160: Windsday

(Playing in tungsten.)

We’re have what Winnie the Pooh calls a blustery day, otherwise known as Windsday.  It’s rather invigorating.  A little chilly, but the sun is shining and the breeze smells fresh and clean.

It’s been a busy day but I did get outside for my walk.  I took the high path today, the one that runs through the future-woods.  There I made a most unfortunate discovery.  That’s a little dramatic but you get the idea, and I do think it is a sad discovery, albeit part of the circle of life.

(Wing of a raptor.)

It wasn’t just a wing discovery this time around.  The entire bird was there, in fairly decent condition all things considered.

I’m not sure what kind of bird it was other than a hawk of some sort.  (I do have a photo of the entire bird.  If you want to see it to identify it, let me know.)

I’d better get moving.  Lots to do tonight.  I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) to tell you why I’ve been so busy.

18 Comments on “160: Windsday”

  1. Poor bird 😦
    Love the first image

  2. Christina says:

    Oh man…do I want to see it so I can tell you what it is? How big was it? Was the body (w/o tail) 12 inches long? If more, then how much more? Did the barring on the wings continue on the breast & under the tail? What about the back/top of head? Solid brown or gray?

    That top picture is gorgeous!

  3. Wow, the talon (Spelling?) is amazing! And I love the name of this post–perfect, Robin!

    Hugs from Haiti,

    • Robin says:

      Kathy: When I saw the talon up close in that photo, I had a better understanding of why they think dinosaurs and birds are related.

  4. Always a smile when I check your blog! Roman discovered a dead dove on the other side of our fence and insists on showing everyone who comes over. He’s “sleeping” though. It doesnt have the tallons like this one does. So sad, but great capture.

  5. Corina says:

    I love the top picture and your header! I haven’t been here in a couple of weeks (at least) so the header is new to me. I love it!

  6. milkayphoto says:

    It is soooo windy here, too! And bitterly cold. Winter’s chill indeed.

    The intense blue of the first image is crazy good!

    Poor bird. 😦

  7. Barbara Rodgers says:

    That was too bad about the raptor, a gentle but sad reminder about the circle of life…

    The blue in the first picture is amazing! What a stunning photograph! I’m curious, though, what do you mean by “playing in tungsten?”

    • Robin says:

      Barbara: I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many reminders of the circle of life as I have now that I am committed to going outside every day. Or maybe I just didn’t notice them, being in a hurry to go from one place to another or to get my heart rate up for exercise. Now I go about my “commitment walk” (as I think of it) slowly and with great awareness. It’s a much better way to walk, even if it does mean finding death along the way.

      Tungsten is a white balance setting on my camera (it goes by different names on different cameras but I can’t remember what they are). Using tungsten (or “playing” as I put it) makes the colors cooler (very blue). There is a warmer setting, too (on my camera it’s called “open shade”). I’ve just started learning about the manual features on my camera so I generally refer to it as play. 🙂

  8. penpusherpen says:

    I love Winnie the Pooh, so you got my attention straight away, I could just imagine his voice from the short films they did…
    Poor bird, but as you say, the circle of life. Ever constant, ever changing, and ….blimey…how long have I been away? got a bit of catching up to do…xx

  9. Marianne says:

    I love the star in the playing with tungsten photo. Very, very pretty photo!

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