205: April showers

It’s been a typical contrary April day here in the Bogs.  Rain, sunshine, storms, sunshine, wind, rain, clouds, sunshine, and so on and so forth.

A wet daffodil

I went out for my walk in between rain showers and storms.  We’ve been lucky so far in that we haven’t gotten any of the severe storms associated with the weather system that’s bullying its way east.  At one point it looked bad on the radar, but the storms broke apart just west of us and arrived here as nothing more than some light rain and a little windiness.

They went that way...

No gardening for me today.  I spent far too much time out there yesterday, and have the body aches and pains to prove it.  I’ve been doing some spring cleaning, and spent a little time on my temporary job.  Wondering what that job is?  I’m going over the proofs of a text book.  I try to get through a couple of chapters a day.  I have ten days to proof 100 pages so a couple of chapters a day pretty well covers things.  It’s dry reading, for the most part.  Nothing terribly exciting happens.  It’s been made more difficult than it ought to be due to the editors making major editorial changes (that include major mistakes), and sending it off to the printer before okay’ing those changes with the author.  Very bad idea, and it’s going to be more work for the editor as result.

Photoshopped hyacinths

When I’ve had enough dry reading, I take a short break to play in Photoshop or Picnik which are, by the way, the secrets to my post-processing.  I have been using the free version of Picnik a lot to get that soft look for some of the flower shots.  To get the painting-like effect you see in the above photo of the hyacinths, I used Photoshop (dry brush, overlay).  Since I don’t have instructions or follow instructions when I’m using Photoshop, it’s often difficult to divulge what it is I do because I don’t keep track.   I just… play.  It’s more fun for me that way.

Just plain old hyacinths without special effects

I was also asked about the type of camera and lenses I use.  My camera is a Kodak EasyShare Z981.  It’s basically a point and shoot, single lens, camera.  I do have some control in that I can switch to manual (and shoot in RAW), but it’s limited.

Sunshine and raindrops

It’s a good camera, all things considered.  I do want to jump into the DSLR pool sometime soon.  I already have a particular camera (and lenses) in mind, but will have to save up for a while.

The pond today

Looks like another storm is coming.  It’s gotten very dark outside.  We may need to batten down the hatches as we’re under a wind advisory until sometime tomorrow.

Red-winged blackbird against a gray sky

That’s April for you.  Calm and sunny one minute, blustery the next.  At least it isn’t snowing.

Morning view of the pond

33 Comments on “205: April showers”

  1. Your view of the pond is especially nice (the one right above the red-winged blackbird, which is also a great shot) – I love the framing of the branches at the top, and the shadows on the bottom!

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Holly. That’s one of my favorite views too, especially during the summer months when that big old maple tree provides plenty of cooling shade.

  2. Kel says:

    the greens and purple/fuschia in the first shot are just beautiful Robin

    did I know you are a proofreader!?! funny isn’t it when the subject matter is ‘interesting’ the job seems easier

    get a few more of those gigs and you’ll have your new camera in no time

    • Robin says:

      You probably didn’t know, Kel. This is only the second time I’ve proofread a book for someone so it’s not a regular job or career for me. I just hope nobody notices how poorly I sometimes proofread my own blog. Typos often abound. lol!

      But yes, another gig or two, and I’ll have my new camera. 🙂

  3. Good God, these photos are stunning, Robin! Stunning!

  4. subha says:

    gorgeous pictures as usual! what lens do you use? i’m impressed with your bokeh while your entire flower is still in focus.

  5. Bo Mackison says:

    Love the red winged blackbird shot. One of my favorite birds.

    I’ve been trying to capture one on a barb wire fence for the past several years — it’s just a photo that’s stuck in my head — and have had no luck so far.

    • Robin says:

      I hope you capture one soon, Bo. I know what it’s like to have a photo stuck in one’s head and not having the luck to capture it. I’m still waiting on the male cardinal… 😉

  6. Wonderful photos. I’m glad spring is here too. Thanks for naming the bird, I wouldn’t have been able to place it.

  7. These are so pretty! The first view of the pond is my favorite view of it. You can really tell that spring is in the air, with the buds on the tree, and beautiful green grass.
    (Don’t you just love it when storms weaken considerably before they reach you?)

  8. Marcie says:

    Exquisite beauty! Such extraordinary color in this!

  9. Pat Bean says:

    Viewing your photos is like taking a walk outdoors. I could almost hear the red-winged blackbird’s cheery song.

  10. penpusherpen says:

    Lovely Pick me up photo’s Robin, I’m feeling rather down, although mainly just energy wise. Looking after Bess is exhausting but what the heck, she’s rallied and eating and not in pain, so I’ve come to read up your past blogs and take a break as she sleeps.
    Wonderful pond view, and the colours of the plants are marvellous to the eye. Just sitting an soaking up the Morning view of the Pond. thank you for letting me stay a while and breath the air of April in your neighbourhood. xPenx

    • Robin says:

      *Hugs* Pen. I know you and Bess have been going through a rough patch lately. I’m glad to hear she’s rallied. That’s great news.

      Have a seat by the pond and enjoy the scent of hyacinths and daffodils. I’ll bring you a cuppa (whatever your preference) and see about turning down the blustery wind so you can relax for a while.

  11. Marianne says:

    Beautiful colors! I look forward to spring flowers. Today, we’re getting snow though so it may take a while.

    • Robin says:

      I hope the snow doesn’t last too long, Marianne. We are just missing it. For once, the lake seems to be protecting us rather than churning out the snow.

  12. Anna says:

    All the photos are just beautiful! Love the red-winged blackbird. 🙂

  13. CMSmith says:

    You take terrific pictures with your point and shoot. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  14. Karma says:

    Wow, your grass is so lovely green already. Nice! I’m always so impressed by your bird shots; I’ve been keeping my eyes open for the red-winged blackbird since you first mentioned them. Becky pointed one out to me on our walk, but it was too far away for me to get a picture.
    I work the same way you do in Photoshop Elements. I really don’t know what I’m doing – I just play around with stuff til I find a look I like!

    • Robin says:

      The bird shots are usually a lucky accident, Karma. Or I had to make 200 attempts at it before I got one decent enough to post. Birds are just not terribly cooperative. Perhaps they’re all camera shy. 🙂

  15. sherri says:

    It looks perfect.

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