194: The creek is rising

(April showers.)

Before I get to today, I should mention that after posting yesterday we got hit hard with rain.  It came down so heavily that mud poured into the pond, mini landslides creating stripes across the pond.

(Can’t see the forest or the pond for the rain.)

At one point the wind steered the rain towards the back of the house in what I think of as a Window Washer.  It hits heavily in sheets, leaving the windows nice and clean (on the outside) when the rain stops.


Today we awoke to snow showers that didn’t last too long.  The temperature has been dropping.  We’ll be back in the mid-30’s for a high tomorrow.  It snowed again this afternoon, the entire time I was out on my walk.  Big, fat, wet snowflakes that aren’t sticking.  So far.  (The last time I mentioned it wouldn’t stick, it did.  So I’m not taking any chances this time.)


Spring seems determined to keep pushing through the cold and snow.  Some of the flowers are close to fully blooming, mostly those along the front of the house that are somewhat sheltered.

(Hyacinth, close up.)

It is wet, muddy, and boggy out there.  The robins seem to love it.  All the rain washed up a lot of worms.  They are feeding well right now.


I walked around the pond, and back to the woods.  I wasn’t able to go down into the woods because the creek has risen and will probably continue to rise for a few more days (or longer if we get more rain).  It is now officially higher than I’ve ever seen it in the past, spread out across most of the low lying land of the woods.

(Today’s view of the creek.)

The pond level is much too high as well, but the emergency spillway and the drain are both taking care of that, emptying the excess into the creek.

(Looking at the pond through the cattails.)

There has been little sign of the sun today.  It’s downright dreary.  Yet there are spots of color to be found, other than the flowers, if you look.  I saw a gorgeous male bluebird showing off his lovely colors.  The red of the robins stands out.  A male mallard, with his green head, came in for a landing while I was strolling around the pond.  Even the water on the pond is reflecting the blueish-gray of the cloud cover.


I hope all of these April showers (both snow and rain) bring us some lush and gorgeous May flowers.

(Pussy willow, a little frazzled by the rain.)