156: The male cardinal

The male cardinal came around at lunchtime yesterday and posed for me.  If I’d known he was coming, I’d have set up the tripod.  But I don’t think I did too badly given the distance (and the window) between us.

I’m still not feeling all that well.  A little like this:

I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ll be more like this:

I’m heading outside in a little while to meet my daily commitment.   I doubt I’ll wander far or for longer than necessary.  The sun was out earlier but it’s cloudy now.  Light snow is in the forecast for tonight, then a warm-up starting tomorrow afternoon that will bring rain with it.  I’m guessing by Monday evening most of our relatively new snow will be gone.

M and I are planning to get up early and go skiing tomorrow.  I’ll take the camera along if we do.  Perhaps I’ll have something more exciting to blog about after our excursion.