202: Old

(Old and rusty fence.)

This week’s WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge is Old.  I could have posted a photo of me (haha), but I don’t consider myself old and certainly don’t feel old which is, I’m told, what counts.

Keeping the challenge theme in mind, I took a photo of an old fence while M and I were out on our 5k+ hike on Sunday.  I like to try to use new photos for challenges when I can.  Now that I’ve done that, how about a few from the archives?  Oldies of oldies, so to speak.

Red Rock Canyon. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The thing about old is, there is old, and then there is really old.  Ancient old.  The earth, for instance.  It would fit the category of Old quite well.  Red Rock Canyon in Colorado began its geologic development about 300 million years ago.  It’s old.

Paint Mines. Colorado.

The Calhan Paint Mines in Colorado were used by Native Americans in prehistoric and historic times, so they doubly qualify as old (geologically and historically speaking).

They are also quite beautiful.  If you ever happen to be out that way, you should visit.  The hiking is fairly easy and you don’t need any special equipment unless it rains.  If rain should fall, be sure to have some insect repellent.  The mosquitoes out there can be quite vicious.  M and I were almost eaten alive by them while hiking back to the car in the rain.

This is the first time I’ve really gone through the photos I took at the Paint Mines.  I have a ton of them and hope to share more sometime soon.

Today’s Walk

I walked 3.4 miles today.  Not as much as I would have liked, but it’s been a full day and I have to spend time at that temporary job I mentioned in a previous post.  If I have time later, I’ll go out and see what I can add to that.

Old barn

I went by one of the many neighborhood barns.  This one has been featured here a couple of times in the past.  One of these days I’m going work up the nerve to knock on the door of the house of the owners of the barn and see if I can go inside the barn, or at least walk around the outside of the barn and take photos.

Old thistle

Weather-wise, we’re having a very pretty day here in the Bogs.  The sky is clear, the sun is shining, and the temperature isn’t bad.  In the 50s.  It’s breezy, as usual.  The breeze is carrying the scents of freshly turned earth and spring flowers.  Nice.

Sun peeking around the old locust trees

Sunset last night was really something to see.  Since I didn’t want you to miss out on it, I took a few photos.  A few too many, maybe, so I’ll have to go through and weed them out.

Old Sol setting

That’s the problem with going digital.  It’s too easy to take too many photos, which leaves me having to make a decision about what to keep and what to delete.  Sometimes the decision is easy.  Sometimes, not so much.

There was more death to be seen on my walk today.  I came across a beautiful red fox.  She was lying by the side of the road, apparently not for very long.  I’ve been taking photos of that sort of thing, thinking it’s a record of my year-long commitment, but I couldn’t do it today.  No particular reason why other than it didn’t seem right.

A very-much-alive black squirrel

Perhaps it didn’t seem right because it’s spring and we tend to associate spring with renewal, birth, life, and all that good stuff.  I suspect the early spring might be one of the most difficult periods of time for wildlife.  Some of them may have barely made it through the winter months or they may be just finishing off their winter stores, and there is still not a lot to be found to eat.

One of the side-effects of this outdoor commitment is that I am, without a doubt, becoming an old softy when it comes to the beings we share the earth with around here.  I want to somehow save them all, in some fashion.  That’s not practical, of course.  Or even do-able.

Maybe I need to go hang out with some farmers.  They’ll set me straight on the practicalities of life, death, and everything in between.

24 Comments on “202: Old”

  1. Spending more time outside definitely does change a person! I have spent more time outside since I got my camera than I ever have before – certainly paid more attention to it, anyway. That sunset certainly is stunning – especially reflected off the pond!! Great photos for the challenge!! 🙂

  2. subha says:

    As always I love this pics – esp the sunset photos ;). What camera and lens do u use? I have the same problem of too many pictures – I have been trying to have a more critical wye when deciding what to keep and what not to. But ever since my dtr became I muse it has become much more difficult!

  3. rubenc18 says:

    Great post and AMAZING photos!!!

  4. Karma says:

    Once again, you’ve charmed me with your black squirrel photo. Love the sunlight shining on its fur.

  5. boatacrosstheriver says:

    love the photos out West — and that barn! i’ve got a thing for barns, too.

  6. Wow, Robin, the sunset reflected in the pond is stunning! Congrats on 3.4 miles!

  7. Bo Mackison says:

    Lovely collection. The rocks filled with all those colors–now that’s a place I’d love to see. And I love the old rusty fence – a great candidate for old. (But not you — old, I mean.)

  8. I love all these shots. The paint mines are stunning, the barn is delicious, and the sunset is simple breathtaking. Thanks for cheering me up on a not-so-great day!

  9. Love these shots! I got 4.9 miles walking today at work.

  10. I love the heart shape in the fence and the old barn. And I agree with you. Taking so many photo’s makes it hard sometimes to decide what to keep and what to delete. And it’s always hard to see death. I dont think my little eggs will hatch. 😦

  11. ladyfi says:

    Wow wow wow wow wow! Fabulous photos!

  12. Barbara Rodgers says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black squirrel before – what a treat! Love the old thistle and the old rusty fence…

  13. CMSmith says:

    I feel bad about the fox. They are such beautiful creatures.

    Good idea about using the earth’s geological feature for old.

  14. Those suset pictures are AMAZING!!!!!
    Fun to see a familiar shot from Colorado Springs, I knew right away where that was 🙂

  15. bearyweather says:

    The first picture would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, or love card.

  16. Love that rusty barn for the look and feel it gives me. Your black squirrel is great, almost looks like he’s posing for you. Great shot of the tree with the sun star shinning through. Wonderful post.

  17. Robin says:

    Thank you so much everyone. 🙂

  18. Marianne says:

    Robin, that sunset is amazing. Such beauty! The paint mines look like an intriguing place to visit.

  19. mimokhair says:

    This is so beautiful! I love the rustic feel

  20. These are wonderful shots! I don’t know which I like the best. The red rocks and the Colorado shots are beautiful – nothing like that exists in NC. Love the old barn and weeds. You should ask to go in. I bet there is amazing light leaking in between the old boards. Love the sunset shots too. Of those two I like the first one best. No real reason other then the simplicity of it is beautiful. And the black squirrel, how cool. We have white squirrels in the western part of the state.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you so much, Doris. And thank you for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it. 🙂

      We don’t have anything like the red rocks here in Ohio, either. Colorado is almost an alien landscape to me.

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