your photos. Can you tell me the type of camera you used for taking them?

  105. dancingfreak says:

    you must be very lucky to live in a place like that. Im envious 😦

    the photos are beautiful 🙂 I was just wishing i was there….

  106. Robin says:

    Once again, thank you so much everyone for stopping by. 🙂

  107. themacadamia says:

    my favorite season 🙂

  108. banbamama says:

    wow, this is great. You have captured your trip beautifully in words. I often feel like this in Spring. There is something childlike about discovering new growth. The photos are so clear and GREEN! I like your copyright name. Nothing quite like the warmth of the morning sun on your face…

  109. Oh! What colours! The world is so beautiful and still don’t have time for it. If we could spend just some moments we would realise what we are missing. the was something inspiring in these pics and your post.

  110. What a great post!
    Tons of lovely pictures. 🙂

  111. The little turtle reminds me of a day I went to an old farm (with a pond) that had a mill. I found a little snapping turtle heading toward the pond by way of a small stream. I caught it.
    And I soaked my shoes trying to capture it.

  112. I feel more relaxed just looking at these images. Thank you for sharing your lovely little corner of the world.

  113. Robin says:

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

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  115. I was so sad when they canceled this show. I loved the premise of the show and it always amazed me that it was never boring and the story lines always unique. Hope you enjoyed the finale although I feel it was quite rushed. I think I read somewhere it was filmed prior to them knowing whether or not the show’s contract would be renewed so it was set up as a quasi-finale that ended up being the actual finale.

  116. Really effective photos, they really show what springs about.I would love local wildlife like yours near me. 🙂

  117. Thanks for sharing content to read.

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  120. What wonderful spring pictures! Just what I needed to get me through January. Thank you!

  121. […] And the woods are starting to green.  I suspect we’ll be having another visit from the Green Man soon. […]

  122. […] Note:  My first (and Freshly Pressed) post on the Green Man can be found here. […]

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