210: Sun worship

(A robin soaking up the sun.)

I can understand it.  Sun worship, that is.  There has been some form of it throughout various cultures, throughout recorded history.  After a long, cold, mostly cloudy winter, and a spring that has brought snow, rain, and mostly cloudy days, nothing perks things up like a day of sunshine.

You need light to see shadows

Here in the Bogs we have moved from the doldrums into the light of the sun, and it is a glorious, wonderful thing.  The birds are celebrating.  The trees and flowers are celebrating.  And I was out there celebrating.  I should have been doing other things (such as proofreading), but I couldn’t resist the lure of the big ball of light up in the sky.

Maple tree enjoying the sun

I danced around the purple maple tree for a little while, admiring its new buds and blossoms.  I had no idea what a budding maple really looks like, not in an up close and personal way.  (Click on any of the photos to see more detail in the slightly larger versions.)

Just as the catkins of the pussy willow drew me in while they were blossoming and seeding, I found myself taking numerous shots of the blossoms on the maple.  They look so beautiful in the sunlight.

As far as my outdoor commitment goes, I knew I would enjoy Spring.  I did not realize just how much I would enjoy it.  Even with the chilly weather we’ve been having, life marches on.  I almost feel as though the colder than usual spring is a gift, one that has slowed things down, giving me time to see the maples (and other trees and plants) slowly unfurl their buds into blossoms, seeds, and leaves.  It’s a fascinating, awe-inspiring, process.

Buds and blossoms and branches

And just look at that sky!  Isn’t it one of the prettiest shades of blue you’ve ever seen?

Today is the kind of day you have to say “Yes!” to.  That’s all.  Just a big, resounding, YES!

The wind is brisk and chilly, energizing and invigorating.  We are normally in the 60s by now (temperature-wise).  We’ll be lucky to hit 50 today.  It doesn’t matter.  The sun is shining down upon us.

The earth has received the embrace of the sun and we shall see the results of that love.

~ Hunkesni (Sitting Bull)

Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.

~ John Lennon

Leaves on the old apple tree lifting up towards the sun

A leaf fluttered in through the window this morning, as if supported by the rays of the sun, a bird settled on the fire escape, joy in the task of coffee, joy accompanied me as I walked.

~ Anais Nin

Bluets sunbathing by the pond

I found a few violets near the bluets, almost ready to open up.  I suspect they did open up and turn their open faces towards the sun sometime this afternoon.  I haven’t had time to go back out and look.

Woodland daffodil enjoying the sun

I’d better get back to work.  I need to make up for this morning’s joy (walk).  I hope you enjoyed this sunny day in the Bogs as much as I did.

Morning view of the pond

39 Comments on “210: Sun worship”

  1. patbean says:

    Love the photos, all of them but especially the robin and the day’s view of the pond. Thanks for sharing.

  2. judithhb says:

    Isn’t spring great? A time of new beginnings and openings. We are into autumn/fall here. Short, colder days but yesterday the sun shone and the temperature reached 17 degrees Celsius. So we give thanks for each new day and certainly every sunny day.

    • Robin says:

      Spring is wonderful, Judith. 🙂

      I’ve been enjoying all of the seasons lately. I started my outdoor commitment the first day of autumn (here), and have reasons to love autumn and winter. Summer is the season I’m a bit worried about as I’m not a fan of hot weather or humidity. So we’ll see if I can manage to love summer, too. I’ll keep your great attitude about giving thanks for each new day in mind. I think it will help.

  3. Anna says:

    What a great post, beautiful photos and I just love the robin, maple tree buds and daffodil captures. The quotes are perfect. Nothing like the sun, indeed, to perk all up. 🙂

  4. My mother claims to soak up sun during the summer to last her throughout the winter.
    I love the shadows on the (impossibly) green grass, and the branches and buds against the intensely blue sky. Colors seem to be more vibrant than ever in your corner of the world!

  5. Val Erde says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous views and photos! (Hi, I’m visiting via Barbara’s blog By The Sea).

  6. Kel says:

    Great Robin Robin :p

  7. It’s so nice to see the sun again, isn’t it? Looks like allergy season is fast approaching… so glad it’s just about over for us! 😉

  8. Kathy says:

    Sun is magnificent! (And so is your post…beautiful sun-kissed flowers.)

  9. It was a gloriously sunny here today, also! And the maple blossoms are beautiful, Robin! Happy sunshine to you————–

  10. Bo Mackison says:

    Ahh, what a spiritual pick me up when the sun shines through! Sounds as if you had an exuberant walk in your part of the bogs today!

  11. mimokhair says:

    I love the photos and the sun is so warming in them. Thanks for the happy feeling you shared!

  12. Dana says:

    A very inspirational post! There is something about spring that brings out the best in everyone (and in our planet itself!) Beautiful photos. I second the earlier comment about the robin being my fave. 🙂

  13. ladyfi says:

    What wonderful shots – they really capture the lovely light that is spring!

  14. Karma says:

    I soooo understand sun worship! It is true; you must embrace days like that. Even during the winter when the sun comes out you may find me trying to enjoy a sunbeam coming through the window. The maple buds are beautiful. I never noticed them like that before either. I’ll have to look around the neighborhood for some to see if they are in the same state.

    • Robin says:

      I’ve been amazed at what I’ve been finding, Karma. You’d think after all these years I’d know about the maple trees and all the other things that go on outside in the spring. I am so glad I took on this commitment. I’m learning a lot.

  15. Barbara Rodgers says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever looked that closely at maple buds – they are beautiful in the sunlight. My favorite photo is the bluets sunbathing by the pond, it takes me back to my childhood – I always thought of them as sweet happy little flowers. Wonderful sunshine, fantastic quotes!

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Barbara. 🙂

      I don’t remember ever seeing bluets before we moved here. They may have been around, and I just didn’t notice them.

  16. Cmsmith says:

    I don’t know how you get such beautiful photos. I’m envious.

    • Robin says:

      Lots and lots and lots of practice, Christine. I was just looking at some old blog posts of mine from a few years ago and marveling at how much my photography has improved. 🙂

  17. I certainly AM enjoying the sunshine – I’ll take as much as I can get! I have been anticipating this Spring more so than ever before, we’ve had such a harsh winter, the sunshine and new growth are a welcome sight!

  18. Marianne says:

    Sounds like a beautiful day! The buds look awesome. We’re not quite there yet. Although we had warm sunny weather today, so hopefully soon.

  19. milkayphoto says:

    You just cannot beat a day of sunshine. I revel in it! We finally got ours yesterday…the air even smelled different. Spring has arrived and, even tho it is rainy and chilly today, everything is bursting forth. Won’t be long now!

    • Robin says:

      I think summer arrived here today, Tracy. It’s incredibly hot and humid. More rain (in the form of storms) coming. It might be time to build an ark. 😉

  20. […] When I finished my coffee, I stalked the yard for more signs of spring.  I was reminded of Robin’s lovely post with maple tree buds, when I saw these in my […]

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